Health Benefits of Jujube Fruit or Ber or Ziziphus Mauritiana

Jujube fruit or Ber or Ziziphus mauritiana as the fruit is called in different names has a very remarkable history that is more than 4000 years old. This extremely nutritious fruit was native to China and India. Later with the help of migrants this wonderful fruit reached in other Asian countries and southern Europe. There are almost 400 different varieties of jujubes found in different parts of the world, especially in Asia. Jujube fruit or Ber or Ziziphus mauritiana provides some exceptional health benefits. The fruit is best eaten in fresh form, though it has many other culinary uses in different countries.

Health Benefits of Jujube Fruit or Ber or Ziziphus Mauritiana

Description of Jujube Fruit or Ber or Ziziphus mauritiana

The tree is spiny and deciduous and normally grows up to 10-12m on an average. The spines grow in groups; one protrudes out from the trunk and branches almost perpendicularly and the other is slightly curved. Leaves form alternate orientations and have clear petiole structure. Leaves are physically almost oval shaped having a dimension of 5-7cm in length and 2-3cm in breadth. Cymose inflorescence is the common characteristics of seeding in this shrub. The flowers grow in cluster and almost yellowish in color. The fruits also form in cluster and having whitish yellow to reddish brown color depending upon the ripening stage. Ber is a medicinal tree, its leaves, bark, roots, and seeds are extensively used for different Ayurvedic treatments.

Nutritional Constituents of Jujube Fruit or Ber or Ziziphus Mauritiana

Scientifically this fruit is known as “Ziziphus mauritiana”. This truly nutritious fruit is full of vitamins and minerals having good quantity of vitamin C specifically. Here is the average nutritional composition of 100gm of Jujube fruit or Ber or Ziziphus Mauritiana:

  • Carbohydrates- 17gm
  • Protein- 0.8gm
  • Fat- 0.07gm
  • Sugar- 10.5gm
  • Minerals- In 100gm of Jujube fruit or Ber the following minerals are present:
    • Calcium- 6mg
    • Phosphorous- 6mg
    • Iron- 0.15mg
    • Potassium- 70mg
    • Sodium- 1mg
    • Zinc- 0.01mg
    • Magnesium- 3mg
  • Vitamins- In 100gm of the Jujube fruit or Ber the following vitamins are present:
    • Carotene- 0.021mg
    • Thiamine- 0.024mg
    • Riboflavin- 0.038mg
    • Niacin- 0.087mg
    • Citric Acid- 1.1mg
    • Ascorbic Acid- 75mg

Flavonoids in Jujube fruit or Ber or Ziziphus mauritiana

Flavonoids are a group of plant metabolites that create cell signaling pathways and antioxidant effects. These molecules are found in good quantity in Ber fruit.

Fruit pulp of Jujube Fruit or Ber or Ziziphus Mauritiana contains the following flavonoids-

  • Epicatechin
  • Quercetin-3-O-rutinoside
  • Quercetin-3-O-galactoside
  • Kaempferol-glucosyl-rhamnoside
  • Procyanidin B2, and
  • Two unidentified compounds.

The seed of the Jujube Fruit or Ber which have many medicinal uses and also contains some flavonoids as follows-

  • Saponarin
  • Spinosin
  • Vitexin
  • Swertish
  • 6”’-hydroxybenzoylspinosin
  • 6”’-feruloylspinosin, and
  • One yet to identify compound.

Health Benefits of Jujube fruit or Ber or Ziziphus Mauritiana

Jujube fruit or Ber has immense health benefits. Since it’s packed with minerals and vitamins, the fruit is good for different body organs, circulatory system and skin. This fruit is also known for preventive capacity against different diseases. Let us have a look at the health benefits of Ber fruit in details:

  • Health Benefits of Jujube fruit or Ber in Protecting against Cold and Cough: Jujube being rich in vitamin A and C extends good protection against cough and cold.
  • Health benefits of Jujube fruit in Lowering Blood Pressure: Rich in potassium and Vitamin B-complex, this delicious Jujube fruit is found to decrease high blood pressure to a substantial degree.
  • Antioxidant Properties in Jujube Fruit or Ber: Ber or jujube fruit is a good source of antioxidant. Hence, it rejuvenates body cells, and rectifies various liver and kidney dysfunctions.
  • Skin Heath Benefits of Jujube Fruit or Ber or Ziziphus Mauritiana: Ber fruit, being an excellent source of antioxidants, provides remedies for various skin problems. The fruit is also used externally for curing sunburns, dryness of skin, wrinkles and various facial problems.
  • Heath Benefits of Ziziphus Mauritiana in Treating digestive disorders: Jujube fruit or Ziziphus mauritiana naturally treats various digestive disorders. It helps in enzyme secretion, thus makes various digestive organs function normally. It also cures constipation when used in dry form.
  • Jujube Fruit or Ber is Beneficial in Increasing Energy: Jujube fruit is a good source of energy too. It works on nervous system very effectively thus reducing fatigue and helps in regaining energy.
  • Jujube Fruit or Ber is Beneficial in Strengthening the Muscles, Bones and Teeth: The presence of good quantity of calcium and phosphorous in this fruit have proven to support in strengthening muscles, bones and teeth.
  • Ber Helps in Quick Healing of Wounds: Loaded with some important amino acids, Ber fruit helps body cells to build different types of proteins that are essential for healing wounds caused by external factors.
  • Jujube Fruit or Ber or Ziziphus mauritiana Helps Calm Down Nervous System: Jujube fruit has a soothing property of calming the nervous system down and thus works as an anti-depressant. It helps in relieving stress and anxiety. It also cures various sleeping disorders like insomnia.
  • Ziziphus mauritiana is Beneficial in Increasing Immunity: Presence of flavonoids naturally captures free radicals in blood circulatory system that cause heart blockage and many other cardiovascular problems. Some other flavonoids contain good quantity of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous characteristics. These help in reducing the risk of cancer cells formation, cures various digestive disorders and reduce allergies and hence increases immunity.

Health Benefit of the Tree of Jujube fruit or Ber or Ziziphus Mauritiana:

Not only the fruit, but the entire tree of jujube fruit has immense medicinal values:

  • The leaves of Ber tree are used to treat Typhoid in children and inducing sweating to reduce fever.
  • The root of Ber tree or Ziziphus Mauritiana helps in hair growth. It is also used to reduce fever formed due to other diseases like small pox, chicken pox and measles.
  • The bark of Ber tree makes perfect eye drop for curing inflammation.
  • The seed of the Jujube fruit is used to make medicines for lever, heart and digestive organs.

Besides in combination with many other herbs, different parts of jujube have multiple other health benefits.

How to Eat Jujube fruit or Ber or Ziziphus mauritiana?

Jujube fruit is like any other fruit. The seed is separated by dicing the pulp with skin. In most of the countries skin of the fruit is not peeled off and chewed with the pulp. Some regular eaters of Ber also like to add salt to make the fruit tastier.


Ber or jujube tree in found in abundance since these can grow quite naturally in harsh weather condition. The fruit has some wonderful health benefits known to human for many centuries. Still to date the researchers are getting new information regarding this wonderful fruit. Jujube fruit has no side effect and can be consumed in good quantities by anybody having no apparent health complicacy. Those undergoing any treatments should consult with doctors before eating this delicious fruit on regular basis.

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