Things That Kill Your Sex Drive & Ways to Boost it

While you might be looking for ways to improve your sex drive, it is essential to be aware of the conditions and factors that can dampen your sex life. While some of the factors are health related, there are several other issues that can affect your libido. Know the top 15 sex drive killers to find better ways to deal with it.

Things That Kill Your Sex Drive & Ways to Boost it

Things That Kill Your Sex Drive & Ways to Boost it

If sexual problems have peppered your relationship, like an erectile dysfunction (ED) in men, or lack of interest in sex, it is important to know these 15 sex drive killers. Working on these problems may help you boost your sex life.

  1. Stress

    Whether it is at work, or at home, stress is an inevitable part of life and can affect sexual well-being as well. While stress can cause many health problems, it can also affect your testosterone production. Even if you cannot avoid stress completely, there are ways you can manage it or seek professional help if needed so as to boost your sex life. Planning a better work schedule, taking breaks, exercising and practicing relaxation techniques can help boost your sex life.

  2. Low Testosterone

    Testosterone (T) is a hormone that has the most significant effect on your sex drive. Low testosterone is one of the most important factors which kill your sex drive. There are a number of things that can affect your testosterone levels, including lack of sleep, aging, obesity, excessive drinking, and other reasons. Seeking timely medical advice can help you find the causes of low testosterone and treatment to boost its production can help enhance your sex life.

  3. Excess Alcohol

    An occasional drink or two during the week does help people let their guards down. In fact, some people are more likely to be interested in sex with that. However, too much alcohol or regular heavy drinking is likely to kill your sex drive. Drinking too much can also affect hormone production. Try cutting back on drinking, and seek help if you think you have a drinking problem. Avoid drinking excess alcohol if you want to boost your sex drive.

  4. Rocky Relationships

    Sex is great when a relationship is new. However, over months and years, other factors seem to chip away at the foundation of relationships. Disturbed relationships or lack of understanding between you and your partner can be harmful for your sexual life. This is a very common factor that kills your sex drive. It is imperative that you work on your relationship by communicating with your partner. If necessary, consider counseling to help regain your passion for each other and boost your sex life.

  5. Deprived Sleep

    Sometimes, not getting enough sleep can lead to sexual problems. Fatigue drains energy, testosterone, as well as your sexual interest. Sleeping disorders and improper sleep hygiene often disturbs night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation is an important sex drive killer and must be sorted at once. A good night’s sleep can help boost libido and testosterone production, which will ensure you have sex more frequently. Get on the cycle to save your sex life.

  6. Depression

    Most erectile dysfunction cases can be linked to psychological causes like anxiety and depression. They can also cause low libido, which can again cause more stress. Depression is a leading factor that kills sex drive and you must take necessary action to avoid it. Seeking psychological help to address your depression issues can help boost your sex drive.

  7. Medicine

    There are certain medications that can lead to low libido and are included in the list of things that kill sex drive. Some of the drugs that can have an adverse effect on your sex drive include antidepressants, blood pressure medication, drugs for enlarged prostate and drugs for HIV, and even chemotherapy. Following medical advice is necessary in such cases. One can try talking to their physician about the problems related to low sex drive being caused due to certain medication so that the physician can make the necessary changes to your treatment which can help boost your sex drive again.

  8. The Children Effect

    Busy parents, particularly with young children find it difficult to take out time for sex. Being engrossed with children is a major sex drive killer, as those responsibilities never give you time for yourself. However, if you are able to take out some time for intimacy with your partner, you would feel less stressed. Find out ways to have someone take care of your children while you can have some special time with your partner.

  9. Obesity

    Obesity can also be a potent sex drive killer. Size can prevent you from having sex as it can severely affect your stamina as well as your self-esteem. Excess body fat can lower your testosterone level and can also lead to erectile dysfunction. One of the best ways to boost your sex drive affected due to obesity is to be determined to maintain an ideal weight with diet and exercise, and seek medical treatment, if required.

  10. Body Image Issues

    Negative feelings about yourself is another important factor that kills your sex drive. If you feel unattractive or fat or underweight, if you are not happy with your looks, it is difficult to maintain sex drive. Accept yourself and boost self-confidence, take action, where necessary.

  11. Fish

    Certain types of fish too can be included in the list of things that kill your sex drive. Industrial waste chemicals that find their way into fish, dairy, and meat products could also kill sex drive, a recent study by Michigan State University researchers revealed. In order to safeguard yourself and boost your sex drive, you can try cutting down your meat intake on a few days. Also, pick and choose the seafood you eat. Also, definitely avoid the fish that should not be eaten.

  12. Sex Toys

    The sex toys you use for pleasure could be the reason why you don’t get genuine action. Certain sex toys, in addition to other vinyl-containing products, can affect your libido and be a major sex drive killer. The chemicals in vinyl products—from plastic vibrators to even shower curtains—can affect hormones and bring testosterone levels down. This will kill the desire to have sex in both men and women. Boost your sex drive by opting for medical-grade silicone vibrators or seek expert opinion.

  13. Microwave Popcorn

    Nonstick chemicals used to line microwave popcorn bags usually contain perfluoroalkyl acids. These chemicals can kill your sex drive. It could affect male fertility, and cause other health problems too. Instead, opt for untreated stainless steel cookware.

  14. Birth Control Pills

    Birth control pills can disturb the hormonal balance in women. Some pills can kill your sex drive, it is best to take birth control pills only as advised by your physician.

  15. Sugar

    A 2009 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that men with better blood sugar levels enjoyed a better libido. Men with high blood sugar are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. So, excessive sugar intake and high blood sugar levels can kill your sex drive. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle which can help control your blood sugar levels can go a long way in boosting your sex drive.

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