7 Ways To Maintain Health And Wellness While Working From Home

Many people work from home and the number has increased since the coronavirus pandemic(1).

Being productive while working from home requires a lot more effort. At times it gets difficult to manage kids along with home and work.

In such a case the most important thing i.e. the health and wellness are compromised on.

If working from home is a good option to look after the tasks at home and keep safe from any pandemic, it has its own set of challenges as well, especially to the health. The abundance of snacking options in the kitchen, lack of social interaction, and improper work position, can sabotage the health condition.

There are a few tips that can help you make working from home a healthful experience.

7 Ways To Maintain Health and Wellness While Working From Home

7 Ways To Maintain Health And Wellness While Working From Home

  1. Set Up A Space To Work From

    Working from bed can be tempting, but it would be good if you limit being on the bed for nap timings only.

    Work material on the bed would affect the ability to relax later on. It would keep the mind occupied with professional obligations even during the off-hours.

    Choose a spot that is away from distractions.

    Put a chair and a table that can help keep you properly aligned throughout the day. A standing desk can also be of great help in giving a break to your back.

  2. Set a Schedule

    Set up a working schedule and make sure you stick to it. This would benefit mental health.

    Get up at a proper time in the morning, take a shower, have breakfast, and get dressed as you are going to the office. Feeling competent is not just about productivity. Self-efficacy has a positive impact on health behaviors(2)

    Having a proper routine would avoid skipping meals and binging on processed junk later on in the day.

    In your routine, make sure to include proper break and mealtime as well.

  3. Set Limits

    Track the hours you work for. Don’t just let you bleed away all your time only working.

    Maintain a good and healthy work-life balance. Set limits.

    Avoid working on weekends and also on weekdays do not let the work eat away the time kept to relax or do other activities.

    Keep an eye on the time you spend working every day and set the schedule accordingly.

    Shut down or stop working at the time you normally do while going to regular office.

  4. Get Up and Move

    Get up after every one hour and move around. This would be beneficial for the lower and upper back which gets stressed while sitting for long. You can try hip flexor stretches or can even take a quick walk around.

  5. Keep in Touch

    Working from home can be isolating and can affect mental health.

    It is good to just text or even speak with people whether or not it’s work-related. Virtual connections can never replace face to face interactions but can help you feel better.

    Regular interaction with the team can help identify priorities and obstacles and keep people accountable.

  6. Stock The Kitchen With Healthy Snacks

    While working from home, the activity levels come down, make sure if you feel like snacking, there are some healthy options in the kitchen.

    Keep the junks out of sight, as they are the foods you first put your hand on when hungry.

  7. Stay Hydrated

    Do not forget to stay hydrated.

    Keep a bottle filled with water at your desk, so that you do not have to get up and fetch water or skip drinking water when thirsty.

    Drinking water would also prevent frequent binging urges.

    Avoid sugary beverages that attract you and also make you gain weight.

    Working from home is not a hassle but an opportunity to work as well as take care of ourselves. Just find out healthy ways to comfort yourself, set priorities and structure, and soon you would find yourself adjusted to the work from the home pattern.