Is It Safe To Workout At Night?

“Nothing feels better than a finished workout!” For everyone who trains or willing to train his body to keep it fit and healthy, workout routine and timings would be one of the best concerns. Most of the people who are in to workouts or who are beginners usually debate on what is the best time to workout. Some prefer working out during the morning hours and few love the workouts during night. Now, there are also many debates on if it is safe to workout at night. So, this current article will deal about the same, i.e. is it safe to workout at night and if yes what are the special benefits working out during night time.

Workout At Night

Prime Most Reasons To Argue On The Harms Caused With Night Workouts:

Not everyone supports workouts during night. There are some of the reasons which make them argue upon why it is not good to workout at night. Let us have a look on some of the most crucial reasons.

  • Exercise increases the core body temperature for 4-5 hours. This can be a reason enough to worry for it might interfere ones sleep.
  • There is an increased level of endotrophins with exercise. So working out at night might increase the endotrophin release and may interrupt sleep
  • Epinephrine levels go higher with exercise. People argue that an increased epinephrine level in body can interfere in sleep.

To anyone’s strange belief, there are also people who simply come up with, “It is just not healthy to workout at night!” We will be discussing on all these above mentioned points in the proceeding paragraphs.

Debate In Favor Of Night Workouts: It Is Safe To Workout At Night!

“The strong will support exercising. The weak will make excuses!” Here are some of the corresponding points supporting the point that tells workout during night time is absolutely safe.

  • Debating on the first point that exercise increases the core body temperature which lasts for 4-5 hours; it is said that though the normal body temperature raise from 98 degree F to 103 degrees F at times after workouts, it usually gets back to normal in 30 minutes of exercising. So, in case you are working out at night do go for it before 30-45 minutes of your bed.
  • For people who argue on the point that the increased endotrophin levels with exercise hamper sleep; there are scientific studies which explain endotrophins released after sex assist in better sleep. So, it clearly rules over the arguing point that endotrophins do not interfere in sleep rather they favor a good sleep. Well, “If I am not to do something I would make hundreds of excuses! But excuses do not make the chore anything less than the best.”
  • Supporting the increased epinephrine levels after exercise; one must be absolutely relaxed because with the body temperature coming down to normal in half an hour after workout the epinephrine level also decreases back to normal. So you are safe with your sleep in case you are performing your exercises 45 minutes before your bed.

Research Study Supporting Workouts During Night Time:

If you have been thinking that workouts can be done for its best results anytime you are comfortable for; then check out what this research has to say about workouts and the time you choose for working out.

Researchers from the Clinical Research Center Of the University of Chicago, say that people who workout during evening or night after their work are likely to attain a greater level of fitness than those exercising during the morning time.

To prove this, they took around 40 men from the age group of 20 to 30 and they were all divided into five groups who worked out for an hour in a step machine at different times of the day.

  • One group included the men who exercised during morning
  • One group included the men who exercised during afternoon
  • One group included the men who exercised during evening
  • One group held the men exercising during night
  • One group included men who did not workout at all.

Next, blood samples were taken from all the men were checked and was found that there was an increased level of cortisol and thyrotropin (two endocrine hormones) in case of the men who exercised during the night or during the evening hours. It was also found that in all the men who exercised during evening and night, the glucose levels were comparatively decreased to a greater extent than the other men.

Dr Orfeu Buxton, the lead researcher in the research explained that the results show that our body’s metabolism adapts well to the workouts done after the day’s work, i.e. during the night or evening.

Various Benefits of Workouts During Night

Various Benefits of Workouts During Night:

Now it is clear that workouts during night are absolutely safe. Here are some of the crucial points mentioning about various benefits of workouts during night.

  • Night Time Workout Helps In Releasing Stress After Hectic Day’s Job: It is very much understood, days are real hectic, especially for those who move out for studies, work or sports during day time. So, it was a tough day! We all know exercise and workout helps in enhancing the production of endotropin hormone in body. This would help in releasing stress and keeping you relaxed for a sound sleep all night. So, workouts at night are actually beneficial in releasing stress.
  • Exercising at Night Helps in Providing You Uninterrupted and Sound Sleep: As your mind is out of stress when the body goes through vigorous workouts at night there is an uninterrupted relaxed sleep all night. The National Sleep Foundation found via a research study that most people who workout during night before bed claim to have better sleep than compared to others who workout at various other times of the day.
  • While Working Out At Night You Can Put More Efforts On Your Exercises: “The alarm clock just is not helping you out!” Many times it happen you fell drowsy, sleepy and dull during morning time if you have not had your fine sleep. It turns difficult to concentrate on your workout and also you do not get enough energy working out in such a condition. However, this doesn’t happen if workouts are done at night before bed.
  • Workout At Night Helps In Better Weight Loss: It is found that night time workouts help in losing weight in a better way as compared to the day time workouts. A research study done by the researchers at Harvard University stated that there is a higher blood pressure in body during night and exercising during this time is essential for managing a fit and healthy body out of the complex medical condition. Exercising during night, especially during 9 PM when the blood pressure is high will help in an enhanced weight loss.

Final Note:

There is a saying, “The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do!” So, if you were making excuses on workouts or exercises, if you were keeping yourself away from fitness during night worrying about your safety working out then you are absolutely guilty for killing your workout. Stop making excuses, start working out and stop giving explanations. Your body will explain all!

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:March 5, 2019

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