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Top 7 Health Benefits of Standing Desks

Standing desks are now a popular choice among people having sedentary jobs. Indeed, excessive sitting could seriously impact our health. However, standing desks are now a lifesaver for people with desk jobs. Let us take a look further and know about the top 7 health benefits of standing desks.

Health Benefits Of Standing Desks

Top 7 Health Benefits Of Standing Desks:

A standing desk or stand-up desk is a desk that allows you to stand up and work comfortably.(1) Standing desks help in reducing risks of various health issues and improving the overall health of persons who have sedentary office jobs.

  1. Standing Desks Reduce The Risk Of Obesity:

    Weight gain or obesity is a serious problem that affects many people globally. Though exercising regularly can burn more calories quickly, however one more thing that can help you in this mission is your choice of standing instead of sitting (which generally happens in desk jobs).

    It has been shown that when compared to sedentary work in the afternoon if an equal amount of time is spent being in the standing position, can burn more than 170 additional calories.(2) It means that around 1000 extra calories are burned every week from simply standing at work every afternoon.

    So, when you choose standing desks over sitting ones, you can get excellent benefits in controlling your obesity or unnecessary weight gain.

  2. Standing Desks Reduce The Risk Of Heart Diseases:

    One more health benefit of standing desks is that they are essential in reducing the risk of several heart diseases. It has been proposed by scientists that sitting too long or a sedentary lifestyle can increase the risk of heart disease by around 147%. (3, 4)

    However, standing for long reduces the risk of heart disease and is also beneficial for heart health.

  3. They Reduce The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes:

    It is found that those who sit a lot daily are more prone to developing diabetes, heart issues, and early death.(3, 5)

    Some studies have shown that sitting for long is associated with reduced effectiveness in regulating glucose levels in the bloodstream, which is a part of metabolic syndrome that significantly increases the chance of developing type 2 diabetes. For instance, a study from the year 2008 had found that individuals who sat for a long time during the day had dramatically higher levels of fasting blood glucose levels, which indicates that their cells have turned less responsive to insulin and the hormone fails to trigger the glucose absorption from the blood.(6)

  4. Fewer Chances Of Back Pain:

    Today many people complain about having back pain. This is most common with office desk workers who have to sit all day. Various studies have been conducted on working personnel with long-term back pain issues if standing desks could improve this condition. In a study, it was found that participants reported up to 32% improvement in their lower back pain with continued use of standing desks for several weeks.(7, 8)

    It was reported by another study that using a sit-stand desk has reduced upper back and neck pain by about 54% in 4 weeks.(9)

  5. Standing Desks Improve Mood and Energy Level:

    Standing desks also have a great influence on our mood, energy level, and well-being. According to a 7-week study, it was reported that participants who used standing desks, reported reduced stress and fatigue as compared with those who sat the entire day at work.(8) It was also found that 87% of individuals who used standing desks had increased energy throughout the day. However, upon returning to their old sitting desks, reverted their overall moods to their normal levels.

  6. Standing Desks Increase Longevity:

    Who doesn’t want to live long? We all do. One of the secrets to a long life could be the use of standing desks at work. It has been found from studies that increased sitting time is linked with early death. A review of 18 studies explained that people who sit the most have a 40% greater risk of dying early compared to those who sit the least.(3)

  7. Posture Can Be Improved By Using Standing Desks:

    “A good posture reflects your personality.” So, everyone needs to maintain a proper posture. It even helps in reducing back pain. If we choose to stand, our spine remains elongated and gets less strained, thus allowing the back to be in proper shape. Standing also relaxes the spine and helps in promoting better posture. So, a standing desk could be the key to achieving a fair posture.


From the above explanation, we are clear that standing desks are of great importance and effective enough in bringing great health benefits. So, if you want a healthier and longer life then try replacing the sitting desks with a standing desk and experience the change. We would suggest that if you are planning for a standing desk newly, then try alternating the standing and sitting position and split your working time 50-50 between the two working positions.


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