Bach Flower Remedies: Philosophy, Benefits, Rescue Remedy

Have you ever wondered that flowers can be a great means to treat illnesses or maintain good health? It is amazing to know that while flowers can appear beautiful to your eyes and their fragrance can refresh your environment, their extracts can even improve your health. Bach Flower Therapy is one such type of alternative therapy, which uses diluted form of flower extracts to treat illnesses and bring a positive balance in mind and body.

This system of medicine was introduced by Dr. Edward Bach, an English Homeopath, during 1930s and the remedies used in this therapy are called Bach Flower Remedies. These flower remedies are prepared and diluted using water or brandy. The remedies are highly diluted with small amount of flower material and do not have any specific taste or smell. There are a total of 38 Bach Flower remedies with healing properties; 37 remedies are made from flowers and tree blossoms, while 1 remedy is made from natural spring water.

In addition to these remedies, there is a Rescue Remedy, which is a combination of some specific flower remedies and is particularly used as a rescue means during periods of extreme stress or shock.

What is the Philosophy of Bach Flower Remedies?

Dr. Edward Bach was of the opinion that disease is caused due to an imbalance between the body and mind. According to him, this imbalance, disharmony or internal conflict between body, mind and soul can lead to negativity and blocking of energy, which ultimately can give rise to physical ailments. Hence, he believed that emotional well being is of prime importance and most of the physical as well as mental complaints can be managed by maintaining sound emotional health.

Based on his observations and life work, Dr. Bach developed 38 remedies and attributed each of those to particular emotion that you commonly experience in your daily life. Some of the basic emotions that are considered include fear, anxiety, vagueness or uncertainty, lack of interest in the present, feeling of loneliness, over-sensitivity, easily affected by other’s influences and ideas, hopelessness and over-care or concern for others.

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies

The flower remedies included in Bach Flower Therapy are Agrimony, Aspen, Beech, Centaury, Cerato, Cherry Plum, Chestnut Bud, Chicory, Clematis, Crab Apple, Elm, Gentian, Gorse, Heather, Holly, Honeysuckle, Hornbeam, Impatiens, Larch, Mimulus, Mustard, Oak, Olive, Pine, Red Chestnut, Rock Rose, Rock Water, Scleranthus, Star of Bethlehem, Sweet Chestnut, Vervain, Vine, Walnut, Water Violet, White Chestnut, Wild Oat, Wild Rose and Willow.

What Are The Benefits of Bach Flower Remedies?

Bach Flower remedies are a type of homeopathic remedies, which use the medicinal properties of flowers to heal a person. These medicines aim at bringing about a balance or harmony between the body, mind and soul of a person, while replacing the negative emotions with positive ones. The main principle of Bach Flower therapy revolves around the belief that the essence of flowers can bring physical, emotional and spiritual well being in a person.

Hence, these remedies can be helpful in reducing the negative effects affecting mental as well as physical health. For example, there are remedies for persons feeling weak-willed, nervous, dreamy, suspicious, shy or hopeless, lacking confidence or being overwhelmed with responsibilities. These remedies are also used to treat various ailments resulting from an emotional imbalance.

Bach Flower remedies are widely used for treating emotional disturbances, fear, anxiety, stress and other problems related to emotional well being. Children can also be given these remedies based on their symptoms and similarities with the appropriate remedy. These can be useful in children having emotional issues like anger, frustration, separation anxiety, lack of confidence; other behavioral issues like impulsivity, over sensitivity or even learning difficulties.

How Are Bach Flower Remedies Taken?

The physician thoroughly evaluates the case history of the person and accordingly prescribes the most suitable remedy or a combination of remedies. The physician provides advice regarding the precise way to take the remedies and the same should be followed. Some of the ways advised include:

  • Adding recommended number of drops of remedy to a glass of water and take sips as advised.
  • Preparing a bottle with specified drops of remedy and adding mineral or spring water to it as advised.
  • Two drops of remedies may be advised to be taken directly on tongue in some cases.

Rescue Remedy In Bach Flower Therapy

The Rescue remedy is one of the popular remedies in Bach Flower Therapy. This remedy is a combination of equal amount of 5 remedies namely, Clematis, Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem. All these remedies have repute in the area of stress and anxiety of specific type. The combination all these remedies, works wonders as a rescue remedy in emergency situations and periods of extreme stress, fear, panic and anxiety.

Another variant of this remedy is a Rescue Cream, which too contains these remedies in addition to one more remedy, named Crab Apple. This remedy is mainly related to a person’s feeling of contamination and ugliness, for example extreme suffering, which makes the person feel the need to remove the painful or ugly part of the body. Rescue Cream can be applied externally for minor skin problems like itching, minor cuts or stings, pimples and minor burns.

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