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What Are The Ways To Prevent Neck Pain & Does It Reoccur?

Neck pain is a commonly occurring problem. It may stand as a separate condition or be a sign or symptom of some other underlying condition.

What Are The Ways To Prevent Neck Pain?

What Are The Ways To Prevent Neck Pain?

There are several ways to prevent neck pain. These may include-

Sleep On The Back If You Can-

  • Sleeping on the back is the best position in which your spine can rest in a comfortable fashion
  • It may be helpful if you sleep on your back and take one pillow below each arm to support the arm and take the pressure off your spine
  • If you are someone who sleeps on the side, it is best to take a pillow that is not very high. The pillow should not make your head and neck bend too much unnaturally in any of the directions to prevent neck pain


  • The screen of the computer should be at your eye level
  • A good way to test this is by sitting in front of your computer monitor and closing your eyes. When you open your eyes, you should be looking at the top one- the third screen of your computer monitor
  • If there is a need to look down, it means there is a need to elevate the level of your monitor
  • This is a problem with laptops, as they are designed to keep on your laps and so your head and neck naturally tends to bend downwards
  • It is good to connect laptops top other screens or monitors that can be adjusted to your eye level to prevent neck pain(1)


  • Too much texting from your mobile can lead to a downward bent neck, which can cause extra pressure on your neck muscles and cause strain
  • While texting from a mobile, make sure that the mobile is at your eye level and you do not text continuously at any considerable length of time
  • Try to rest your hands and mobile on a pillow and do not forget to take breaks in between to prevent neck pain(1)

Using Headphones-

If you need to talk too much on mobiles, make sure to use a headset, as tilting your neck to one side while talking on mobile for any length of time can cause your neck to bend sideways and strain(1)


  • Increase the strength of your neck muscles by doing neck stretching exercises
  • Exercises like chin tuck can help in strengthening and stretching your neck muscles(1)

Staying Hydrated-

  • Staying hydrated throughout the day can keep your discs in the spine well-nourished and lubricated
  • These discs are made up of water and staying hydrated can help
  • Keeping a water bottle at your workspace and sipping through the day can ensure that you stay hydrated, as typically people tend to forget to get up and fetch water to drink at regular intervals
  • Keeping an alarm for a set duration and drinking a glass of water every time that alarm goes off is a great way of ensuring that you drink your day’s quota of water(1)

Carrying Even Weight-

  • Carrying heavy weight unevenly is a very common mistake that most people do regularly, each day
  • This causes muscle imbalance and leads to neck pain or shoulder pain
  • Distributing weight evenly can help you prevent neck pain(1)

Does Neck Pain Reoccur?

Neck pain can be treated with various methods, alternative treatments, home remedies, and self-care measures. However, if the cause of the neck pain is not unrooted, or a disregard for the working capacity of the neck muscles can cause neck pain to reoccur. Some good posture habits, preventive measures, exercises, and lifestyle changes can stop neck pain from recurring.


There are several ways to prevent neck pain. Neck pain can reoccur if the cause of neck pain is not unrooted or if the neck muscles again get overworked due to negligence.


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Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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