Steroid Side Effects for Allergy Treatment

Steroids are the most commonly used medications for treating symptoms of inflammation in the human body. Steroids are used in the treatment of many diseases including systemic lupus erythematosusrheumatoid arthritis etc. Systemic steroids are very effective in treating symptoms of allergic rhinitis (only in severe cases) and primarily for treating asthma.

Steroid Side Effects for Allergy Treatment

Steroid Side Effects for Allergy Treatment

Side effects are usually caused by systemic steroids. Most of the side-effects resulting due to the usage of steroids are short-term but regular and continuous usage of steroids for allergy treatment can lead to other side effects.

Short-Term Side Effects of Steroids in Allergy Treatment

Doctors usually recommend systemic steroids for a brief period of a few days for allergy treatment. Thus, the side-effects that occur are temporary and go away in just a few days once the person stops taking steroids. The common side-effects include mood-swing, gain of appetite, increased water retention, flushinginsomnia etc.

People who are already having some other health issues can experience some other side-effects of steroid in allergy treatment. Diabetic patients taking steroids for treating allergy might experience short-term side effects like an unusual rise in their blood sugar level. High blood pressure patients taking steroids for allergy treatment might experience short-term side effects like sudden rise in their blood pressure. Individuals suffering from congestive heart failure have the tendency to retain water and use of steroids may make it severe. Thus, a doctor always takes into account any underlying condition of the patient before prescribing a dosage of steroids.

Long-Term Side Effects of Steroids in Allergy Treatment

If the usage of systemic steroid for allergy treatment is continued for a long duration or is repeated frequently, it may lead to some severe and long-term side-effects. Thus, it is always recommended to take the minimum possible dosage of steroid for treating allergy and for a short duration. Taking steroids on the alternate days instead of daily, keeping the overall dosage same can help in preventing some long-term side-effects of steroids in allergy treatment. Common long-term side-effects of steroids are high blood pressure, glaucoma, obesity, cataracts, heart disease, myopathy, acid reflux etc. Some of these side-effects can go away gradually but others may become permanent.

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