10 Effective Benefits of Radish for Skin and Hair

Coming from the Brassicaceae family, radish is a root vegetable, which is being used by millions of people across the globe since the pre-Roman times. Even though radish is an edible vegetable, it is eaten as a salad by people in most parts of the world. Radish is a very healthy and nutritional option for every individual as it is a rich source of a variety of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants etc. Not only this, application and consumption of radish have a number of benefits for the healthy skin and long hair.

In this article, we bring you some of the most effective benefits and uses of using radish for skin and hair.

10 Effective Benefits of Radish for Skin and Hair

Effective Benefits of Radish for the Skin

Radish Brings Glow And Radiance To The Skin

Radish can prove to be an amazingly effective beneficial ingredient to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized owing to its high water content which is estimated to be as high as 95 percent. If you do not wish to have raw radish, you could always apply radish juice or a paste with oatmeal powder or even make a face pack with radish to maintain the natural glow of your skin. Radish also constitutes of a number of antioxidants including Vitamin C, which protects our skin from wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and all other signs of aging by fighting off damage-causing free radicals which attack skin cells for extra electrons.

Radish also contains zinc and phosphorus which add to the skin benefits of radish by maintaining the natural radiance of our skin and enhancing its beauty and freshness.

Radish Removes Toxins And Cleanses The Skin

Radish can act as an effective cleanser by helping your skin get rid of unwanted impurities and toxins very easily. This is possible because of the various vitamins and minerals present in radish. Radish is also a rich source of dietary fibers which aid in smooth bowel movements and excretion and hence, act as a natural laxative. This further helps in the removal of toxins from the skin, body, and system. The abundance of water in radish also adds to the benefits of using radish as a cleanser as it also protects the skin from toxins and impurities which harm our skin cells and tissues. Thus we should eat radish regularly or at least use a paste or fresh radish juice on our skin to keep our skin soft and supple. Detoxifying your skin is an amazingly effective benefit of radish for skin health.

Radish Helps In Getting Rid Of Pimples And Acne

Pimples and acne is one major problem that we all have to suffer from at least once in our life. We resort to a lot of face creams or face washes to get rid of acne, but using radish is a natural and effective way of getting rid of all your skin problems. Acne and pimples can be caused by a number of reasons which include clogging of pores, the presence of toxins or impurities in your skin, excessive oil, exposure to pollution, and whatnot. Radish is gifted with a high water content which can help in hydration of the skin by getting rid of dead and unwanted skin cells and other impurities. This definitely makes your skin less prone to acne.

The presence of antioxidants in radish also plays an important role in keeping pimples away by fighting off free radicals that could cause damage to the skin. So everyone can agree that getting rid of pimples and acne is an amazingly effective benefit of radish for healthy skin.

Radish Has The Ability To Keep The Skin Hydrated

Radish has very high water content and hence regular consumption of radish keeps our body well hydrated and nourished. Daily application or consumption of radish also keeps our skin well hydrated. Radish effectively helps the skin get rid of unwanted toxins and impurities. This naturally exfoliates the skin, keeps it moisturized and maintains its elasticity.

The numerous antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals present in radish also play an important role in hydrating the skin as they destroy free radicals which are a prospective threat as they attack our skin cells and cause oxidative damage. Thus the skin is protected from dehydration and retains its natural glow and softness.

Radish Prevents A Variety Of Skin Diseases And Ailments

As mentioned earlier, radish contains numerous vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers, and antioxidants which help our skin and body to stay away from various skin diseases and even cancers. Antioxidants present in radish fights off all the harmful free radical which attack skin cells and causes oxidative damages to the skin. This protects our skin cells and tissues from damage and thus makes our skin immune to disorders and other problems like wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, dark spots and all other signs of premature aging. Antioxidants also help in giving relief from inflammation caused by skin diseases and indirectly make our skin immune and strong. Another factor that protects our skin from the risk of skin problems is the abundance of water found in radish. The presence of water and dietary fibers in radish helps in keeping all the toxins and impurities away and preventing further problems. Hence, regular consumption or application of radish or radish juice/paste helps in keeping away the risk of any type of damage to our skin or skin cells.

Radish Helps In Getting Rid Of Dry And Dead Skin Cells

Just as the lungs need oxygen to breathe; our skin needs regular exfoliation to be able to breathe properly. It is very important to get rid to dry and dead skin cells from time to time to make our skin look radiant and younger. This is an amazingly effective benefit of radish for skin where you can get rid of dead skin cells to reveal the healthy and radiant skin beneath. Radish mixed with oatmeal can be used as a natural exfoliator or a polisher for the skin. All you need to do is take fresh radish juice in a bowl, add some oatmeal powder and a whisked white egg. Mix all these ingredients well and make a fine paste. You can use this radish paste as a natural scrub to exfoliate your skin on a regular basis and be free from dry and dead skin cells. Radish also contains other important nutrients like zinc and copper which add to the natural beauty of your skin and keep your skin healthy and nourished as they aid in cell production and cell repair.

Radish Aids In Getting Rid Of Skin Freckles And Blemishes

Radish is said to be a rich source of a variety of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. The presence of these nutrients makes radish the perfect medicine to help you get rid of all your skin problems including freckles and blemishes. The antioxidants that are in radish destroy all the free radicals that could possibly cause oxidative damage to your skin. This prevents the free radicals from attacking skin cells and makes our skin immune to blemishes, wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines and all other signs of premature aging. For best results, all you need to do is take fresh radish juice in a small bowl, take a cotton swab and dip it in the juice. Apply it on your skin gently and it will dry out in about 15 to 20 minutes. Continue this radish remedy regularly and you will see that your blemishes and freckles will reduce dramatically.

Effective Benefits of Radish for Hair

Radish Increases Growth of Hair

Apart from providing multiple benefits to the skin, regular application and consumption of radish or radish juice can be very effecting in treating a variety of hair problems like hair fall, premature greying of hair and whatnot. This is possible because of the presence of a lot of antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals in radish. The antioxidants are responsible for destroying damage-causing free radicals which attack the skin cells of our scalp and cause their oxidation which in turn leads to a lot of problems. Thus, the antioxidants help in maintaining the growth and strength of our hair to a great extent. If you wish to avoid daily consumption of radish and want better results in a short span of time, all you need to do is take radish juice, gently massage your scalp with it for 4 to 5 minutes, wait for some time and wash your hair thoroughly later. This will protect your hair from further damage and nourish your hair well. Another interesting fact is that, even though white radish is commonly consumed by most people, black radish is more beneficial when it comes to nurturing your hair and scalp, maintaining the regular growth of hair and preventing hair loss effectively. All of these constitute as amazingly effective benefits of radish for hair.

Radish Helps In Getting Rid Of Itchy Scalp And Dandruff

Getting rid of dandruff is yet another amazingly effective benefit of radish for scalp and hair. Dandruff and itchy scalp is a major problem that is faced by millions of people around the world. We can think of a variety of factors that may cause dandruff, but hardly any shampoo or hair oil or over the top medicine that could actually help you get rid of your dandruff.

Application of radish juice on your hair is one miraculous method that could help you to keep your hair dandruff free effectively. This can be done by taking out the fresh juice of radish and gently massaging your hair with it for 4 to 5 minutes. Tie a dry towel on your head and wait for an hour or so. After this, rinse your hair thoroughly. Continue this practice regularly for best results. This will not only help you fight off dandruff and flaky hair but will also make your hair soft, shiny and healthier.

Radish Makes Your Hair Shiny And Lustrous

Radish can be eaten raw or can be applied as radish juice to help your hair become soft and lustrous. Radish is rich in iron which helps to increase blood circulation in our hair and body, which in turn promotes healthy growth of hair and makes the scalp as well as roots stronger.

Radish is also a very good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which eliminate the free radicals which might cause oxidative damage to our hair and body, thus making our hair healthy and soft. They also protect our hair follicles and scalp which in turn prevents hair fall and premature greying of hair to a great extent.

The abundance of water present in radish also adds to the benefits of regularly consuming or applying it as it provides proper moisturization and nourishment to the hair.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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