Which OTC Allergy Medicine Works Best, Nasacort/Flonase or Zyrtec, Allegra, Claritin?

Consult a physician before taking nasacort-zyrtec-claritin-allegra medicines to treat allergy symptoms. Nasacort is available over the counter and without any prescription. The drug is nowadays known as Nasacort Allergy 24. It is known histamine and many contemplate whether to use this medication or use newer OTC histamines like Zyrtec, Allegra, Calritin. It all depends on how pronounced your symptoms are as far as allergy is concerned.

Which OTC Allergy Medicine Works Best, Nasacort/Flonase or Zyrtec, Allegra, Claritin ?

How Effective is Nasacort/Flonase for Allergy?

Nasacort/Flonase is a type of intranasal corticosteroids, and known to be quite effective medicine for the treatment of Allergy related symptoms. However, one of the disadvantages of using Nasacort is that it takes time to function. In fact all intranasal corticosteroids take some time to work. They take roughly 6 to 10 hours to provide relief from allergy related symptoms. However, if you want to get full relief from the symptoms then it may take days.

Nasacort/Flonase or Zyrtec, Allegra, Claritin? Best OTC Allergy Medicine for Allergies

Allegra is different from Nasacort. It is an antihistamine but it works quickly. It starts acting within a few hours after it is consumed. Such medication works well when compared to Nasacort. If you suffer from itchy nose, sneezing and itchy eyes then you can bet on antihistamines like Allegra. There are different types of anti-histamines. Zyrtec or Allegra functions well for the treatment of nasal congestions and nasal allergies.

Other Anti Histamines for Treating Allergies

There are other anti-histamines like Claritin which does not function well. It takes about three hours to act on the patient. However, the three antihistamines, namely Zyrtec, Allegra, Claritin are good options for spring allergy. In this context, one needs to understand that Benadryl is a powerful antihistamine but it is sedative in nature. It is recommended to use other antihistamines like Allegra instead of Benedryl to treat allergic symptoms.

However, it is important to comprehend that one needs to consult a physician prior to taking drugs. Some drugs have side effects and therefore it is the physician who needs to be consulted with if a person is suffering from allergic conditions.

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