What Diseases Kill You Slowly?

What Diseases Kill You Slowly?

In the past few years, medical science has made significant progress in finding the causes and treatment for some of the deadly diseases like cancer, AIDS, diabetes and so on. However, there are many such diseases that does not have instant impact on human body but kills one slowly. Some of these diseases are:

What Diseases Kill You Slowly?

ALS i.e. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

This disease is also commonly known as the motor neuron disease. As the name suggests, it is a neurological disorder in which the nerves that helps in the transmission of messages to body from brain starts to destroy. This disease has slow impact on the individual, as it starts affecting the daily activities of the individual like breading or talking.

Huntington’s Chorea

This is also a neurological disorder in which the muscles starts to loose coordination and the mental condition of the individuals starts deteriorating. The problem is rarely exhibit any symptoms in the early stage. It is a genetic problem i.e. it passes from one generation to another. If the parent is or had suffered this problem then there are fifty percent chances that children will also acquire the disease. Experts say that after the first symptom is identified the patient survive for hardly twenty years. This is one of the most painful disease that kills slowly.

Triple A i.e. Abdominal aortic aneurysm

This disease does not exhibit any clear symptoms, but it kills an individual slowly. In this condition the size of abdominal aorta is increased by almost fifty percent then the normal size. Rarely observed symptoms are occasionally experiencing in the abdominal region, back or legs. If the problem is not identified at an early stage then its results can be fatal.


These days life of individuals have become too hectic and busy. This has ultimately affected their sleeping time and pattern. Having sleepless nights have become very common to the extent that approximately one third of the population accept the fact that suffer from one or the other type of insomnia. If the frequency of sleepless nights increases then it starts to experience panic attack, phobias, hallucinations, paranoia and so on. Usually people dies not consider this problem as serious, but if left untreated then it can kill an individual in fifteen or eighteen months after the symptoms are experienced.

Polyglandular Addison’s Disease

This is a hormonal disorder in which patient can suffer instant death because of intense emotional stress. In this condition, patient fail to produce adrenaline for controlling the aftereffect of stress. Adrenaline is a hormone body releases to fight the adverse effect of stress. When body fails to produce this hormone then in the state of stress body fails to cope up with the effects and goes in the state of shock. This is an extremely bad phase which kills individual slowly every time they undergo stress.

Brainerd Diarrhea

People who have suffered food poisoning will be able to relate with this condition better. The pain of going to the washroom one extra time after every meal is so painful and makes the body feel drained. Now imagine what will happen if the brain continue to suffer the same problem for a month or so. Some of the common symptoms of brainerd diarrhea includes fatigue, vomiting or nausea, phobia, cramping and so on.


Bad breadth is another very common issue faced for people in their day to day life. They do not consider this as a problem, instead; simply use a mouth fresher and continue with their activities. However, if bad breadth is coupled with soreness or ulcer then it can lead to a very serious problem known as Noma. This is a problem that affects gums and cheeks to the extent that it starts to emit bad smelling drainage. This disease mainly affect the face of the individual like destroying the face tissues, tearing up the lips and cheeks and so on.

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