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12 Skin Health Benefits of Baobab Oil

Many oils are known for their skin health benefits. One of those oils is Baobab oil. This oil is pressed from the seeds of the baobab tree. There are several skin health benefits of Baobab oil. To know about these benefits, you have to read further.

A Brief Note On Baobab Oil:

Baobab oil is a nutrient-rich oil having several health benefits. It is a plant-based moisturizer containing antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids(linoleic acid), and vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and vitamin K. The oil is ideal for use on your skin and hair. This is because of its smooth texture and lightweight that absorbs quickly and is not greasy.

Baobab trees have a tall and thick trunk that looks like it is upside down with its roots in the air. The Baobab tree is a fruit tree that grows in the Southern countries of Africa, like Kenya, Malawi, and Madagascar. The scientific name of this tree is Adansonia digitata.

Baobab oil contains omega-3 fatty acids and clinical research has shown that these fatty acids in the baobab oil have multiple health benefits for our skin.(1) They can moisturize, soften the skin, help in preventing water loss from the skin, improve the texture of the skin, improve skin elasticity, help to repair the skin barrier, help in reducing inflammation, and help in healing the skin faster.

Baobab oil might even help in treating eczema, heal the eczema rash, and many more to list.

12 Skin Health Benefits Of Baobab Oil:

It Supports A Healthy Skin Moisture Barrier:

The barrier of our skin is the outermost layer of the epidermis and this plays a crucial role in maintaining moisturized skin. When there is a healthy skin barrier, it locks in moisture, prevents the skin from drying out, and also keeps your skin smooth and soft. Over time, taking good care of the skin’s barrier will aid prevent aging and maintain healthy skin.

Though some skincare products harm the skin barrier, the oil from the seeds of baobab nourishes the barrier. Baobab oil has Vitamin E, which is an excellent moisturizing agent for your skin and it supports a healthy skin moisture barrier.

Baobab Oil Balances Skin Oil Productions:

People having low levels of linoleic acid in their skin are known to produce more oil on the skin surface. But, linoleic acid or the Omega-6 acid constituent of baobab oil helps in balancing the production of oil in your skin.

You need to have a mixture of 2 tbs of baobab oil and hemp seed oil for filling a 2 oz amber dropper bottle. You need to use just 2 drops of this oil mixture on your face to find benefits.

Baobab Oil Preserves Collagen:

Collagen protein is what provides your skin its elasticity and strength. The older we get, the slower is the production of collagen. So, you need to support your skin with a healthy diet and also a proper skincare. Baobab oil is loaded with antioxidants that, when used over your skin, help in preserving collagen and keeping your skin healthy, strong, and glowing.

Baobab Oil Reduces Stretch Marks:

You can also reduce your stretch marks using baobab oil. The vitamin content present in this oil helps in reducing stretch marks. It maintains the elasticity of your skin and stimulates the collagen production and this heals the stretch marks.

It Fights Acne:

If you have oily skin and suffer from acne issues, then you can use baobab oil. The oil is lightweight, it does not clog pores, and also moisturizes your skin for preventing the production of excess oil that causes acne. Moreover, the oil is gentle and won’t cause any skin irritation.

A clinical trial has found that baobab oil might help in improving acne in some people.(2) This is because the oil has a rich source of linoleic acid or a kind of omega-3 fatty acid that has got anti-inflammatory properties. So, the oil might help in reducing acne, skin redness, and irritation.

Baobab Oil Is Skin- Microbiome Friendly:

“Skin microbiome” is the term that refers to the community of bacteria living in the layers of your skin.

It has been revealed by recent studies that the skin microbiome is extremely important for healthy skin.(3) Baobab oil is pure, wildcrafted, and won’t interfere with the skin microbiome as the common skincare products do. So, this oil is great for any type of skin, like dry skin, oily skin, and sensitive skin.

It Soothes Irritation and Eczema:

Baobab oil has a rich source of omega fatty acids that help in fighting inflammation, and this makes the oil a great choice for inflamed and sensitive skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of this oil soothe irritation and can also help with several skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Benefits of Baobab Oil in Fighting Free Radicals:

Free radicals in the body can damage cells and result in aging by breaking down collagen. But, this damage can be prevented by certain molecules that neutralize free radicals, or the antioxidants. Baobab oil is full of antioxidants that help in protecting the skin from oxidative damage and help in preventing aging or reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

It Reduces Damage From UV Rays:

Baobab oil can also reduce damage from UV rays. This oil contains Vitamin E, known to be essential for reducing skin damage caused by the UV rays. Vitamin E absorbs the energy from UV light and helps in preventing UV-induced free radical damage to the skin.

Note: It strictly that baobab oil won’t replace the sunscreen lotions or creams, but, it will moisturize and also protect the skin simultaneously.

Baobab Oil Protects From Air Pollution:

Pollutants penetrate our skin’s barrier and result in free radicals to form. You cannot escape from air pollution completely, however, you can protect the skin by applying baobab oil and allow its free radical-fighting antioxidants to do the wonder.

It Heals Chapped Lips:

Baobab oil can also heal chapped lips. No one loves to have dry, cracked lips with skin flaking off. To get some relief from this condition, you can use baobab oil that acts as a rich lip balm. You need to apply 2 drops of the oil on your lips and keep them moisturized. This would help them heal, and also protect them from environmental aggressors.

Baobab Oil is Beneficial in Improving Scalp and Hair Health:

Much medical research has reported that using baobab oil as a treatment for your scalp might help in preventing or treating skin flaking and dandruff.(4) The high content of Omega-3 fatty acids in the oil is also known as beneficial for your hair and it strengthens weak and brittle hair.

Final Words:

Baobab oil has a lot of health benefits. The rich content of Omega-3 fatty acids of this oil makes it essential for the skin and also hair. Many commercial skin products contain Baobab oil in them. You can use pure baobab oil as a skin moisturizer or can use the oil for improving skin health.

NOTE: Make sure that you do a patch test first to ensure that the oil suits your skin.


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