9 Best Solutions to Get Relief from Hangover

A hangover is a group of signs and symptoms linked to a recent episode of heavy drinking. It can happen at any time of the day, but occurs more commonly in the morning following a night of heavy alcohol consumption. If you are wondering what to take for hangover, this is the right place. Here are some best solutions that can offer great relief from hangovers.

Hangover is typically characterized by dizziness, headache, morning sickness, confusion, anxiety, drowsiness and increased thirst. The severity of a hangover mainly depends on the amount of alcohol that was consumed. Very little is known about the causes of hangover. It is believed that alcohol withdrawals, disrupted biological rhythms and toxic substances found in alcohol trigger hangovers.

9 Best Solutions to Get Relief from Hangover

9 Best Solutions to Get Relief from Hangover

What to do for hangover? The best step is to take prevention – an ideal cure for hangover. The only way to prevent a hammering head and queasiness in the morning after, is by drinking in moderation or keeping alcohol at bay. Alternating drinks with water or other non-alcoholic beverage can help to stay hydrated while refraining from alcohol indulgence. However, it is very easy to overindulge in alcohol during festivities, parties and seasonal celebrations.

Are you wound up in the after effects of the last night’s party and wondering what to do for hangover? Just read the following to know what you can do for hangover and enjoy your life in a healthy way.

Here are the best solutions – a perfect answer for what to do for hangover?

No Morning Drink to Fight Hangover

Many people opt to have another drink in the morning to temporarily edge off the symptoms of hangover. However, this morning drink can have a bad effect on the body, increase the toxicity and worsen the hangover through the following day. Thus, when you wonder what to do for hangover, you first need to avoid the morning drink and give your body a chance to recover.

Eat Light for Hangover

Eating light and staying hydrated is the key to manage hangover in a better way. Go for easy-to-digest foods like cereal or toast and avoid a greasy breakfast the following morning since heavy, spicy and oily food can add to your problems. Get the required calories in a healthy way to deal with hangover.

Have Your Regular Coffee

Caffeine narrows blood vessels, boosts blood pressure and can worsen the hangover. However, regular coffee drinkers should not skip their morning cup when experiencing a hangover as this miss can further make them suffer from a caffeine withdrawal headache. So, instead of thinking about what to take for hangover, regular coffee drinkers can sip a cup of daily morning coffee.

Stay Hydrated With Water and Fluids For Hangover

Heavy drinking causes dehydration which makes you feel terrible the following day. By drinking lots of water, juices and energy drinks to replace the lost fluid, you can ease the ill effects of the hangover and feel better in no time. Thus, drinking water is the best thing you can do to get relief from hangover.

Exercise To Combat Your Hangover

By engaging in light exercising, you can manage your hangover and feel much better. It can release feel good hormones that can fight hangover. However, as excessive drinking can slow down the metabolic activity and cause dehydration, make sure you get proper nutrition and hydration before starting your work out.

Saying “No” To Sauna

Sauna does not help one in sweating out the alcohol and other toxins but rather harms the body. Sauna and extreme heat can cause potentially dangerous changes in the blood vessels and negatively impact blood flow. Excessive sweating and heat worsens dehydration and also results in abnormal heart rhythms and fall in blood pressure. Hence, an important thing to do for hangover is to avoid sauna on the following day.

Sleeping More for Hangover

Although alcohol puts you to sleep quickly, it does make you wake up with a jolt. This happens because as the effect of the alcohol begins to fade off many hours later, the withdrawal that the body feels disrupts sleep and suddenly snaps you out of it. Sleep deprivation can worsen your hangover symptoms. If possible, sleep sufficiently through the next day and you’re your body time to heal. Sleeping also helps to relieve the mental fogginess and body ache effectively. Thus, sleeping is another best thing you can do for hangover relief.

Have Multivitamins for Hangover

Instead of taking hangover pills available in the markets you can consider taking multivitamins to restore the nutrients lost during the binge. This will help to improve the energy levels thus making you feel better the following day.

Try a Pain Killer to Relieve Hangover Headache

Over-the-counter pain relievers can help ease the hangover headaches and other body pains which result from a night of heavy drinking. Habitual drinkers must however be careful, as some medicines can further harm their already damaged liver and stomach lining.

However, it is best to take medicines with medical advice. Also, if symptoms persist or worsen, it is advisable to consult your physician. Taking steps to avoid drinking can keep you away from hangover and maintain good health too.

Most of these remedies to get relief from hangover are generally known to make one feel better. Taking proper rest and relaxing sufficiently further helps one in getting rid of the hangover and returning to their sober self again.

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