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What Is The Best Vitamin For Osteoarthritis & Is Cheese Bad For It?

Osteoarthritis is a common health condition that may affect almost every joint in your body. It mainly affects the joints, which bear most of your body weight, such as your feet and knees. However, in some cases, the problem may affect the joints, which you use a lot in daily life, like joints of your hands.(1)

Vitamins Help You In Managing/Improving Osteoarthritis Symptoms

Role Of Vitamin C In Osteoarthritis

Vitamin C has a prime role to protect you against the development of various symptoms related to Osteoarthritis. We all know that osteoarthritis characterizes gradual deterioration of bone joints, about which doctors refer to wear and tear type of arthritis. In this situation-

  • Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and it deals with molecules, which trigger pain and inflammation.
  • Vitamin C protects all types of essential proteins present in your joints and bones.
  • Research studies have proved that Vitamin C benefits your joint and bone health while helping you to manage and prevent osteoarthritis.(3)

Role Of Vitamin D In Osteoarthritis

Vitamin D has played prime roles in managing underlying symptoms of various diseases, including the disease of Osteoarthritis. Most of the cell types present in OA joints experience negative effects and even an increase in sensitivity towards Vitamin D. The deficiency of Vitamin D is considered a strong reason to cause the problem of osteoarthritis and related symptoms in individuals.(4)

Role Of Vitamin E In Osteoarthritis

Vitamin E is an excellent agent to treat or avoid osteoarthritis because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Key facts are-

  • Cellular studies conducted on Vitamin E revealed that vitamin E mitigated type of oxidative stress in chondrocyte culture or cartilage explants invoked by free radicals or mechanical stress.
  • Animal studies proved that treatment via Vitamin E avoided degeneration in cartilage and improved oxidative status in various osteoarthritis animal models.
  • Synovial or low circulating types of Vitamin E were present in patients suffering from osteoarthritis.
  • Observational studies proved that Vitamin E has a relationship in managing the progression of osteoarthritis in people.

In simple words, Vitamin E retards the progression of underlying symptoms of osteoarthritis by simply ameliorating oxidative stress and the pain or inflammation of joints.(5)

Is Cheese Good Or Bad For Osteoarthritis?

Is Cheese Good Or Bad For Osteoarthritis?

Cheese and other related dairy products contain Vitamin D and calcium in high amounts. Both of these nutrients help in increasing your bone strength to manage various painful symptoms. Besides, dairy products, including cheese help you a lot in building your muscles.

However, if you are experiencing problems related to osteoarthritis because of your heavyweight, you should go with low-fat options. Along with this, dairy products come with anti-inflammatory effects to help people.

If you experience inflammatory symptoms associated with gout, you should switch to the low-fat type of milk products or skim milk to deal with your condition. Otherwise, cheese or dairy products themselves are not harmful for osteoarthritis patients.(6)

Symptoms Of Osteoarthritis

Pain combined with stiffness in affected bone joints is the two major symptoms related to osteoarthritis. The pain becomes worse whenever you move the joints or during the end of your day. Also, your joints become stiff after you take rest, while wears off quickly once you start your movements. Symptoms may vary according to your activities-

  • Swelling in your affected joints, especially with hardness in the joints of your fingers caused due to the growth of additional bone. Secondly, you may experience swelling because of softness caused due to the thickening of joint linings and the accumulation of extra fluid in your joints’ capsule.
  • Secondly, your affected joints with osteoarthritis fail to move freely or as you expected in normal conditions. Instead, the joints may crackle or create grating sounds while you move.
  • Along with this, muscles across your joints appear thin. The joints may create ways because you have weak muscles or your joint structure becomes relatively less stable.(2)


To conclude, we should say that each of the vitamins i.e. Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E help manage your underlying symptoms related to osteoarthritis.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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