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What Is The Best Pillow For Neck Pain?

Waking up with neck pain can ruin your day in terms of having a headache, backaches, arm and leg numbness, and even a bad mood. As much as a good mattress and good sleeping position can be ideal for a good night sleep, the kind of pillow you sleep on also matters. Most people who wake up with neck pain usually think the mattress is the cause. But then again, if you slept on the wrong pillow, it is more than likely that you will experience neck pains. So, it is essential that you have the right pillow if you want a good night sleep and a neck pain-free life.[1]

What Is The Best Pillow For Neck Pain?

What Is The Best Pillow For Neck Pain?

A good pillow will help you maintain a good sleeping posture, meaning you can sleep soundly at night and you can awake without pain and stiffness in your neck. For different kind of sleepers, there is the best pillow for them to use. Regardless, for you, the best pillow can be regarded as that which makes you feel comfy and will support your neck, head, and shoulders in the best possible natural position. Generally speaking, bed pillows need replacement after 18 months of use. However, for some types of pillows, such as the memory foam pillows can last up to three years.[2]

If you are experiencing neck pains, here are a few pillows you can consider using to help alleviate the pain. They include;

Water pillows e.g. Mediflow Waterbase Pillow and Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow. The Mediflow Waterbase Pillow can easily be adjusted to your liking; thus, you can achieve the level of comfort and support you need for your neck, head, and back as well. It doesn’t really matter what sleeping position you’re adapted to i.e. back sleeper, stomach sleeper or sideways sleeper. This pillow will offer you the comfort you need and you can forget about neck pains. As for the Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow, it provides smooth movements while you are asleep without bunching or flattering. In other words, as you move in your sleep, the water in the pillow moves with you thus offering you the support your body needs regardless of your sleeping position.

Shredded memory foam pillows from Coop Home Goods and Xtreme Comforts. Both types of pillows provide impeccable flexibility and comfort that cradles your neck while you’re asleep. Thanks to the shredded memory foam, you can shape the pillow to your neck, and you can be guaranteed that it’ll stay that way despite tossing and turning through the night.

Memory foam pillows including memory foam pillow from smarter rest, classic brands conforma memory foam pillow, and sleep innovations contour memory foam pillow. These pillows are usually contoured in that they’ll be beneficial to people who experience neck pains when they awake. The memory foam pillow from smarter rest is made of German quality memory foam and is designed to maintain spinal alignment, hence reduce risk of neck pain and stiffness. As for the classic brands conforma memory foam pillow, it contains a 5-inch thick foam pad that won’t bend, flatten, or break-down throughout the night, despite your movements while asleep. Finally, the sleep innovations contour memory foam pillow is an ideal pillow for neck pain as it has been designed in a way that it cradles your head and neck giving you the comfort and support you need as you sleep.

Cervical pillows. These are ideal for any sleeping position. Examples of cervical pillows are the tri-core cervical pillow by core products and arc4life cervical linear traction neck pillow for neck pain. The latter has a recessed center with sculpted sides that vary in shape so as to offer you the right support. As for the former, it has a patented design that supports the neck in all sleeping positions. It also has a depression in the middle with the sides having varying sizes.[1] [3]


Neck pain alongside back pain are the leading causes of disturbed sleep. As much as neck pain could be as a result of a bad mattress or poor sleeping position, old pillows and a poorly chosen pillow depending on your sleeping position could be the cause of aches and stiffness in your neck. There are a variety of pillows which you can consider buying to help ease the neck pains and get to enjoy a sound, fulfilling sleep.[3]


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