Managing Addiction Derived From Fame or Guilt

If you are seeking help to recover from addiction that you recently got as a result of a sudden fame or guilt, then you need to first understand that any kind of addiction, be it an alcohol addiction, a drug addiction, addiction for gaining attention, addiction for girls etc. is a severe and serious form of disease. Addiction is actually a weakness of your willpower, moral failing and the inability to say “No” to a certain type of habit.

The good news is that any addiction can be neutralized with the right plan of action and treatment. The first step towards recovering from addiction is to seek help from a professional who understands the root of your addiction and is aware of the consistent effort, time and patience it may require to free an individual from the misery. With the advancements in science and technology and with the help of experienced professionals, individuals have a better chance of recovering from addictions and living a better quality of life.

Managing Addiction Derived From Fame or Guilt

Forgive Yourself: The first step towards recovering from addiction is to forgive yourself and get rid of the guilt of pushing yourself into this condition. The minute you decide that you want to recover, you must start living in the present and not in the past. Not forgiving yourself will only push you further deep into the pool of addiction.

One Step at a Time: Recovering from addictions takes a lot of time and patience. You must take one step at a time. Do not focus on the future; don’t focus on whether you will be able to get rid of your addiction forever. Focus on today and getting through this day successfully. Don’t let your mind be clogged with negative feelings and thoughts. Take the help of professionals and learn techniques to combat such thoughts. Undergoing medical therapy aids the recovery process of addiction. Every little milestone you achieve is as significant as the purpose itself.

Prioritize Your Recovery: When you are stuck with a sticky addiction because of your fame or guilt, in order to get rid of it, then you need to put yourself first and seek guidance by trained and skilled professionals who has the ability to understand your problem well, with all the intricate details related to it and can give you treatment options that are comprehensive and can stick by your side throughout the process of your recovery. The sooner you start prioritizing the de-addiction process, easier it would be for you to recover from it.

Communicate: Addiction that you got as a result of guilt can bring depression and make you feel isolated. So it is important to spend time with your family and friends and talk to them regularly about your problems and tell them as to what and how you feel. Sometimes it becomes tough for people with addiction to communicate, however, please remember that for a person to recover from addiction, he/she needs to have a strong support system. Your support system will always keep you focused and motivated.

Make Changes Around You: In order to have successful recovery from addiction due to guilt or fame, one should make some changes in the environment such as surrounding themselves with new experiences, positive people and new artifacts. Participating in various social activities, such as cultural events can be exciting, stimulating and can help you shift your focus on addiction in a healthy way.

Change Your Company: It has been often noticed that in a lot of addiction cases, especially the ones related to fame, friends have played the role of a catalyst in developing an addiction. They have contributed towards making you a victim of this obnoxious condition instead of helping you to keep you away from it. Bad company is often related to bad habits. It is advisable to find a new set of positively contributing friends and severing ties with friends who actually jeopardize the recovery process. With the right company, chances are that recovering from addictions will pace up.

Exercise: Whether you believe it or not, 30 to 60 minutes of exercise in the gym or in the open can work wonders for you, if you are suffering from addiction you got as a result of fame or guilt. With regular exercise, you will start feeling the difference within few weeks in yourself and in your habits. Just the way the exercise stimulates the body and helps in uplifting the mood, it also stimulates the mind. So, if you feel sad, depressed or isolated, exercise can be a tremendous boost to get rid of those feelings.

Focus On What You Eat: Recovery from any medical condition involves restoration of the body and mind. Healthy eating is required to replenish your body that has been ravished by various kinds of addictions like alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, sex etc. Addiction makes the human body malnourished by the time an individual realizes that he/she has addiction. In order to strengthen your physical defenses, healthy eating and having meals on time should become a part of your regular routine. By focusing on your diet, you can combat addiction you got as a result of fame or guilt to a great extent.

Join a Support Group: Joining a support group can add wonderful value to the process of recovering from addiction resulting from guilt or fame. A support group offers help by providing emotional support, sound wisdom to recover from the underlying problem and provides input for managing the addiction that an individual got as he could not handle the weight of the fame. Research suggests that active participation in a support group majorly enhances the likelihood of maintaining a sober and clean status. Recovering from addictions can be a long and cumbersome process. Hence being a part of quality support groups can finally help you find a sense of belongingness, help you socialize and combat your constant feeling of depression and loneliness.

Never Give Up: Irrespective of the obstacles that come your way or the challenges you have to face in the process of recovering from your addiction caused by fame or guilt, sticking to the never give up attitude will always get you through this lengthy and difficult process. Every time you feel like giving up, espcecially when you are suffering from an addiction as a result of guilt, seek support from your friends, family members and your support group and keep in mind that you are not alone. Difficult days will require you to keep your will strong and mind even stronger.

Replace Your Addiction: This is one of the most useful tips that can help an individual in recovering from addiction. When suddenly an addiction disappears from the life of an addict, there forms a vaccum of emptiness. This void has to be filled with an activity. Some of the examples could be reading a book, getting a job, picking up a new hobby, exercise, starting a journal etc. Basically, whatever you think fits best to fill the vacuum, you should start doing it. In order to stay sober, it’s important to replace your addiction with a good habit so as to create sufficient distraction to keep you from derailing from the path of recovery.

Act, But Don’t React: Relapse is a very common aspect of an addict’s life. An individual needs to be very careful; especially, when a feeling of relapse is around the corner. Instead of becoming a victim of the addiction again, know that you have fought it before and you can fight it again. In order to avoid falling into the trap of addiction relapse, doing all the things that can help you combat, like talking to a friend who can help you by motivating as per the situation, talking to your support group, visiting a place where you think it is impossible for you to get distracted etc. Keeping your options at your fingertips and acting before a relapse will help you fight this sticky situation effectively.

Meditation: Clinical studies suggest that indulging in meditation regularly or as frequently as possible, helps you gain a better control over your mind and emotions. Meditation also helps in improving your mental focus to manage addiction that you got as a result of fame or guilt. With regular meditation, one can combat any type of addiction easily. Meditation has proven beneficial in getting rid of all type of addictions.

Give Back: Volunteering for social work to help others can not only boost your self-esteem but also make you feel good about yourself as a person. Supporting a significant cause works wonders for patients because this gives you a sense of pride and achievement, like nothing else. Since guilt pushed you into the trap of addictions, therefore, working towards for a moral cause will combat that feeling.

The Attitude of Gratitude: Addiction often brings a feeling of loneliness and depression. This keeps you trapped into the net of addiction. However, if you develop an attitude of gratitude then that will keep you on the positive and optimistic side and that is how you can come out of the trap of addiction that you got as a result of fame or guilt?. You can do this by writing a gratitude list and reading it every day or at least every time you feel low. Another technique is to look at yourself in the mirror every day and tell yourself about the things that you are grateful for. It could be something as small as “I am grateful to God for giving me pretty and long hair” or “I am grateful to God for gifting me such lovely set of parents”. This activity will release feel good hormones in your body which eventually will give you the will to get away from addiction.

Make A Goal List: Making a goal list will help in pacing your recovery from and managing the addiction due to fame or guilt. List out your goals and ensure that they are not unrealistic, but challenging enough to motivate you to achieve better heights. You should make constant efforts to achieve your goals and keep a track of where you stand once in a while and measure how well are you progressing in moving away from addiction.

Take Away

Getting rid of addiction and managing addiction that you got as a result of fame or guilt is manifold times as difficult as getting used to addiction. Therefore, a focused approach is required to get rid of it wherein you should measure your progress. With the right approach, the hefty job of returning back to normal life becomes easier.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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