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10 Useful Home Remedies For Dizziness

Some individuals are prone to feeling faint or unsteady or they might experience dizziness as a symptom of some serious health problem. It can also occur as a reaction to certain medications. Correction of the cause can help overcome dizziness. There are certain home remedies which can prove to be useful in maintaining equilibrium.

10 Useful Home Remedies For Dizziness

10 Useful Home Remedies For Dizziness

Drink Water Before Eating

Eating drops the blood pressure and can make you feel dizzy and lightheaded. This is known as postprandial hypotension.

A study found that postprandial hypotension can be alleviated by drinking a glass of water 15 minutes before eating.(1)

This is a simple home remedy for dizziness. Drinking water can be beneficial for health otherwise as well.

Avoid Long and Hot Showers

Taking a cold shower can be not very pleasant thing to go for, but there are various good reasons to take a cold shower.

Most of us love the hot steam bath. Heat dilates the blood vessels and leads to a drop in blood pressure. Low blood pressure is responsible for making one feel light-headed and dizzy.

But if cold water doesn’t suit you, go for water temperature closer to your body temperature. Also do not soak in for more than 10 minutes and make sure the water is warm and soothing not hot.

Drink Ginger Tea

Ginger is known for list numerous health benefits it serves the body with. One of them is giving relief from the symptoms of motion sickness which include nausea and dizziness.

The effect of ginger is shown within half an hour and lasts for up to four hours.

Vitamin C Rich Foods

Vitamin C rich foods are an excellent home remedy for dizziness.

A study found out that people suffering from vertigo and dizziness had fewer symptoms when they ate food rich in vitamin C.

Citrus foods such as sweet potatoes, strawberries, turnip greens, tomato, and broccoli are rich in vitamin C.

Whole Grains

Foods such as potatoes, white rice and those loaded with refined flour and sugar get digested in the body quickly, causing a drop in the blood sugar.(2)

To avoid dizziness caused by low blood sugar, replace these foods with slow-digesting, high in fiber foods such as beans and whole grains.

Meat with lean protein such as fish and chicken are also good choices.

Apple Cider Vinegar

As low blood sugar leads to dizziness, apple cider vinegar can help with it.

Numerous studies support that apple cider vinegar help control the blood sugar levels and control the dips and peaks that lead to dizziness.(3)

In a research, 2 groups of people were fed with a carb-rich meal. Half were given apple cider vinegar after the meal and half placebo drink. Those who took apple cider vinegar had lesser peaks and valleys in the blood sugar level than those given placebo drink.(4)


Massage can activate the body’s acupressure points and relaxes and self treats the body.

Anxiety accelerates dizzy spells. Relaxing activities promote a sense of calm and relieve the dizzy feeling.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is also known as a brain tonic. It has been used in traditional medicine to treat dizziness. It increases circulation and blood flow to the brain.

A study compared ginkgo biloba to betahistine, a common prescription given for vertigo, found that it was equally effective in curing vertigo syndrome and had lesser side effects.(5)

Stay Hydrated

Those battling with anxiety can find a solution to it by drinking water. Dehydration can also lead to dizziness due to the drop in blood pressure.

Increase the blood volume by simply staying hydrated.

Also remember, you need more water when you are sick, exercising and when it is hot outside.

Choose One Focal Point

When you find the room spinning, choose one focal point and concentrate on it. This will help normalize the blood pressure and reduce dizziness and vision disturbance associated.

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