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How Can I Control Pimples On My Face?

Pimples on the face are a real headache. To look appealing, it is not just about great garments but rather an alluring skin is additionally to be achieved. Every one of us needs a clear and fresh skin with no indication of wrinkles or imperfections on it.

Pimples are in reality the most unpleasant things to spot on the face. They are ugly, they are red and they can likewise be repulsive. For many people, pimples are an entirely bad dream.

Around 70 to 90 percent of teens will have some sort of skin break out during puberty and at this age is also very self-conscious.

So, if you are fed up of popping those ugly pimples, it’s time that you take care of them. Prevention is the key approach. Know how would you control pimples and which items or cures work best?

How Can I Control Pimples On My Face?

How Can I Control Pimples on my Face?

  • Keep the face clean to control pimples on face. Cleansing is the most vital step to keep your skin healthy. Even though you are not having a skin breakout issue washing the face twice a day helps in expelling oil, dirt and dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. Less oil and dirt implies fewer pimples. Always use a mild face cleanser for pimples affected the face.
  • Routinely wash daily used items to control pimples on the face. Dirty pillow covers and towels give rise to bacterial development, prompting pimples. Thus, it is essential to wash them regularly. It is additionally a helpful approach to wash all cosmetics brushes to limit the progressions of spreading microscopic organisms.
  • Practice good eating habits to keep pimples on your face at bay. Pimples can be averted by a healthy and balanced eating regimen. Eating greasy and oily foods is not at all good to the skin while eating grains, leafy foods and fruits aids in keeping it a pimple free. Also, stay hydrated by drinking lot of water.
  • Another simple way to control pimples on the face is by abstaining from touching the face. Touching and popping pimples can just make the issue more severe. Do not touch your face all the time. It can spread bacteria causing infection or furthermore pimples which you definitely don’t want. Make it a propensity to wash your hands with an anti-bacterial cleanser before touching the facial skin.
  • Try natural remedies to control pimples. Mild pimples can be counteracted and cured by natural cures. They are relatively more economical and do not have any reactions. There are numerous natural solutions to cure pimples. While some might be more compelling for a few, others may have little impact. It is best to attempt them for yourself to discover how the remedy functions for you.
  • Utilize dermatological products. If by chance nothing works than there are dermatological products for your rescue. There is a several kind of products against skin pimples such as washes, creams, face packs etc. accessible in the market nowadays. Search a right product for your skin that will suit your skin.
  • Apply ice on pimples once a day. Ice alleviates the skin, especially the influenced area which can enable your skin to end up pimples. Applying ice on the skin will expel the oil and dirt caught inside and diminishes the swelling and redness. To dispose of an irritation, put an ice block in a fabric and delicately press it against the influenced part of the face.
  • Exercise. Working out increases the blood course through the body which will keep your skin refresh and healthy. In addition, when you exercise, you sweat more consistently, which implies you take out toxins, oil, and chemicals more proficiently. At the same time it is important to clean the sweat after a workout as sweat stains on the skin can cause the growth of face pimples.
  • Avoid the sun during the afternoon to control pimples on your face. An excessive amount of sun rays can harm your skin and provoke a breakout. Especially if you are spending a week at the beach, make sure to apply sunscreen and moisturizer. These will help keep your skin hydrated and shielded from the sun which implies fewer pimples.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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