Facts On Masturbation

Wondering if it is “okay” to masturbate? Knowing about some important facts on masturbation can help. Well, it is very normal for one to masturbate. This can be defined as touching self for obtaining pleasure sexually irrespective of whether they are in a physical relationship with others or not.

Facts On Masturbation

Facts On Masturbation

Masturbation is infact healthy in that it decreases stress and boosts immunity. Read on for some important facts on masturbation.

Most People Masturbate

They may not discuss about it but the fact is a lot of people irrespective of age or gender masturbate. This is one of the greatest facts on masturbation. Children who have not attained puberty also sometimes find out that they like palpating their genitals. People often lean towards masturbation for various reasons. For example, people masturbate to relax, release sexual tension, and get to know their body better, or do it when their partner is not with them but majority of them do it because it feels good. Masturbation is not only done by people who are single and don’t have a partner to indulge in sex, but it is also practiced by people in active relationships. While some people masturbate regularly, others do it rarely or never. Different individuals masturbate in several different ways for a variety of reasons. Masturbation is not associated with any abnormal behavior but is a natural phenomenon and is completely personal, as long as it does not hurt the person.

Masturbation is Healthy

Various crazy myths about masturbation are doing the rounds, like masturbation is bad for the body, it makes hair grow in weird places, it shrinks the genitals and causes infertility, or a person becomes addicted to masturbation once they start doing it. However, as a part of facts on masturbation, it is necessary to know that none of these notions are true. Masturbation does not affect health in any way or form. In fact studies show that it is good for health. Also, it is also the safest form of sex since there is no risk of contracting sexually transmitted disease (STD) or getting pregnant.

During orgasm, endorphins are released in the body. These hormones make an individual feel positive about himself and feel good. It also blocks the pain receptors. This feeling occur after a sexual intercourse or after masturbating. Many studies have proven that masturbation offers multiple health benefits. It helps to release tension, decrease stress, improve sleep, relieve muscle tension and menstrual cramps, treat sexual issues, and strengthen and tone the muscle in the anal and pelvic areas.

Masturbation also boosts self-esteem. Masturbation helps one understand what they like, sexually and can be constructively used to have satisfying sex with their partners. As masturbation helps you understand your preferences and feelings, it makes it relatively easy to have an orgasm with their partners.

Masturbating Often Is Not “Excessive”

Some individuals masturbate as often as every day or sometimes even more. Others masturbate may be once a week to a few weeks or every rarely. Few people never do it but that is not a cause for concern of any type. One of the important facts on masturbation is that masturbating often is not too much or abnormal. Masturbation only becomes “excessive” if it hampers the way he or she works, carry out their responsibilities, or comes in the way of their social life. When facing such a problem, the person is advised to seek the advice of a counselor. When young, many people are told that masturbating is not a good thing to do such that they feel guilty about doing it.

However, it should be remembered that masturbation is common and is a normal thing to do. People who still have trouble getting rid of the guilt must seek advice of a counselor.

It Is Fine To Masturbate despite of Being In A Relationship

Many people who are in active relationships also masturbate and it is perfectly normal. One of the facts on masturbation is that if a person in an active relationship masturbates, it does not imply that the individual’s partner is not satisfying them. In fact, masturbating helps in finding out what they like and what is it that makes them reach orgasm. They can then tell or show their partner what they would like to try. Talking about sexual preferences with partner makes sex that much more loving and pleasurable. It also strengthens the bond between the two. Some people masturbate together with their partner. It is a good way to be sexually together without any risk for sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy.

With these facts on masturbation, it will be easy for you to have an understanding about the impact of masturbation as against the beliefs around it. While it is a matter of personal preference, it is necessary to know that masturbation must not be considered bad and can be safely performed, within healthy limits. For any feelings of guilt related to masturbation or events of excess, such that the daily routine is disturbed, seeking help from a doctor or counsellor can help.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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