May chang essential oil or the distilled form of the fruit of the shrub Litsea Cubeba is nothing less than a magical wand, a single answer to multiple problems and one of the best gifts that Mother Nature has bestowed upon mankind. Also called as mountain pepper, maychang is a spice with a wide spectrum of properties, which are known to cure a number of human ailments in addition to being exceptionally aromatic in nature.


13 Uses Of May Chang Essential (Litsea Cubeba) Oil

13 Uses Of May Chang Essential (Litsea Cubeba) Oil

Some of the important uses of May Chang essential oil include:

Works Against Viral, Bacterial And Fungal Infections

Among other benefits of May Chang Essential (Litsea Cubeba) Oil is treating almost all infections exceptionally. The anti-viral and antimicrobial properties of May Chang oil stops infections right in their tracks and starts the healing process. Just 1% of the May Chang Essential (Litsea Cubeba) Oil mixed with suitable carrier oil can help fight germs, heal wounds and sores, acts as a sanitizer and even treat severe infections like ringworm and athlete’s foot. You can also add a few drops of this oil into the vaporizer and calm down a worsening cough and cold.


May Chang Essential Used for Aromatherapy

One of the widest applications of May Chang Essential (Litsea Cubeba) Oil is in the cosmetic and perfumery industry where this oil is used for its enticing citrus fragrance and is constantly in high demand. The aroma of the Litsea Cubeba oil is uplifting and rejuvenating.

May Chang Essential Oil Prevents Hypertension

Adding 1-2 drops of May Chang Essential (Litsea Cubeba) Oil to the diffuser along with distilled water, or the application of 1% of this oil combined with a carrier oil on the chest and shoulders can even help keep your blood pressure in check.


Useful in Preventing Lung Cancer Cells

A recent research found that the use of May Chang Essential (Litsea Cubeba) Oil is helpful to prevent and treat lung cancer. Inhaling the vapors from the diffuser which has a combination of distilled water and May Chang Essential oil has shown considerable improvement in lung cancer patients.

May Chang Essential Improves Blood Circulation

Other than the above-mentioned benefits, the May Chang Essential (Litsea Cubeba) Oil is helpful in improving blood circulation also. Massaging with just 1% of May Chang oil mixed with a carrier oil is known to show drastic improvements in blood circulation, be it in the arms, legs chest or anywhere else.

May Chang Essential is Ideal for Skin Ailments

When it comes to the skin, the application of May Chang Essential (Litsea Cubeba) Oil is known to cure almost all problems. The combination of this oil and a suitable carrier oil helps treat severe problems like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, cellulite and skin allergies. Other than the severe problems, the magic of May Chang Essential oil can be used for simpler procedures like getting rid of acne, cleansing pores, working as an astringent and even help in managing body odor.

May Chang Essential Oil Relieves Inflammation

Whether the inflammation is due to arthritis or any other reason, the application of May Chang Essential oil with the combination of a suitable carrier oil is known to provide relief from inflammation. May Chang Essential (Litsea Cubeba) Oil can also be used in aromatherapy to help clear air passages and relieve inflammation.

Treating Gout with May Chang or Litsea Cubeba Oil

Among the few things that provide relief from a problem like gout, the application of the may chang oil has quite a good rating. Not only does this essential oil help in relieving inflammation from gout, but May Chang Essential oil also alleviates uric acid build-up and improves blood circulation, making it the perfect solution for gout. Spray a few drops of May Chang Essential (Litsea Cubeba) Oil on a wet, warm cloth and use it as a compress on the afflicted joints. Mixing May Chang oil with a carrier oil is also known to provide relief from muscle spasms and cramps.

Used for Treating Oral & Genital Herpes

The application of May Chang Essential oil in combination with a carrier oil to oral or genital herpes speeds the healing process because of its antiviral properties.

May Chang Essential Useful in Improving Digestion

Originating from China, the May Chang Essential (Litsea Cubeba) Oil is widely used in medicines for treating poor digestion and flatulence problems of the locals. This oil is known to have a stimulant action on the digestive system and can even help in case of poor appetite. The blend of May Chang oil and a carrier oil is perfect for massage over the stomach to improve digestive tract function.

Treating Respiratory Infections with the Use of May Chang Oil

The effective May Chang oil is an excellent remedy for curing upper respiratory infections. The massage of May Chang Essential (Litsea Cubeba) Oil combined with a carrier oil on throat, chest, neck and back provides instant relief from respiratory infections. This essential oil even helps in quieting down coughs and improving cold too.

The use of May Chang Oil in Home & Kitchen

A potent disinfectant and insect repellant, the May Chang Essential oil is anexceptional household cleaner. An undiluted or diluted form of this oil not cleanses the house spic and span, but also makes it smell divine. The insect repellant qualities of May Chang Essential (Litsea Cubeba) Oil also make it a good mosquito repellant.

Use it for Emotional Wellbeing

If anything was left that May Chang Essential (Litsea Cubeba) Oil had to bring into its purview, it was the emotional wellbeing and it helps with that too. The scent of May Chang Oil is like a tonic for the nervous system. Not only does the aroma of this esential oil alleviate stress and anxiety levels, but it also dispels depression and improves cognitive abilities. Therefore, this oil is widely used as an antidote to seasonal blues, irritation and anger too. The scent of the May Chang Essential (Litsea Cubeba) Oil helps get rid of the negative emotions and promotes relaxation, mental clarity and restful sleep making it ideal for treating depression. Just a drop or two of May Chang oil in your bath water can liven up your day.

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