12 Reasons Why You Need Iron mineral Every Day

Iron is an essential mineral for blood formation in the body. The human body needs iron to produce red blood cells. Iron, not only helps with blood formation, but also benefits the human health and helps in the proper growth. It facilitates metabolism and aids enzymatic functions of the body. The role and importance of iron is quite significant. The deficiency of this mineral can be detrimental at times. Iron deficiency causes anemia, fatigue and weakness. To avoid such conditions, one should intake iron rich foods like leafy vegetables, poultry and meat products, cereals and foods containing vitamin C.

12 Reasons Why You Need Iron mineral Every Day

12 Reasons Why You Need Iron mineral Every Day

  1. Boosts Hemoglobin Formation

    Hemoglobin formation is the most rudimentary and primary function of iron. Apart from forming hemoglobin, iron is also a part of hemoglobin. As a part of hemoglobin, it facilitates transporting oxygen to the body cells. Iron rich foods are augmenting the amount of hemoglobin in the blood, which is absolutely essential in human beings.

    Human beings tend to lose blood in myriad ways, be it external or internal which is why foods rich iron is necessary in everyday diets. Especially women go through quite an amount of blood loss every month during menstruation. That is why it is even more important for women to intake foods rich in iron.

  2. Improves Muscle Function

    Iron is present in the muscles tissues of a human body. It is a necessary mineral for the muscle health. Iron, being present in those tissues, help supply oxygen to the muscles, which is required during muscle contraction. Without iron, the muscles in the human body lose its tone and lack elasticity which is why it is important to have iron rich foods for proper muscle health.

  3. Increases Brain Function

    Iron is a vital mineral and is considered to play a pretty significant role when it comes to elevate the development of brain. As mentioned earlier, oxygen supply in the body is facilitated by iron and the brain uses twenty percent of the oxygen supply. This links iron directly to the brain and its functions. Therefore, a proper blood flow is essential to enhance cognitive activities of the brain. Also, it can establish new neural pathways in order to prevent cognitive diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Hence, intake of iron rich food is vital for the brain development and its proper functioning.

  4. Regulates Body Temperature

    Iron is an essential mineral which aids in controlling the body temperature. Also, iron itself possesses the ability to regulate itself in accordance with the absorbing capacity of the body. Therefore, it regulates and keeps the body temperature stable. This in turn facilitates the enzymatic and the metabolic functions of the body. Metabolism works its best under stable body temperature and the enzymatic functions of the body turn out to be most effective with the intake of iron rich foods.

  5. Cures Chronic Diseases

    Iron works wonder in the treatment of chronic diseases. It is pretty beneficial of a mineral in the treatment of chronic diseases like renal failure anemia and other chronic diseases of the intestinal and excretory system. Though these are not related to blood as the myriad other functions of iron, it is still a vital part of many processes of the human body. Apart from the circulatory system, iron helps in many other functions of the body.

  6. Neurotransmitter Synthesis

    The mineral iron is quite efficient in the synthesis of essential neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin. These chemicals play a vital role in myriad activities of the human body which involve neurons and the human brain.

  7. Boosts Immunity

    Iron plays an essential role in enhancing the immune system of the human body. It boosts the immunity levels and helps fight against various diseases and infections. In cases of injuries, the red blood cells are required to supply oxygen to the damaged organs, tissues and cells. Without the red blood cells, there is no hemoglobin which in turn nullifies the supply of oxygen to those organs or tissues or cells. Therefore, the intake of this mineral is absolutely necessary for the healing process of the human body.

  8. Promotes Energy Metabolism

    Energy is extracted from the foods a person consumes and is then distributed to different body parts. Iron plays a key role in energy metabolism of the human body.

  9. Treats Insomnia

    The intake of iron rich foods can be very efficient in treating insomnia. Iron also facilitates sleeping habits of people by regulating the circadian rhythms. Also, a proper count of red blood cells in the human body prevents the body pressure from fluctuating, which can often be the reason behind keeping a person awake.

  10. Eliminates Fatigue

    One of the important health benefits of iron rich foods is that iron eliminates unexplained or chronic fatigue. Sudden chronic fatigue might be experienced by both men and women. Iron deficiency in the body can be a cause for this as it is a vital component of the hemoglobin.

  11. Treats Restless Legs Syndrome

    The restless leg syndrome is linked to muscle spasms. Muscle spasms are generally symptoms of iron deficiency in the body. Lack of iron can cause the restless legs syndrome. Proper intake of iron rich foods as per requirement helps in the treatment of this syndrome.

  12. Treats Anemia

    One of the most common nutrient deficiency diseases in the world is anemia. Anemia basically happens due to iron deficiency in the body. The major health benefit of iron rich foods is that they help preventing anemia that afflicts a major population of the world. Iron rich foods turn out to be very helpful in the treatment of anemia. Such foods also render beneficial for women during pregnancy or menstruation. The loss of blood women go through during these points of time must be recovered and iron does that efficiently. New red blood cells should replace the ones that have been lost and the intake of iron rich foods is the most rudimentary way to do that. Women, especially during pregnancy or menstruation should consume lots of iron rich food.

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