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What Kind Of Pillow Is Good For Cervical Spondylosis?

Cervical spondylosis implies various age-related changes take place in the neck. A few experts also refer to it as a cervical spine and it causes pain combined with a clicking sound while the patient turns his/her head.(1)

What Kind Of Pillow Is Good For Cervical Spondylosis?

If you are a patient of cervical spondylosis, you may manage your symptoms and the underlying condition by choosing anyone among the following types of pillows-

Cervical Bolster Pillows: Cervical bolster pillows help you in cradling the neck, but it also gives support to the knees, back, and other related joints. The pillow has bamboo and polyester cover and it is a hypoallergenic product. The pillow is excessively small to fit in while you carry for making the journey. The best thing is that patients suffering from cervical spondylosis may use bolster pillows even with or without using a regular pillow.

Memory Foam Pillows: Memory foam pillows are perfect for cervical spondylosis patients who want to get firm support. The pillow remains contoured to give ergonomic support to align the neck, head, back, and shoulders. Besides, memory foam types of pillows have firm support combined with high density.

Shredded Memory Foam Pillows: Shredded types of memory foam pillows remain filled with shredded memory foams to give customize support. The pillow has vented bamboo cover to keep the head cool during nighttime. Moreover, the pillow is highly resistant to various dust mites to make it an ideal option for people dealing with allergies.

Extra Soft Down Pillows: Extra soft down pillows are duck down types of pillows, which are perfect all want soft support. The pillow has a flat design to become an excellent choice for face sleepers and stomach sleepers experiencing neck and back pain. These pillows have fillings done from down. Most of the cervical spondylosis patients tried extra soft down pillows and said that the pillows compress flat enough to give lots of comforts while they stomach sleep for the whole night. Moreover, a few of the patients said that the pillows let them stay cool and comfortable for the entire night.

Cervical Support Pillows: Cervical support pillows are especially useful for all individuals, who move between their sides and back areas while they sleep. This type of pillow is preferable for all experiencing frequent headaches in the morning. These pillows have relatively higher sides as compared to their middle areas to give enough neck support. Moreover, the cervical support pillow is easily adjustable, because of which you may expect to achieve the highest possible firmness level by adding or removing extra stuff. The cotton cover of these pillows is hypoallergenic, while they have microfiber fillings.

Side Sleeper Pillows: Side sleeper pillows contain a perfect blend of down alternative fiber and organic latex, both of which are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. Many patients suffering from neck and shoulder pain have tried this type of pillow and said that the pillows have unique shapes to make them comfortable for their different body parts. These are the neck, arms, wrists, and shoulders. Another interesting aspect of a side sleeper pillow is that it always retains neural temperature during the entire nighttime.

Back Sleep Memory Foam Pillows: Back sleep memory foam pillows are excellent options for back sleepers. These pillows help you to keep the spine straight, cradle the neck and thereby, allow the head to rest in the low position.(2)

Symptoms Of Cervical Spondylosis

If a person suffering from cervical spondylosis experiences symptoms, he or she may have stiffness and pain as major signs. The pain may become worse while you move the neck. Moreover, you may experience additional symptoms related to your problem, like-

  • Nagging soreness in your neck
  • Spasms or neck stiffness and dizziness
  • Popping or clicking sound while moving the neck.(1)


Hence, depending on the sleeping position and the type of pain you experience your physician may help you to choose the pillow to deal with your condition of cervical spondylosis.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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