Choosing The Right Type of Multivitamins Supplements for Men and Women

It is not possible for Men and Women to consume all the 40 plus nutrients in a day due to many reasons such as poor appetite, strict dieting, unhealthy food choices and many more. However, this can be solved if men and women consider taking multivitamin tablets, as they will help in filling the nutritional gap. There are many varieties of multivitamins that you may find difficult to choose. Here are some tips and guidelines provided by ePainAssist on how to select the right kind of multivitamin for both men and women.

Multivitamins Supplements for Men and Women


Reasons to Take a Multivitamin Supplements for Both Men and Women

There are multiple reasons to consider multivitamin supplements for both men and women. It is necessary that your diet should have all the nutrients so that you are fit and healthy. If you eat healthy food, you will get good source of all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals. If you are thinking that a multivitamin tablet is a substitute for a healthy diet then you are wrong it is just a way to complete your meal. It will be beneficial for your body if your food contains all the nutrients that are necessary for your body.

In the Dietary Guidelines for Americans in the 2010 issue, it was found that there is inadequate intake of vitamin D, calcium, potassium and dietary fiber in the adults and children. In a multivitamin, you will find all these nutrients except fiber. It is advisable that the intake of fiber should be through the daily meal that you consume, but you can find a separate supplement for the fiber too.


Multivitamins are mostly taken by men and women to boost and maintain their health. It has been discovered by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control that half of the U.S takes the dietary supplements. The Harvard School of Public Health has also suggested that taking one multivitamin daily with extra vitamin D will prove as a nutritional backup for many people. There are many experts who do not agree with the effects of taking daily multivitamins but it has been known to help in heading off chronic issues and other health risks.

The risk of overdosing on multivitamins is less as compared to the risk of nutrient deficiency. If you take one multivitamin daily, it will help in improving a nutrient poor diet.

Factors to Look in a Multivitamin Supplements for Men & Women

There are multiple factors that should be considered by both men and women while choosing multivitamin supplements:

  • Always read the label with care. This way, you can identify the nutrients that are included in the product and the amount in which they are contained.
  • The product should contain all the basic minerals and vitamins. The minerals and vitamins such as B2 (riboflavin), vitamin C, B3 (niacin), B1 (thiamin), B6, B12, folic acid, B5 (pantothenic acid), E, A, D2 or D3 (cholecalciferol), biotin, K, iodine, borate, potassium, selenium, calcium, zinc, manganese, magnesium, beta-carotene, molybdenum and iron.
  • You should always check the percentage of the vitamins and minerals that are included in the supplement.
  • You should check for extra nutrients that are included. There are many new multivitamins today those contain specific types of minerals and vitamins that are made for people who are suffering from certain conditions.
  • Specific multivitamins are designed for specific age and gender. See that the multivitamin that you choose suits your age and gender.
  • You should never overdose your multivitamins as it can build up in your body and then become toxic.

Deciding On the Accurate Multivitamins for Your Gender and Age


Most of the multivitamins are made for different types of audiences. It is very crucial to choose the right type of multivitamin supplements for men and women of different age groups. Every person has different type of nutritional need at different stage of his life. You have to make sure that the multivitamin you have chosen suits your age group and sex. Pregnant women need more iron during this time and have to take multivitamin that have more iron supply in them. Doctors suggest that people whose diet does not include fish, milk, calcium-fortified beverages or food should take multivitamins that has vitamin or calcium in it.

Choosing the Right Multivitamin Supplements for Women:

There are multivitamins that are specially made for women who are in their childbearing age. The multivitamin supplements include nutrients that are especially for the women in age group of 18-50 years. These multivitamin includes adequate quantity of folic acid and iron that will help in preventing birth defects in women.

Choosing the Right Multivitamin Supplements for Adult Men:

These multivitamins are made for adult men and up to the age of 50. These multivitamin has high dosage of several minerals and vitamins that will be suitable for men.


Choosing the Right Multivitamin Supplements for Older Adults:

Over the age of 50, people require more effective multivitamins. You have to select a multivitamins that is formulated for your gender. The multivitamins for men and women are different, so select the multivitamins more wisely.

Storing the Multivitamin Supplements:

If you do not keep the multivitamins stored properly, they can lose their potency over time. You should check the expiry date and all the other instructions that are written on the product. You should not let your children get hold of the supplements.

Different Forms of Multivitamins and Which One to Choose?

Most of the multivitamins are shaped in the form of capsules, but some are in the form of powders, tablets, gummies, and liquids, chewable and injectable formulations. The difference between these minerals and vitamins are the rate at which your body absorbs the supplement. When you take the multivitamins in the liquid form, it will get absorbed faster while the coated pills will get absorbed at a slower rate. If you are finding it difficult to swallow the capsules, then you can go for liquid or gel coated capsules which will be easier to swallow.

Multivitamin Safety

The dosage in which you take the multivitamins should be taken into account. Every brand of multivitamins includes vitamins and minerals in different compositions. Each multivitamin that you take should contain at least three or more minerals and vitamins. The product should not contain any type of hormones, herbs or drugs. You should check if the product has the designation “USP” U.S. Pharmacopeia – as a measure of safety on the label. The multivitamin should meet all the requirements of the drug monitoring agency as it will indicate that the product is trustworthy and contains all the ingredients that are listed.

You should also consult your health consultant before taking the multivitamins as they will be able to tell you which multivitamin is better and in what amount it should be taken. They will be able to provide you with a prescription for the multivitamins.

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