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Will Osteoarthritis Spread To Other Joints & Do Joints Swell When You Have It?

Osteoarthritis often takes place from injury, aging joints and obesity. Common symptoms of the problem are stiffness and joint pain. Treatment depends primarily on your affected joint, such as the wrist, hand, back, neck, hip, and knee. Besides, the treatment involves both medication and exercise. Moreover, if you suffer from obesity, you have to lose weight to improve your underlying symptoms.(1)

Will Osteoarthritis Spread To Other Joints?

Yes, osteoarthritis in some cases spreads to various other bone joints to cause the condition of migration arthritis.

Detection Of Migration Arthritis: We all know that pain is the initial symptom to notice whenever anything wrong takes place in our body. Pain causing in a specific bone joint thus forces us to suspect the condition of osteoarthritis and any other similar type of health condition. Whenever the pain stops and goes to any other joint present in any other part of the body, affected people suffer from migratory arthritis. The problem of migratory arthritis may even lead to fever, rashes, redness because of visible and swelled joints, along with changes in body weight.(3)

Osteoarthritis Spreads To Cause Migration Arthritis: Chronic inflammation is a strong determining factor associated with the spread of arthritis to cause migration arthritis. If you suffer from osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, the joint tissues destruct to increase your risk to cause migratory arthritis. Besides, you may experience the migration of joint pain because of chronic swelling in your lupus. Patients, who have gout experience pain due to crystallization between the joints in toes before migrating to any other joint.(4)

Do Joints Swell When You Have Osteoarthritis?

Joints refer to structures, which connect multiple bones in the body. These are found in ankles, feet, hips, knees, arms and various body parts. Soft tissues surround the joints to provide them enough cushion.

The swelling of joints often takes place whenever they accumulate fluids in the soft tissues. Stiffness, pain or both accompany the swelling of joints. Besides, you may observe the affected joint appears big than normal or in an irregular shape.

Swelling of joints mainly takes place when you suffer from a common type of arthritis i.e. osteoarthritis i.e. a natural deterioration of one’s joint cartilage with time. Whenever the cartilage near the joints suffers wear and tear, the respective bones rub one another, which leads to joint pain, joint swelling, and stiffness.(5)(6)

Common Symptoms Of Osteoarthritis

Pain and stiffness in affected joints are two of the common symptoms related to osteoarthritis. Joint pain becomes worse later during the day. You may suffer from warmth, swelling and creaking of your affected joints. Stiffness and pain of joints may even take place after you stay inactive for a long period, for instance, sitting for many hours in a cinema hall or theater.

Besides, if you have a severe form of osteoarthritis, you may experience a complete loss of your cartilage bone. This, in turn, leads to friction between the bones to cause pain while you rest and pain combined with limited motion. Symptoms associated with osteoarthritis may vary strongly among patients. Accordingly, a few of the patients may debilitate because of their symptoms. On the other side, a few other people have low symptoms even though there is significant degeneration of joints viewed with the help of X-rays.(2)


To conclude, we should say that osteoarthritis is one of the common reasons behind migration arthritis i.e. spreading of pain to other joints in the body. Moreover, osteoarthritis is also a common cause associated with fluid retention followed by joint swelling, pain, and stiffness.


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