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Facial Oils In Your Skin Care Regime: Are They Necessary Or Just Overhyped?

What are Facial Oils?

Any oil, which is manufactured for application on your face to tackle your skin issues and to improve the health of your facial skin, is known as facial oil.

Facial oils are worth all the attention they are getting and are a must include in your skin care regime!

Why this Sudden Rage of Facial Oils?

Facial oils are the hot topic today. Everyone including the dermats are recommending facial oils. However, for many of us, facial oils were never a thing in our skin care regime. Actually, the idea of using facial oils, where you rub oil on your face, feels like an irksome and unnecessary task to perform.

In fact, oil on the skin was discouraged and thought to make acne worse with many cosmetic products being produced as oil free. Many aestheticians cringed at the thought of the words ‘skin’ and ‘oil’ used together.

With changing times, our mindsets have also changed and we have come to learn some new things about facial oils. Facial oils are actually a dewy magic in a bottle and definitely worth all the hype! Everyone will do one better by including facial oils in their skin care regime. Facial oils will help all types of skin; be it oily, dry, sensitive, normal, combination or blemish-prone skin.

The tough thing to decide which facial oil is suitable for your skin. In this article we are discussing about 10 beneficial facial oils for beginners to add to their skin care regime.

How Do Facial Oils Benefit Your Skin?(1,2,3,4,5)

The main important benefit of facial oils is that they help in sealing the moisture in the skin, restoring the lipid barrier of the skin, providing nourishment to your skin, along with managing the production of sebum of your skin, such as concentration of regenerative and reparative fatty acids. Not only this, facial oils also form a protective film on the skin, sealing your serum, soothing the skin and smoothening the fine lines. Facial oil, which is a therapeutic-level, penetrates deep into the skin and supplies the skin with natural infusion of healthy elements, such as polyphenols, omega fatty acids and antioxidants and gives great results almost immediately.(5)

Who Can Use Facial Oils?

Anyone can use Facial Oils and they also are a great base for your makeup to sit on. You need only a few drops of facial oil and they absorb instantly leaving your skin dewy and hydrated.

Can People With Oily Skin Use Facial Oil?

A clean facial oil when used in skin care regime daily, benefits almost all the skin types. Oily skin type people should avoid oil on their skin is a MYTH. People with oily skin need to find the right oils for them, such as hazelnut oil and jojoba oil, as these oils help in regulating the production of sebum and make an oily skin look healthy instead of greasy, by balancing its sebum production. Facial oils help in locking moisture, which leaves your skin nourished and hydrated.

People suffering from acne can have decreased levels of linoleic acid, so inclusion of oils rich in omega-6 fatty acids, like black cumin seed oil, is beneficial for such skin type.(5)

Does Facial Oil Cause Acne?

Gone are those worries that facial oils will make your skin shiny, greasy and cause breakouts. These modern age facial oils will surprise you as they are full of beneficial properties for your skin and soak right in without a glaring shine or breakouts in the following days.

How to Find the Right Facial Oil for Your Skin Type?

However, the key to reap all the benefits of the facial oil is to find one which is suitable for your skin type and here is how to do that. Not all facial oils are made in the same manner. A good facial oil should be made from oils and ingredients that are certified organic cold- and fresh-pressed, unrefined and raw.

  • Oils having a beautiful hue to them with an earthy and fresh fragrance are often good indicators of their purity.
  • Chemically refined commercial oils do not have these features to them with decreased levels of enzymes, antioxidants and nutrients.
  • These ingredients are important for better skin health, such as hydration, clarity, and protecting the skin against pollution and aging.

What Are The Most Suitable Ingredients in Facial Oil For Different Skin Types?

Your choice of oil usually should depend on your skin type and skin concern. It is important to know your skin type before selecting your facial oil.(1)

Occlusive and rich oils are beneficial for dry skin and lighter oils are best suitable for people with oily skin.

If your skin is prone to blemishes and acne, then avoid comedogenic oils, such as soybean, coconut, flaxseed and palm oil. These occlusive oils are better for dry skin. Facial oils suitable for acne-prone and oily skin are oil-regulating and anti-inflammatory oils such as jojoba, hazelnut and perilla oil.(3)

Synthetic oils and mineral oils are a big no-no as these only just create an impression of nourished skin and do not benefit the skin on a cellular level whatsoever.

Before purchasing facial oil, check the label to see its ingredients and the benefits, which the oil claims of and see if it applies to your skin type. Always focus on the ingredients that work best for your skin type and you are good to go.

How to Incorporate Facial Oil in Your Skin Care Regime?

Facial oils no doubt are great for your skin, but anything new should be added with care to your skin care regime. The best way for a beginner to use facial oil is to do a patch test and start with using only a few drops of facial oil mixed in your regular moisturizer. This is a great way to incorporate a new step, such as facial oil, into your skin care regimen.

Facial Oils vs. Facial Serums: A Battle Where Both Win!

What is the difference between facial oils and serums and which one is better? This question is pondered by all and we will try to give you the answers. Both of them seem to be oily and concentrated and are packaged in glass bottles that are similar. The truth is there are a few similarities between a facial oil and serum; however, there is also an important difference.

Serums are often used for targeting specific skin issues, such as hyperpigmentation or fine lines. The molecular weight of serums is also usually lighter. Whereas facial oils deliver nutrition to your skin and help lock in the moisture and hydration. There also are hybrids of facial oil and a facial serum.

Serums can be thought of as booster products and shouldn’t be used as a replacement of a moisturizer. Serum provides a rapid dose of ingredients to remedy dull skin, fine lines and pigmentation along with protecting the skin from future damage.

When using a serum and facial oil in your skin care regime, always apply serum first and then apply facial oil to seal the serum on your skin and this will give you the complete benefits from its ingredients.

What Are The Effective Facial Oils Suitable For All Skin Types?

Some of the top 10 facial oils that are good for you are:

  1. Supernal Cosmic Glow Oil

    This oil has a silky texture and is loaded with vitamin C and the different omega acids (5). The formula of this facial oil is hand-blended and made in small batches using organic and natural ingredients. The smell of this facial oil extremely refreshing with earthy and herbal notes. This facial oil can be used on any skin type and is very hydrating in nature.

  2. Outer Being Face & Body Oil

    This facial oil is a cocktail of essential fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids with an earthy fragrance. The texture of this facial oil is, well, quite oily, but just a few drops smoothened onto your skin will leave your skin refreshed and hydrated. This is one facial oil, which will not disappoint you and is sure to make you fall in love with facial oils for the rest of your life!

  3. Beekman 1802 Golden Booster Amla Berry Vitamin C Serum

    This serum looks more like a facial oil, with a thicker consistency than a facial oil. The Golden Booster is packed with vitamin C procured from Indian Gooseberry. A research done in 2013 shows that Amla or Indian Gooseberry can promote the synthesis of collagen, which in turn has a firming effect on your skin.(6,7)

    You only need a few drops of this serum to nourish and hydrate your skin. This serum is especially beneficial for people with sensitive skin.


    LINNÉ is a brand which is very open with their ingredients and their benefits. The products from this brand are devoid of any carcinogens, fillers, synthetics and environmental toxins. Another great thing about this brand is that it is a botanical skin care line.

    The LINNÉ BALANCE Face Oil consists of essential oils and seed oils that are specifically chosen, as they are great in managing oil production, promote cellular regeneration, clear the pores and reduce any inflammation.

    The texture and color of this facial oil is light and it gets instantly absorbed into your skin. This oil has a clean, herbal aroma, which gives you a great fresh feeling after using it. Just a few drops are enough to hydrate your skin instantly.

  5. Freck Beauty LIL PRICK Cactus Seed Dry Serum

    This is a serum cum facial oil with potent ingredients like cactus seed, marula seed, apricot seed and raspberry seed oils. This facial oil cum serum gives a concentrated dose of fatty acids, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins to your parched skin. Not only this, according to this brand, this facial oil-serum also tones, tightens the facial skin. Call it facial oil or a serum; it works wonders for your skin.

  6. LINNÉ REPAIR Face Oil

    This is yet another great facial oil from this brand. Although it has an orangey color to it, once you massage it into your skin, it gets absorbed easily and leaves no orange tint; only healthy and glowing skin.

    The fragrance of LINNÉ’s oils is somewhat spicy and woodsy, which makes you feel rejuvenated. The ingredients present in this facial oil help with aging, by boosting the skin cell regeneration and also improves your complexion.

  7. Naked Poppy Revitalize Organic Facial Oil

    This facial oil consists of only six organic and certified ingredients, which are suitable for all skin types. The leading ingredient in this facial oil is rosehip seed oil, which is rich in vitamin A. The fragrance of this facial oil is earthy and it has an orange hue to it. It gets absorbed into the skin instantly, leaving your skin incredibly smooth and dewy.

  8. Lepaar Precious Face Elixir

    This facial oil is rich in nutrients and is suitable for all skin types. It boasts of an impressive ingredient list consisting of myrrh, raspberry seed oil, sea buckthorn oil, saffron with frankincense, papaya seed oil, and 24-karat gold!

    This is described as a resurrecting oil charged with nutrients, which is quite an apt name, as it leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and glowing after its application.

  9. Laurel Antioxidant Serum

    This is yet another serum, which has the texture and feel of facial oil; however, this product is technically termed as a hybrid serum, moisturizer and oil. Laurel antioxidant serum is bursting with potent ingredients consisting of 31 fresh and effective oils and whole plant extracts.(2,3) These extracts and oils are hand pressed and then infused with essential oils to give multiple benefits for your skin issues, such as tissue repair and barrier support.

    According to this brand, each and every ingredient helps in brightening the skin and restoring your youthful and radiant skin. A little goes a long way when it comes to this facial oil. It has a fresh green fragrance and a silky texture, which helps in repairing and resolving skin irritation and dryness issues.

  10. MARA Universal Face Oil

    MARA is yet another brand, which is a clean beauty company. This facial oil can be used by everyone. All the skin types, sensitive, dry, combination, blemish-prone and normal skin will reap benefits of this luxurious and potent facial oil.

    The ingredients in this facial oil are a blend of algae, phytonutrients, antioxidants, essential fatty acids along with super food plant oils, making this facial oil extra special.(2,3)

    The consistency of this facial oil is rich and smooth; and it just soaks into your skin leaving it baby soft.

Conclusion: Facial Oils: Hype Or Reality?

Facial oils are hyped for a good reason, as they are extremely beneficial to your skin. It is almost mandatory to include facial oil according to your skin type in your skin care regime. A good quality facial oil may be expensive, but remember a tiny amount goes a very long way and you won’t regret putting your money in a premium quality facial oil. Using cheap and synthetic facial oil is not only a waste of money, but they do nothing to your skin or can even harm your skin.

The actual secret to supple and glowing skin is the use of good facial oil at the end of your day and wake up every morning and see “I woke up like this” phrase becoming actually true for you with every passing day.


Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:August 2, 2021

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