3D Printed Cast: Detailed Study, Development Process, Benefits, Conclusion

Something that is running hot in the field of orthopedics or bone healing procedure, is the 3D printed Cast for bone healing, which make use of a 3D printed cast for healing the broken bones. “A human body is an amazing monument and Bones are the pillars of the body!” Like any monument, one’s body is actually needed to be maintained or preserved for a good life. Bones are the kind of dense connective tissue or the skeletal tissues, which supports & protects various organs of the human body as well as produces the RBCs, WBCs and preserves minerals in them, which are pretty essential for the human body and its proper functioning. There are times when there is a hurt to the bone and it impacts a lot in various other functioning in the body. Bone damage or bone fractures or the broken bones are a common kind of orthopedic issue which affects about 7 million people in United States requiring medical attention. One kind of bone healing procedure is called bone casting where a cast is used in place of the injury so as to hold the broken bone in the right place as the healing progresses and also used for preventing or restricting much of the muscle contractions; after the surgical treatment of the fractured bones. The current article will have something new in the kind of bone cast and the healing of damaged bone process which would surely come as a worthy reading for people with such kinds of orthopedic conditions. So, keep some time reserved for the following array of the article on a newly rising topic under orthopedics; i.e. “3D printed bone cast: A new path leading to a successful bone healing!”

3D Printed Cast

3D Printed Cast– A Detailed Study On The Newer Hope In Bone Healing Procedure!

“Every new day has a new hope. And every new hope is a one step forward towards the betterment of life!” The medical field of Orthopedics have come up with many new hopes with the development of the 3D printed cast for bone healing that actually provides a surprising path for the treatment of bone fractures or bone dislocations in a less expensive and highly effective & quick manner. Below section will have a fair discussion on the advanced method of bone healing termed the 3D printed bone casting which make use of the 3D printed casts for the healing of bones in a cost effective and relevant manner.

An advanced process of technology which help in developing the three dimensional things from the digital files with the use of a 3D printer, is called as 3D printing. This kind of advanced printing technology has come into the popularity since past few years. Such a kind of technology has its wide scope and used in various fields including the healthcare. The 3D printed cast for bone healing is developed with the help of such a kind of ultimate advanced printing technology and a blend with the ultra sound technology. With the combined effort of the Turkish designer Danish karasahin (LIPUS & a portable ultra sound generator cast with the advanced ultrasound technology) and the New Zealand brain child Evil Jake (Cortext 3D printed bone cast with the 3D printing technology); the most relevant cast used in bone healing has been developed that are not only highly effective in the regrowth of the broken bones, but also are light weight and comfortable. Let us make an easy understanding over the gradual process of development in the 3D printed cast used in healing of fractured or broken bones.

3D Printed Cast & Its Gradual Process Of Development For Bone Healing:

  • The sound wave with extremely high frequency to hear by the human ear, are known to be effective in better incorporation of the calcium ions in the cultures of bone & cartilage as well as shown a better expression of genes helping in the healing procedure. This made Danish Karashin, an Industrial designer from Turkey develop a fine form of cast used in bone healing, with the help of the LIPUS or the low intensity pulsed ultra sound for the speedy recovery from bone dislocation or bone injuries with a speed regrowth of the bone.
  • Though such a type of cast for bone healing has shown some promising results in vitro and the clinical studies, it failed to come into its adoption on a wide ground globally. This made the Turkish designer remodel the cast with an addition of a portable ultrasound generator to it. The clinical sessions in the new form of cast has shown comparatively better results with about increase in the non-union fractures heal rate up to about 80% and by reducing the healing process up to 38% for a 20 minute daily session with this system.
  • Though this technique in the Orthopedics field has shown improvement in a better way; the use of the plaster or the fiberglass have been a kind of problematic as the probes are required to be directly attached to the skin and also requiring a break in the cast. This drawback from the traditional plasters have been now resolved with the most advanced form of cast called the Cortex exoskeletal cast for bone healing which uses the 3D printing technology as well as the Ultrasound technology for developing the most beneficial form of the cast for bone fracture healing.

The General Outlook Of The 3D Printed Cast:

The advanced 3D printed cast in real looks stylish and also developed in a real advanced form where there is the use of the ultrasound device and the 3D printing technology for an appropriate form of bone healing. This is actually a combination of the advanced osteoid cast, the X-rays and the 3D scanner map which is used in the affected portion of the bones. Though this is a latest designing concept recently into much of the flying news globally; there is yet the time for the worldwide application in the treatment for bone fractures on emergency note.

  • There are two halves in the lattice and these two halves are snabbed together.
  • There are smaller sized holes in the cast around the injury area to provide enough support. 
  • Though these holes near the injury site are smaller in size they are yet fair enough for allowing the probe to be threaded through the same.

Benefits of the 3D Printed Cast:

Here below are some of the most crucial benefits of the newer form of the cast called the 3D printed casts for bone healing.

  • They are portable, and light weighted casts.
  • It looks better and stylish
  • They allow enough air to ventilate & are thus breathable.
  • These casts are washable.
  • They help the patient with the cast enough chance to scratch or itch the area of its application
  • The cost of these 3D printed casts are likely to be less as compared to the effort involved in the development of the modest form of the cast having an ultimate effect on the process of bone healing. It is also likely to have its price come down with the increasing popularity of the 3D printing in near future.

Conclusion to the 3D Printed Cast for Bone Healing:

There is no doubt that the field of science and technology comes up with newer developments every single day. Everything that holds a newer discovery has enough reason for its acceptance as well as ignorance. However, when taken a deep look and proper understanding on any of the advanced discovery, we surely find with enough beneficial points in them which have greater chance for the invention being into a wide acceptance. The latest form of cast used for bone healing made with the combined effects of 3D printing and the ultrasound technology; with its indigenious benefits in the process of bone healing keeps a strong hold on its worldwide acceptance in the Orthopedics field in the near future.

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