Is Acupuncture Effective for Rhomboid Pain?

Acupuncture is a form of ancient Chinese medicine that aims to balance your body’s flow of energy. It helps relieve muscle pain and minimize the effects of certain symptoms, but is it also effective for treating rhomboid pain?

Dealing with rhomboid strain isn’t an easy feat since it affects your upper back and shoulder muscles. Some feel it as a numbing pain, while others feel a burning sensation. But either way, its pain and discomfort limit your mobility. So if you’re looking for an effective treatment to reduce the issue, you might want to consider acupuncture.

What triggers rhomboid pain?

The rhomboid is located on your upper back, and it connects the muscles of your shoulder blades to your spine. So the pain can be caused by overuse, strain, or injury from: 

  • Bad posture
  • Weak muscles
  • Not stretching before exercise or sports
  • Over exercising
  • Carrying heavy objects
  • Dehydration

It can also be triggered by certain medical conditions that affect your joints and cartilage, such as rotator cuff tendonitis, rheumatoid arthritis, or osteoarthritis.

You’ll know you have rhomboid pain when you feel an aching pain, stiffness, pins and needles, or numbness under your neck, between your shoulder blades, and spine. Some also feel tenderness on their upper back or a popping noise whenever they move their muscle.

Since sprains and strains cause your muscles to swell, the pain can also intensify whenever you move or breathe.

Can acupuncture help rhomboid pain?

If left untreated, rhomboid pain can be debilitating since it can lead to long-term health issues, such as paralyzation.

Good thing acupuncture can help reduce pain and inflammation to speed up your recovery. It relaxes your muscles to slowly regain their function and mobility. It also stimulates your body’s natural healing process by improving the blood flow in your pain areas.

Depending on the severity of your pain, you’ll still need to follow your doctor’s recommended treatments for healing rhomboid strains and sprains. Still, acupuncture can be an excellent supplementary treatment for reducing the issue. 

How does acupuncture treat rhomboid pain?

To treat rhomboid pain, your acupuncturist will identify the possible sources of your rhomboid pain by pinpointing the trigger points and taut muscles. Then, they’ll insert needles at the pressure points on your body and skin. This engages your nervous system, causing the muscles to contract and then relax.

The depth of the needles will influence the effectiveness of the treatment, and a study shows that 1.4 to 1.7 cm is sufficient for normal body weights. When done properly, you can typically feel an immediate sense of relief after proper needle insertion as they release long-held muscle tension.

This also triggers the release of endorphins, which are your body’s natural painkillers, that’s why pain reduces after stimulating your pressure points.

How to get acupuncture for rhomboid pain

Before you book your first acupuncture session, make sure to consult your doctor first to determine if the treatment will be beneficial for you – especially if you’re pregnant or have other medical conditions.

But if you have a metal allergy, bleeding disorder, or are taking anticoagulant medications, acupuncture isn’t the right treatment for you.

If you’re safe to undergo the treatment, make sure to find a reputable clinic with licensed professionals that specialize in pain management. Since each treatment plan will differ according to your symptoms, discuss with your acupuncturist how your sessions would go so you’d know what to expect.

Make sure to let them know if you feel any additional pain or side effects after your sessions so they can adjust your treatment better.

How long does it take to get rid of rhomboid pain?

Keep in mind that one acupuncture session won’t be enough to treat rhomboid pain. If successful, the first treatment will help relieve your pain and discomfort, but you’ll need to have multiple regular sessions to get long-term relief.

You can ask your acupuncturist for their recommended frequency and duration for your treatment. Since mild rhomboid pain will typically take a few weeks to remedy, while more severe injuries will take more than 6 weeks to heal.

Depending on your case, you might need 1-2 sessions per week, while others need more if their pain is more extreme. Once you see some improvements, you can then schedule your sessions farther apart, from every other week to every month.

Ready to book your acupuncture session?

If you’re tired of dealing with your rhomboid pain, you can book a session with Lycoming Orthopedic and Sports Acupuncture. You’ll consult with their team of board-certified experts to get you back into top shape. Depending on your health needs, they also offer sports therapy, dry needling, cupping, and electrostimulation services. If you want to start your first session, you can contact their team now!

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