How Effective & Safe is Allegra as an Antihistamine for Hay Fever, Hives Allergies?

Fexofenadine, commonly known as Allegra is the latest type of antihistamine medication that can be used safely for treating the patients of hay fever or allergic rhinitis and hives or urticaria. Allegra has been approved as an antihistamine that can be used without any side effects in children above six months as well as adults. However, you would need to have a prescription for a doctor to get Allegra from a pharmacy.

How Effective and Safe is Allegra as an Antihistamine for Hay Fever & Hives Allergies?

How Effective and Safe is Allegra as an Antihistamine for Hay Fever & Hives Allergies?

Allegra is quickly absorbed in the body and thus one can feel the effect in less than an hour after taking Allegra. Thus, it is very effective in treating both hives and hay fever. You need to take Allegra daily for a given time period to control and treat the symptoms of allergy. Many experts believe that Allegra is as good as Zyrtec against hay fever but Zyrtec is better when it comes to treating hives.

One of the best things about Allegra is that it does not lead to severe side effects. Some people do report the occurrence of headache after taking Allegra but their number is just about 10%. It does not cause any fatigue as is the case with most of the medications for allergy. Allegra can also be used safely by pregnant women and thus allerga can be considered as a good antihistamine for treating hay fever and hives allergies.

Allegra Dosage for Treating Hay fever & Hives Allergies?

Allegra is available for use in various forms including liquid, tablets and even disintegrating tablets. The safe limit of the dosage of Allegra depends on the age of the individual. For children who are more than 6 years old but less than 2 years old are recommended a dosage of 15 mg of Allegra. Similarly 30 mg twice per day is the Allegra dosage for the people in the age group of 2 to 11 years and 60 mg twice per day for individuals who are 12 years old or older. Hay fever can be easily treated with low dosage of Allegra but treatment of hives may require high dosage.

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