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Is Wearing Tight Clothes Bad & How Does Wearing Tight Clothes Affect Our Body?

Wearing body-hugging or tight clothing might be a fashion statement or a way to present your style. The skinny jeans you squeeze yourself up into, which feels difficult to tuck into your waist might make you look good but, the feel comfortable factor, might be missing. So, is wearing tight clothes bad? How does it affect our body? Let us understand this in detail.

Is Wearing Tight Clothes Bad & How Does Wearing Tight Clothes Affect Our Body?

Is Wearing Tight Clothes Bad & How Does Wearing Tight Clothes Affect Our Body?

Keeping style aside these clothes harm health in various ways and therefore should not be worn. Not many are aware that tight clothes affect the circulation which can lead to various health conditions. Also, it has an impact on the nervous system and other internal organs. If you are wondering whether wearing tight clothes is bad and how does it affect our body, here are some points to considered.

Let us look at how wearing tight clothes affects our body.

Affects Blood Flow

Wearing tight clothing affects the return blood flow which is dangerous for health. In the lower extremity, it is an important function which prevents the ankles from swelling. Also, obstruction of return blood flow makes you feel tired and fatigued as the heart has to make extra effort to help blood to return. This is one of the most important ways in which wearing tight clothes affect our body.

Promotes the Development of Cellulite

Tight clothing hastens the formation of cellulite. It happens because the impaired blood flow to the extremities encourages the development of fat nodules in the thigh. Now, this is surely a concern that explains why tearing tight clothes is bad.

Difficulty in Breathing

Tight clothing around the chest interferes with normal breathing. Improper gas exchange can build up or accelerate the oxidation of cells which can result in premature aging. Shallow breathing affects the oxygenation of the brain which can cause stress and lack of concentration.

Restricted Movements and Pain

Wearing tight clothes is bad as that can affect your hand or leg movements. Studies have shown that tight clothes around the chest or shoulders can restrict movements of hand.1 This can also cause pain and discomfort in the upper back, shoulder and the arms.

Back Pain

Tight clothing is one amongst the many causes of lumbar or pelvic pain as they restrict the movement of certain muscles and strains them to work harder than usual. When the hips get compressed they face trouble in carrying the body weight which they normally support. Loss of freedom of movement of arms and legs makes them ache, feel heavy and numb by the end of the day.

Affects Digestion

When wondering how tight clothes affect our body, when we eat our stomach tends to expand due to the acid produced during digestive process. Wearing tight belt or pant doesn’t allow the abdominal area to expand after meals. This affects the digestion as well and can lead to indigestion, acid reflux, constipation, abdominal swelling, and intestinal pain.

Skin Problems

Tight clothing can lead to problems with the skin by not letting it breathe. This can give rise to various skin allergies as the cloth act as an irritant by rubbing up on the sensitive skin. The clothing dye and the leftover chemicals from the detergents can also irritate the skin and trigger allergies. Tight clothes can lead to itching, redness, and even ingrown hair on the legs.

The Growth of Vaginal Fungi

Tight clothes tend to increase body temperature and humidity, which creates a medium for the growth of fungi and bacteria. In the genital area, it can lead to the development of vaginal fungi which can cause bad odors. In men, tight undergarment or pants can affect the motility of sperms and cause testicular pain.

Increased Sweating

As tight clothing increases the temperature of the body, it can lead to an increase in the production of sweat. This also makes areas such as underarms, genitals, and feet to become a breeding ground for all types of bacteria, which cause bad odor.

Wearing tight clothing is bad in so many ways. Now that you know how does tight clothes affect your body, bidding them a goodbye should not be difficult for us. It is better to opt for comfortable clothing and you bet your body will thank you for this.


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