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6 Amazing Skin Health Benefits of Orgasms

By definition; an orgasm is the pinnacle of sexual pleasure. It is the point at which sexual satisfaction is achieved. All of the above may seem like good enough reasons to seek out and work towards achieving an orgasm during sexual intercourse; however, there are so many more benefits to satisfactory sex marked by one or more orgasms.

Skin health benefits of orgasms are one of those important points that need attention.

6 Amazing Skin Health Benefits of Orgasms

6 Amazing Skin Health Benefits of Orgasms

For women; beauty and aesthetics are very important and this article has good news to deliver with the fact that sexual satisfaction and achieving an orgasm during intercourse is supportive of beauty and aesthetics and can lead to healthy and glowing skin.

Here are some of the skin health benefits of orgasms, which women can enjoy lo look and feel good.

Orgasms Benefit Your Skin By Reducing Acne and Pimples:(3, 5)

Popularly known as the ‘Love Hormone,’ oxytocin is released during an orgasm.(1) Oxytocin effectively combats stress and cortisol(2) that in turn reduces the occurrence of pimples and acne. Reduction in levels of cortisol due to oxytocin release can also reduce the appearance of skin inflammation, rashes and even eczema. This is surely one of the much appreciated skin health benefits of orgasms.

Orgasms Benefit Your Skin by Smoothening Wrinkles:(5)

Achieving an orgasm has so much more to offer in terms of skin health. In aging or mature women, it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles to a fair extent. Reduced wrinkles are one of the most wanted skin health benefits of orgasms. Prolactin is a sex hormone that is released with every orgasm(4, 6) and prolactin leads to a feeling of sleepiness. Great sleep after great sex is the way through which your skin goes through the process of regeneration and combats wrinkles. This is the point at which the skin irons itself out. According to dermatologists; melatonin, which is also released during sex, can have a regenerative effect on sagging and wrinkled skin.

Anti-Aging Benefits of Orgasms:

Sexual intercourse leads to heightened collagen production. Collagen is a glue like substance that provides strength and support for skin cells and holds them together.

Increased collagen production wards off signs of aging such as crow’s feet, sagging skin and wrinkles, thus adding to the skin health benefits of orgasms.

Orgasms Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite:(5)

Sex is an amazing cardio workout and every time you indulge in sex till the extent of achieving an orgasm; you are giving your butt, thighs and abs a pretty decent workout that burns fats and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite,(7) which is a one of the important skin health benefits of orgasms.

Sex/Orgasm Moisturizes the Skin:(5)

Sexual excitement and passion leads to increased blood flow to the skin, which in turn leads to a greater transference of water to all parts of the skin. It’s easy to see how sex moisturizes and hydrates the skin. Sex effectively prevents dry skin by increasing blood and oxygen flow to the skin. Moisturizing the skin is a wonderful skin health benefit of orgasms. Dry skin can tend to be a recurring problem for older women; however, an orgasm could definitely help in this regards

The Afterglow of Orgasm/Sex:(5)

Flushed skin that is at its vibrant best after an orgasm is known as the afterglow. This generally lasts for 1 to 2 hours. However, according to some experts; having regular orgasms can result in an almost permanent afterglow. This too is undoubtedly one of the best skin health benefits of orgasms.

Expert’s Speak

The experts in both dermatology and sexology tend to agree on the above listed skin health benefits of orgasms. Established doctors and experts in the field of medicine believe that sex is good for many things and better skin is one of them, as it improves blood circulation, giving your skin a more youthful appearance. Many experts also believe that sex and orgasm helps decrease stress, which too reflects in the form of healthy skin. Lower stress hormones, lesser inflammation and clear skin are all the skin health benefits of orgasms.

According to the experts; orgasms that are good for skin health needn’t be limited to sex with a partner and the benefits are noticeable even after masturbation.

However, some experts warn that most of these claims are anecdotal and not based on actual studies. One should keep this in mind; however, one cannot totally discount anecdotal evidence.

In conclusion; due to better hormone production as the result of orgasms and anecdotal evidence; having regular orgasms can have multiple benefits for skin health. So, if one wants to enjoy the skin health benefits of orgasms, it is worth having act of healthy sexual satisfaction and orgasm; however, bear in mind to follow safe sex protocol.


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