Benefits of Glycerine and Rosewater Combination For Your Skin and Hair & Ways to Use It

Not many know that 2 natural ingredients, Glycerine and Rosewater, are great for our skin and hair. The combination of both is a good natural remedy and nothing short of a magical mixture that keeps the skin soft and supple. Rosewater and Glycerine does wonders for dry skin. This combination of rosewater and glycerine can be used in many forms such as:

  • Lotion
  • Body Spray
  • Cream
  • Hair conditioner
  • Hairspray

Benefits of Glycerine for Skin and Hair

Glycerine is a beauty care product. It is easily absorbed into the skin due to it viscous property. Glycerine acts as a moisturizer, but does not contain oil and helps to retain the moisture content of the skin. It is best to you use vegetable glycerine. Some of the benefits of Glycerine for healthy skin include:

  • Glycerine is a great moisturizer.
  • Glycerine is great for dry skin.
  • Glycerine keeps the skin, soft and young as it prevents drying up of skin.
  • Glycerine is used to treat skin allergies and irritation.
  • Glycerine helps to cure eczema and scaly skin.
  • Glycerine acts as a natural conditioner for hair and keeps the hair shiny and healthy.

Benefits of Rosewater for Skin and Hair

Benefits of Rosewater for Skin and Hair

Rose water contains phenyl ethanol, which is good for the skin. It plays an important role as an astringent and as an antiseptic. Many use rose water because it reduces acne and blemishes. Rose water also helps in reducing skin irritation and inflammation. Rose water helps to regulate the blood vessels under the skin for the smooth flow of blood. Some of the benefits of rose water for a healthy skin include:

  • Rose water is used to treat insect bites.
  • Rose water reduces eczema and dermatitis.
  • Rose water is used to soothe the skin from sunburn.
  • Rose water can be sprayed on the skin before going to bed.
  • Rose water is a natural and safe product that is good for all types of skin.
  • Rose water provides natural fragrance to your hair and also keeps hair clean and healthy.

The Combination of Glycerine and Rosewater

  • Vegetable glycerine and Organic rosewater are a good combination for the health of skin and hair.
  • The magical mixture of glycerine and rosewater keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized.
  • The combination of glycerine and rosewater rejuvenates the skin and keeps it glowing.
  • Glycerine and rosewater is used as an anti-aging product, as it helps to remove wrinkles.
  • This magical mixture is used to remove blemishes and scars from the skin and keep it soft.
  • Combination of glycerine and rosewater revitalizes dull, damaged and dry hair and gives hair a healthy shine and bounce.

Ways to Use Glycerine and Rosewater Combination For Your Skin

The combination of glycerine and rosewater can be used as a lotion that can be applied to the body.

Homemade Body Lotion with Glycerine, Rosewater and Rose Oil For Glowing Skin

Ingredients Required:

  • Rosewater: 4 ounces
  • Vegetable glycerine: 4 ounces
  • Rose essential oil: 5 to 6 drops

Preparation. Take equal quantity of glycerine and rosewater into a bowl. Mix the ingredients together. Add the rose essential oil to it and stir it well. Pour it into a small container. Store it. Whenever required, you can take about two or three teaspoons of the lotion and apply it on the body and face for a great looking skin that glow with health.

Storage. Keep the remaining content in the refrigerator as it does not contain any preservatives.

Milk Lotion with Glycerine and Rosewater


Rosewater, glycerine and olive oil: 4 ounces each

Milk: 2 tablespoons

Preparation. Add rosewater, vegetable glycerine and olive oil in a small bowl and mix it well, so that they blend together. Next, add milk to the mixture and mix it well again. Apply the lotion on your face before going to sleep. You can wash it the next day as soon as you wake up. However, if you have any allergies such as wheezing or asthma, you should not use it as an overnight application, but allow it to stay on for an hour and then wash it away. The remaining content of this rosewater, glycerine and milk lotion can be stored in the refrigerator for further use.

Storage. Store the extra content before adding the milk as it will make the mixture sour.

Homemade Body Spray with Rosewater and Glycerine For Skin


  • Rosewater: 10 teaspoons
  • Glycerine: 4 drops

Preparation. Take a small spray bottle that has a nozzle with spray. Pour rosewater into it and add the glycerine drops to it. Shake the bottle well and store it. Whenever you go out in the hot sun or into the dusty atmosphere outside, you should wash your face as soon as you come home. Remove the grime, dust and makeup from your face using water. Then spray this magic solution containing rosewater and glycerine on your face. It will remove skin irritations from the skin. It will also keep the skin soft and moisturized.

Storage. Take a spray bottle that is sterilized and dry. Pour the content into it. Keep it in the refrigerator. If the quantity made is more, you can store the total content in the refrigerator and take a small quantity in the spray bottle and keep it near the washbasin to use it regularly.

The Magic of Homemade Rosewater & Glycerine Cream with Aloe Vera For Skin


  • Rosewater: 3 tablespoons
  • Glycerine: 6 teaspoons;
  • Aloe Vera gel: 1 cup
  • Rose essential oil: 15 drops
  • Extract from Grapefruit seed: 2 teaspoon
  • Royal bee jelly: 2 teaspoon
  • Vitamin E oil: 2 capsules

Preparation. Take rosewater and glycerine in a small bowl. Add rose essential oil and aloe vera gel to it and mix the contents well. Add royal bee jelly and pour the content from the vitamin E capsule into the mixture. You can add grapefruit seed extract to it. Once you mix all the contents together, you can pour it into a container and store it. Take about 1 or two tablespoons of the content and apply the homemade cream to your face. Massage it well and allow it to remain on the face. Wash it off overnight with lukewarm water. With this magical combination of glycerine and rosewater in a cream, your skin will become healthy and radiant in no time!

Storage. Once you mix everything together, take a sterilized bottle and pour the liquid into the dry container. Refrigerate it. Take 1 or two tablespoons of the cream and use it. Do not use a finger or wet spoon to remove the cream.

Ways to Use Glycerine and Rosewater Combination For Your Hair

Homemade Hair Conditioner with Glycerine, Rosewater and Jojoba Oil


  • Rosewater: 10 teaspoons
  • Glycerine: 5 drops
  • Vitamin E: 1 capsule
  • Jojoba Oil: 4 drops

Preparation. Take a small container and mix the ingredients together. Apply the content to your hair and massage it well. You can apply the content on wet hair too. Massage the conditioner into your hair well, so that it enters the hair roots. Then use your regular shampoo and wash it off. This combination of glycerine and rosewater: works its magic on your hair by leaving the hair radiant and soft.

Storage. The above quantity will be sufficient for one hair wash. You can mix the ingredients again when you need it.

Homemade Hair Spray Using Rosewater and Glycerine


  • Rosewater: 10 teaspoons
  • Glycerine: 5 teaspoon
  • Rosehip seed oil: 10 drops

Preparation. Pour all the ingredients together into a spray bottle. Mix the contents well by shaking the bottle. You can apply it to your hair to keep the hair moisturized and soft. The rose water and the essential oil help to keep your hair fragrant and healthy.

Storage. The above content will be sufficient for one use. If you have used more than the mentioned quantity, you can store it in the refrigerator for further use.

Precautions Before Use:

  • Make sure that you use organic rosewater that is chemical free.
  • Use vegetable glycerine – food grade.
  • Use only sterilized containers for storing the glycerine and rosewater products in the refrigerator.
  • Always test the glycerine and rosewater mixture on your forearm before using it, to make sure that it does not cause any allergy.
  • If you have any allergies or asthma, you should not apply any of the glycerine and rosewater mixtures for long.
  • Refrigerated glycerine and rosewater products should be checked before using it again, as preservatives are not used for storage.


The combination of rosewater and glycerine is very effective as a beauty product, anti-aging product and as a moisturizer. Using products that are available easily and applying them at home is the best way of beautifying oneself as it avoids chemicals and harsh treatments. The mixture of glycerine and rosewater is not only effective but also affordable.

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