Home Remedies For Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness is something which is normally seen in pregnant females but can affect anyone. It is a sickening sensation of nausea as soon as you wake up. Morning Sickness usually occurs during the first trimester of the pregnancy, although in some cases it tends to continue throughout the term till the delivery of the child.

Even though Morning Sickness is sickening and feels awful it is actually a sign that the hormone levels in the female are on the higher side meaning that the baby is healthy and growing well. Since pregnant females need to be very careful on what medications to take and what not to take in this article we will give a few simple home remedies that one can opt for to get rid of morning sickness.

Home Remedies for Morning Sickness

Home Remedies for Morning Sickness

Some of the Simple Home Remedies for Morning Sickness are:

Avoid Perfumes and Smells Triggering Nausea

In case if you are sensitive to smells and get nauseous easily with the smell of a perfume or some other odor then it is recommended that you stay away from such things as they act as a trigger and may worsen your nausea and Morning Sickness. It is recommended that you put some fresh flowers beside your bed which give out a pleasant smell rather than some perfume or other substances which may give out an odor which can trigger your nausea and worsen the Morning Sickness. Lavender is the best for soothing the nausea sensation and avoiding Morning Sickness.


Water is extremely important when it comes to easing off symptoms of Morning Sickness. Try and drink a glass of water preferably every hour to ease off the symptoms of Morning Sickness. Drinking water at night before going to bed will help you get up feeling refreshed and not nauseous and completely free of Morning Sickness.


A slice of cold lemon is also a very useful Home Remedy to get rid of Morning Sickness. As soon as you feel that the symptoms of morning sickness coming on, you can just suck some lemon or even eat a piece of lemon. It may taste a bit sour but you will immediate get relief from the symptoms of Morning Sickness. Fresh Cold Lemon will also help to clam down the stomach.

Ginger Tea

This is also an extremely good home remedy for morning sickness. As soon as you get up you can have a ginger tea and the results will be instantaneous. You will not only feel refreshed but also will not have any symptoms of Morning Sickness.


This is yet another effective home remedy to get rid of morning sickness. You can make a peppermint tea. If it does not suit you then you can try eating a peppermint chewing gum which will clear any symptoms that you may have of Morning Sickness.

Vitamin B6

It is also extremely important for you to take adequate intake of vitamin B6 in case if you are suffering from morning sickness. Foods that are rich in vitamin B6 are chicken or avocados which can help a great deal in getting rid of Morning Sickness. A vitamin B supplement is also as good as taking foods rich in vitamin B6 for Morning Sickness.

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