How to Improve the Testosterone Level: Enhance your Manpower !!

Are you diagnosed with a lacking in the testosterone levels? Do you feel it is the time to practically work for improving the hormone level? Well! If so, you must definitely go through this current article which tells about some of the best ways to enhance your manpower by increasing the testosterone hormone in your body. So, check out the article and know about how to improve the hormone responsible for muscle building and enhance your sexual satisfaction.

Improving Testosterone Levels In Natural Ways

Know About Testosterone and Low Testosterone Levels:

Testosterone is a vital hormone present in both male and female which is responsible for building muscle and for regulating the sex organs, metabolism, bone function etc. Though low testosterone level can affect both the males and females, it primarily affects the males. Though testosterone level can decline at any time, it mainly starts declining after 30s. With the approach of a low testosterone level in men, symptoms like fatigue, depression, loss of libido etc starts showing. There are various ways one can treat the testosterone decline, though natural treatments for low testosterone levels are the best modes of treatment for it has no major side effects involved. We will study more about this in the following array of our article.

Surprising Facts About Testosterone:

“It is always good to get the facts and keep away from ignorance.” So, here are some of the most surprising facts about testosterone we will be discussing about below.

  1. Testosterone shrinking your belly. Many studies have shown that by treating testosterone into people with a level lower than normal can help in reducing abdominal obesity in men. It acts as a medicine for shrinking the belly
  2. It is found that men who are obese have significantly lower levels of testosterone than the slim looking men. It is believed that fat cells enhance inflammation and this in turn restricts the production of enough testosterone.
  3. “Too much of something is an ill thing!” One of the most surprising facts about testosterone is excessive level of this hormone in men can grow the breasts and get shrinkage of the balls. Keep away from steroid intakes. Mood swings, aggression etc can also cause with excessive level of testosterone.
  4. One more surprising fact about testosterone is it is actually very hard to measure the level of testosterone accurately.
  5. Low testosterone levels are linked with sleep apnea.

Causes of Low Testosterone Levels or Decline in Testosterone Level:

Now check out some of the most important causes of low testosterone levels.

  • Infections, injuries or loss of the testicles causes low testosterone levels
  • Chemotherapy treatments in cancer also affect in lowering the levels of testosterone
  • Excessive iron content in the body can cause low testosterone levels
  • Chronic illness, chronic kidney failure etc can cause lowering of testosterone levels
  • Dysfunction of pituitary glands causes low testosterone levels
  • Stress, alcoholism and obesity also result in lowering of testosterone levels

Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone Levels:

Check out the common signs and symptoms of testosterone decline.

How to Improve Testosterone Levels?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy: It is a therapy which is undergone by many patients suffering from low testosterone levels. There are several forms of testosterone replacement therapy including the testosterone replacement medications, the mouth patch, injections & implants, the skin patch, the gels, etc It is always essential to be fully aware of the harmful effects before undergoing any therapy. The testosterone replacement medications can prove harmful and can limit the body’s ability to produce testosterone naturally forever. People taking these medications can feel depressed, mood change, low energy, low sex drive etc while withdrawing from it. It is always better to follow the natural modes to treat low testosterone. However, here we will know about the forms of testosterone replacement therapy available.

Several Forms of Testosterone Replacement Therapy:

  1. Skin Patch to Improve Testosterome Levels: Androderm is a skin patch of testosterone which can be applied once in a day to treat the low testosterone levels. This is worn in the upper body or in the arm for better results.
  2. Mouth Patch to Improve Testosterome Levels: Testosterone is also available in mouth patch form of testosterone replacement therapy where it is placed on the upper gum in the incisor teeth and done once in a day. Stringent is a tablet that is used here.
  3. Gels to Improve Testosterome Levels: Testosterone gels are also available which can be taken as one form of testosterone replacement therapy. Androgel, testim etc are some of the testosterone gel which can be applied once in a day that gets absorbed by your skin and helps in improvement of testosterone levels in the body.
  4. Injections and Implants: Testosterone in the injections can be injected in to the muscles or implanted in to the soft palates to treat low testosterone levels. These testosterone slowly enters your bloodstream
  5. NO to Oral Testosterone Replacement Pills: It is advised by doctors that taking the testosterone replacement medicines can put negative impact on the liver, and also can cause depression, low sex drive etc in the person. So, avoid taking testosterone pills.

Natural Ways To Improve Testosterone Levels:

  1. Check what you eat: “Don’t just go on dieting, go for a diet change!” If you are unaware of the right diet that helps you stay strong and fit and prevents the lowering of testosterone then all you need is check out the following.
    • Eat enough of vitamins, take vitamin supplements etc which helps in improving testosterone levels.
    • Reduce the amount of sugar intake
    • Eat more of the seeds which contain enough of Vitamin E and zinc. This helps in enhancing testosterone levels
    • Take more of fats including fish oils, avocados, peanuts etc to have a healthy testosterone levels
    • Eggs are crucial enough in increasing the level of testosterone
    • Take cabbage in your diet which boosts the testosterone level
    • Add more of zinc and magnesium to your regular diet which helps in improving the testosterone levels
    • Avoid taking the statin drugs which can reduce the testosterone hormones.
  2. Have Some Workouts and Exercises: Exercise can help greatly in treating low testosterone levels. Check out some of the important workouts and exercises below.
    • Weight Lifting Is Known To Help Improving The Level Of Testosterone. It is found that after two days of weight lifting, the testosterone level grows to its peak.
    • Work On Your Biceps. It is studied that increasing muscles can help in more of testosterone production in the body
    • Do Workouts to Reduce Weight And Lower The Waist Size. It is found that as you grow by your waist, you drop down by the testosterone level
    • Avoid Running Marathon. Researchers have shown that running marathon decreases the level of testosterone
    • Do not over train self which can reduce the testosterone production.
    • Watch Football. It is studied that watching football can increase the testosterone level
  3. Believe it; stress is not going to help: “It is not the stress that makes us fall; it is how we respond to stressful events!” This amazing saying from Wayde Goodall must be understood by one and everyone. Stress from odds in life will ever be there. But it is how we react to the stress. Over stress physically or mentally causes cortisol to surge and this in turn limits the ability to produce testosterone. So, next time when you encounter with any kind of stressful situation, make sure you manage your mind, have a relaxation mentally and physically and get engaged with something that would help you avoid taking more of loads and raise the stress levels.
  4. Enjoy the Sun: It is known that vitamin D supplements help in enhancing the testosterone hormone in body. Sun is the natural source that provides the Vitamin D. So, being exposed to the sunlight helps in improving the testosterone level in body. It is studied that being exposed to the sun for at least 15-20 minutes each day help in improving the testosterone production by 120%
  5. Have 8 hours of sleep: “Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together!” It is so very true that having a proper sleep is very much important for a good health. Taking eight hours of proper sound sleep daily helps in increasing the testosterone level naturally.


“Good or bad. Everything that has a start also has an end”. If you have felt the symptoms of low testosterone in you that is causing unnecessary worries and troubles in you then be very much aware of the treatments available for treating your condition and believe in the fact that there will be an end to your worries. Make sure you consult with an expert professional and take the best advices from your doctor so as to improve your testosterone level and come out as a strong person with the real manpower in you.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:March 7, 2017

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