Sleeping Postures To Prevent Back Pain & Neck Pain

Do you get frequent back and neck pain, especially when you first get up in the morning? If the answer to the above is “Yes” then the pain might be related to the sleeping posture that you are in at night when you go to bed. A change in our sleeping posture can go a long way to keep neck and back pain in check. Here, we are giving a few easy postures, which can help get rid of the nagging pain which gets quite annoying at times and spoils our day.

Sleeping Postures To Prevent Back Pain And Neck Pain: Sleep Right To Prevent Pain In The Back and Neck

Right Sleeping Posture To Prevent Back and Neck Pain

  • Sleeping on the Back– When we sleep on the back, we keep our spine in a neutral position; thus there is no pressure on the back and the body is not curved. Also, the pillow that you use should be such that it does not prop you up too much and it should be somewhat puffy.

Good Sleeping posture to avoid back/neck pain.

  • Sleeping on the Sides– If you are not able to sleep on your back out of habit, then the next best posture is to sleep on the sides. This posture also keeps the spine elongated and keeps it in a neutral position and the body is not curved, hence there is no pressure put on the spine. Additionally, side sleeping also decreases acid reflux and reduces snoring. The choice of a pillow to sleep on the side should be such that it supports both the head and neck equally and keeps it in a neutral position.

Avoid back/neck pain by sleeping right.

Sleeping Postures That One Must Avoid To Prevent Back and Neck Pain

You should make sure NOT to do the following when sleeping at night.

  • Sleeping in a Fetal Position– This is the worst possible posture to sleep in. In a fetal position, the knees are pulled up towards the chest and the chin is tucked in, which puts pressure on the joints and nerves and makes you vulnerable for neck and back pains, so it is imperative to get rid of this position.

Sleeping in fetal position can cause back pain or neck pain

  • Sleeping on the Stomach– This practice should also be cut out from your sleeping habit. In this posture, it becomes very tough to maintain the spine in a neutral position and additionally there is added pressure to the nerves and joints. This can also lead to irritation of the nerves leading to numbness and tingling. A classic example is to imagine yourself looking at one side continuously for half an hour, will it not cause discomfort in the neck? If even 30 minutes of looking at one side can cause discomfort what may happen if the neck is turned to one side for seven or eight hours at a stretch.

Sleeping on stomach can cause back pain or neck pain

As it can be observed from the above, a good sleeping posture can get rid of a lot of complaints of back and neck pain and goes a long way in giving you a good night’s sleep so that you get up refreshed the next day for another day at work.

Try these subtle changes and you will definitely notice a good change in the way you feel.

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