Zyrtec, also known as cetirizine, is an approved drug for the treatment of allergies like hay fever (allergic rhinitis), hives (urticarial). Zyrtec can be used for adults as well as children. As understood that the drug can be obtained from counters without prescription. Available in liquid, chewable and tablet forms, Zyrtec is said to be effective in countering allergies.

How Effective & Safe is Zyrtec in Treating Allergies?

Zyrtec Dosage for Children

As far as the dosage of Zyrtec is concerned, 5 mg for children falling in the age group of 2 and 6 years, 10 mg for kids aged more than 6 years. Treating hay fever with larger doses of Zyrtec is not recommended. However, extra doses of Zyrtec can be useful for treating hives.

How Effective & Safe is Zyrtec in Treating Allergies?

Zyrtec is an effective medication in treating allergies as it starts working within an hour after it is consumed. For individuals suffering from allergy related issues, daily dosage of Zyrtec can be extremely useful. It results in better control of the symptoms concerning allergy. There are other drugs which are known to treat hay fever but Zyrtec is better in treating the allergic disease. The important thing about Zyrtec is that it works faster, is more effective in treating allergies and its effect lasts for a long period of time.

What are the Side Effects of Zyrtec?

When it comes to antihistamines, side effects are common. However, Zyrtec is believed to have lesser side effects and whatever side effects the drug possesses, they can be tolerated. It is understood that the common side effects of Zyrtec includes fatigue, sedation, dry mouth and sore throat. For pregnant women, Zyrtec is believed to be safe. However, it is recommended to take the medicine after thorough consultation with a physician.

Therefore, if asked if Zyrtec is good antihistamine, it can be said that Zyrtec is definitely a welcome medicine for treating allergies. To know more about the drug, refer to doctors where additional information about the medicine is provided for reference.

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