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Is Neck Pain A Serious Condition & Can It Be Reversed?

We fear spine pain more than we fear any other kinds of pain. But neck pain is a common condition. This is typically caused due to some strain, poor posture, stress & anxiety, degeneration of wear & tear of the neck muscles and few others. Osteoarthritis is also a very common reason for neck pain.

Is Neck Pain A Serious Condition?

Is Neck Pain A Serious Condition?

Poor posture, the way you sleep, carrying a heavy bag can generally leave you with a sore neck. Backs and cervical regions are easily susceptible to strains. Although most neck pains do not have a serious cause, yet some can be a serious symptom of a problem.

The neck or cervical spine is a long flexible column consists of a coordinated network of nerves, bones, joints, and muscles, which is connected to the brain and the vertebral column. The cervical spine is very strong and flexible and allows the neck to move in all directions. It is made of seven vertebrae each denoted by C1, C2, C3…..C7. Therefore, it is often called as C-Spine. As people grow older, the spinal disks in the neck shrink and bone spurs cause pain and stress.

Most cervical spine pains are not serious however; the pain in the bark of the neck is really vulnerable. If you are in an accident or experiencing some crucial neck pain with other symptoms then it is suggested to meet your health care provider immediately. When you are in pain and it is constantly bothering you, check for the symptoms and determine whether or not to go to the doctor.

Neck pain symptoms vary widely depending on the reason. Although the pain is not a serious condition, however, it may be a warning indication of the tumor, inflammation, autoimmune disorder or rare cases of injury in the vertebral column and some kind of clot in the blood vessels. Depending on the condition, the pain can be mild or excruciating so the individuals cannot presume and proceed with physical workouts.

Generally, you can feel the neck pain in one region and it fades away within days or a few weeks after suitable rest or medications. Nevertheless, in some cases, the neck pain slowly progresses to other parts of the body such as the shoulder and arms.

Here are some of the common neck pain symptoms:

Stiff Neck– It is typically characterized by soreness or having difficulties in moving the neck. This condition is mostly accompanied by the head, shoulder pain, and arm pain.

Sharp Pain– Cervical injuries can result in sharp or stabbing pain in the neck. It starts at the base of the head and goes to the scalp.

Soreness– This is a common pain that arises due to poor posture or overuse. You can experience this pain when you overstretch during playing or carrying heavy objects. (1)

Can Neck Pain Be Reversed?

Since neck pain is not a serious condition, researchers have determined that simple exercise can reverse neck pain and provide plenty of relief. Many trials were conducted with regard to this and one of the trials conducted at Punkaharju Rehabilitation Centre in Finland concluded that strength training in the neck could provide good positive results. This trial was apparently conducted on 150+ working females in the age group 25-50 who complained of chronic neck pain. Strength training exercises proved best to relieve neck pain. Also, these simple tips can really help you

  • Proper stretching and manipulation
  • Pay attention to your sleep positions
  • Apply a hot or cold compress on the painful area
  • Take over the counter pain relievers like Aleve or Ibuprofen (2)


If you have normal pain, try some simple remedies at home. If you feel that your pain is not going away and experience intensifying or alleviating pain, it is time to head to the emergency room. Your doctor will recommend a treatment plan to make your neck feel better soon.


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