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Managing Osteoporosis : Essential Self-Care Tips for Better Bone Health

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is the weakening of the bones making them more susceptible to fractures. Sometimes it progresses without any symptoms and it is diagnosed when the bone fractures. It can impact the quality of life and this disruption in lifestyle can lead to depression or long-term home care.

The symptoms of osteoporosis, if present, include :

  • Back Pain: A person with osteoporosis experiences a dull and sharp pain in the back and neck. This symptom can also be a sign of a fracture of the spine.
  • Loss of Height: There may be a loss of height due to the spinal fractures
  • Stooped Posture: Due to the fracture of the spine, a person may have a stooped posture.
  • Bone Fractures: Osteoporosis may make a bone prone to fractures, especially in the wrist, hip, and spine
  • Tooth Loss: Osteoporosis may also affect the bone of the jaw making it more prone to fractures and leading to tooth loss.

Anyone with osteoporosis should consult a healthcare professional to get diagnosed and get proper advice on the appropriate treatment. The treatment for osteoporosis includes medication, lifestyle changes and physical therapy.

Importance of Self-Care Tips for Osteoporosis

The various self-care techniques along with medications can help benefit mental health and cope with the challenges of daily living involved with osteoporosis.

Importance of Self-Care Tips for Osteoporosis

Self-care plays an important role in managing the symptoms and slowing down the progression of osteoporosis.(1)

It can be helpful in improving bone density, improving bone health, and reducing the risk of fractures.

Lifestyle factors such as smoking and having a sedentary life are the major risk factors for developing osteoporosis. If the condition is already present these factors can also worsen it.(2)

Managing Osteoporosis: Essential Self-Care Tips for Better Bone Health

The self-care tips that can be adopted by people with osteoporosis include:

  • Ways through which they can get the required nutrient
  • Cutting down on factors that can serve as risk factors
  • Ways through which the mobility of the joint can be improved
  • Ways to improve mental health
  1. Eating a Balanced Diet

    Eating a diet rich in vitamin D, calcium, and protein is necessary for bone health.

    If the diet lacks vitamin D and calcium the risk of osteoporosis may increase.(3) Following are the food item that can be consumed to keep up bone health:

    • Foods rich in vitamin D including fatty fish, beef liver, yogurt, milk products, and some breakfast cereals.
    • Foods rich in calcium including cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products.
    • Eating green leafy vegetables that are good sources of vitamin K and egg yolk, dairy, meat, and fermented soy which is a good source of vitamin K2.
    • Protein-containing foods such as nuts and seeds.

    Excess salt in the diet should be avoided as it may increase calcium excretion.(4) Reducing caffeine intake can also be a good self-care technique for osteoporosis.

    Maintaining moderate weight is important for bone health as it may reduce the risk of fractures and bone loss.(5)

  2. Supplement Intake

    If the foods consumed in the diet do not complete the vitamin and calcium intake, supplements can be taken.

    Having an adequate amount of calcium and vitamin D in the diet reduces the risk of the progression of osteoporosis.(5)

  3. Exercises

    Exercise can be helpful in strengthening the muscles and making movements easier and reducing the risk of falls.

    It helps in giving strength to the bones and preventing bone loss. Yoga and Tai chi do not impact the bones much and are seen to be more helpful.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention exercising 150 minutes per week including 2 or 3 days of muscle-strengthening activities are a good workout for an adult.(6)

    Weight-bearing exercise can also be helpful but in people with advanced osteoporosis, the bone may not be able to bear the heavyweights.

    While exercising a person should also make sure that there is no risk of falls.

  4. Mental Health

    Osteoporosis affects bone health which in turn affects the activities of daily living. This can also affect a person’s mental health.

    Physical activity improves bone health and can also protect a person’s mental health.(7) If a person is not able to improve mental health with exercise and lifestyle modification, help from a psychotherapist should be taken.

  5. Fall Prevention

    Falls can be a common cause of fractures in people with osteoporosis. To prevent the chances of falls, one should make sure to prevent tripping hazards at home, wear shoes with good friction, and use assistive devices including a crane and walker.


Osteoporosis is a medical condition that is characterized by weakened bones and susceptible fractures. Self-care can be an important aspect of managing the symptoms of osteoporosis. It can help improve bone health, reduce the risk of fracture, and alleviate the symptoms.

It should be noted that the self-care adjustment methods should be done under the guidance of a healthcare professional as he can provide the correct path towards healthy bones.

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