How Does Physical Activity Affect Your Sleep Quality?

Your daily activities affect the sleep quality a lot. You might have often heard that it is a good bedtime schedule everyday, which helps you to have a sound sleep. But it’s no wonder that every activity that you do from the minute you wake up till you go to bed affects this factor a lot. Paying a great attention on everything you do in the hectic schedule of a day helps you a lot having a sound sleep.

If your sleep hinders at night, then you would think if anything had gone wrong the last evening and try to correct it for which the only motive could be the urge to have a good quality sleep. Sometimes you might be thinking if anything is to be changed to get a good sleep be it the time you go to bed or something that must be replaced like pillow or temperature of your room. And finally end up looking for answers in all the places leaving the motives unchanged.

In order to have a good sleep during night, things should be done in correct way till you go to bed from the minute you wake up. Go through the following tips in order to learn about what you should do to improve your sleep quality. Implementing these tips will definitely help you in having an active morning time and an energetic day later.

How Does Physical Activity Affect Your Sleep Quality?

How Does Physical Activity Affect Your Sleep Quality?

The do’s and don’ts throughout a day to improve your sleep quality:

Things Required To Be Done Throughout A Day:

Morning – 7 am to 12 pm:

Wake Up Early at The Same Time Every Day. It Will Help in Building Sleep Patterns:

Usually our bodies thrive for the consistency and rhythm. If a regular wake up time is maintained, circadian rhythm of the body can be maintained, which helps in balancing hormones and metabolism. The body prepares to wake up around one to two hours before doing so, thus waking up at consistent time every day will be very easy and less stressful on the rhythms.

Regular practice of getting up at the same time each day helps you to get a better sleep, as it builds a strong desire to sleep at night. If you practice this regularly for one to two weeks, then a perfect rhythm and an effective sleep cycle will be created.

Never Skip Your Breakfast. Your Brain Will Be Calmed:

A day should be begun with fueling your body to have an active and energetic day and also it is no wonder that it will also affect your sleep cycle. So, it is better not to skip your breakfast.

Having breakfast keeps a few parts of the brain calm which are linked to nature of preserving energy, fending off the predators. So, by eating in the morning, the brain is assured with good supply of food helping it remain relaxed and calm which eventually leads to improve your sleep quality.

Avoid The Snooze Button as Your Brain Will is Confused By This:

Consistency should be maintained in sleep patterns and to maintain this, never give a chance to snooze button because it will definitely ruin the sleeping cycle as it confuses your brain. In fact keeping an alarm to wake you up proved to be not that good idea. Because, usually our bodies start to prepare in order to wake at regular time before an hour, and by using an alarm, it will be disturbed. In this phase, hormones like cortisol and adrenaline are released, which helps in getting into a lighter sleep and also prepares to wake up.

Snooze button is always a disadvantage; it might make you feel relaxed just because you get some extra time to sleep than it is usually needed, but that is really a poor quality sleep. If you are really in need of an alarm, just set it for the last minute that you usually wake up, so there will not be any necessity of snooze button.

Afternoon- 12 PM to 6 PM

A Short Nap Is Always An Advantage But More of It Will Definitely Ruin Your Sleeping Cycle:

After taking a nap, your mind gets relaxed and refreshed but if you spend more than twenty minutes for it, there is a chance that you may slip into sleep. Usually our brains are tuned in such a way that if we don’t stop with a short nap, it will be difficult for us to wake up quickly once we fall asleep. So, if you take a nap for more time, then you will wake up very dazed.

So make sure that you don’t spend over 20 minutes because this will make it difficult for you to go to bed at regular time and your entire sleeping pattern will be disturbed. Tune your brain for twenty minutes or set a timer (for few days) for twenty minutes so that you feel active and refreshed once you wake up from a short nap.

Try Taking Foods Which Are Rich In Complex Carbohydrates And Protein Which Doesn’t Let You Feel Like Taking A Nap:

Diet is one of the most important factors which affect the quality of your sleep but most of the people fail to recognize this thing and does not take needed care during lunch and taking snacks in a day.

Longer time is required for the digestion of food items rich in complex carbohydrates and protein and it also leads to a gradual increase of sugar lever in the body which makes us feel less sleepy whereas foods rich in simple carbohydrates increases sugar levels suddenly. So protein and complex carbohydrates rich food reduce the urge to sleep after lunch. Usually, some people find it difficult to hit the bed early in the night just because of a short nap, if this nap is also avoided by taking care of food consumed, sleep patterns will never get disrupted.

Get Your Master Clock Synchronized By Exposing Yourself To Natural Light:

The natural light you absorb is also one of the essential factors, which plays a considerable part in your sleep cycles. Once the master clock is synchronized, it will be easy for our body to get into sleep cycles effectively. It is a very important part of the circadian rhythm which regulates daily cycles in your body.

So, make sure that you expose yourself to outside light for half an hour to one hour a day during midday.

Avoid Mid-Day Coffee, Longer Than Assumed Is Taken To Wear Off:

One can easily reach out to a coffee for a pick-me-up during the midday. If you get habituated to a well-established sleep cycle you would no more require a coffee.

A cup of coffee during the midday is always troublesome. Just to wear off fifty percent of caffeine, it takes three to five hours, which means that the rest will still be in the body for some more time. So you can now make a note of how the caffeine can affect you sleeping patterns even if you take it in the afternoon. Hence, restrict your coffee only to the morning.

Heavy or Light Meal Is Always Troublesome. It Makes You Eat More Or Less Than Required During Night:

Quantity of food you take during lunch always affects your sleep cycle. Crucial thing to be done to get a better night’s sleep is to regulate your eating habits. Too little or too heavy midday meal has more chances of creating an urge to take more or less food during supper. So, the body won’t get sufficient time to digest the food if you overeat, which leads you spend the whole night be awake or struggling to get a better night’s sleep.

At the same time, because of too much consumption during lunch, it might be tough for you to restrain from taking a short nap, which will suppress your desire to sleep in the night.

Evening – 6 Pm To 12 Am

Exercise Is Always Beneficial And Never Affects Sleep Pattern:

Exercising during day will always help in refreshing yourself, but you might have often heard anything rigorous be it an exercise or a long run in the evening makes it difficult for you to fall asleep during the night at regular bedtime. After all, the body temperature and heart beat increases after exercise where adrenaline does not required to be mentioned.

Moreover, usually this is found to have shown no effect on the capacity to fall asleep quickly. In fact exercising any time during a day helps you in getting a sound sleep during night. So, never refrain from doing some exercise in the evening or going for a run because of this reason.

A Fixed Bedtime Helps You to Improve Your Sleep Quality:

Hitting the bed at a regular and fixed time shows as much effect as shown by Getting up at a fixed time. It helps you in building up an effective sleep cycle. It was proved in several researches that students who hit the bed and wake up at a fixed time regularly are more healthy and successful than the other type.

You Have Learnt That Your Brain Loves Consistency. Build Up Your Own Sleeping Cycle And Get Habituated To It:

Creating a sleeping cycle helps your mind get tuned and to be prepared to sleep and wake up at fixed timings. Meditation and habit of reading are found to be the best ways of creating a perfect sleep cycle and get a better quality sleep. You will be less stressful and active with regular practice of this and your brain is also fond of consistency. So, give it preference and keep practicing.

Maintain Some Reachable Distance From Your Alarm So That You Get Relieved From Pressure:

When you constantly keep checking the time sleeping on the bed, it may cause a little anxiety. Also the light beaming from LED prevents melatonin production which is required to take you to dreamland. So, try to keep distance from the clock.

Keep Gadgets Away Half An Hour Before Going To Bed:

The blue light form gadgets like tablets and smartphones creates a disturbance when it falls on eyes before you go to sleep. Because of this, the melatonin is suppressed and the brain is kept woke up as it absorbs information when you check E-mails or visit social media sites. So, late night chats, emails, spending time on any social media can make your brain active in the middle of the night and you may wake up so it is better to keep the gadgets away away.

Do Not Consume Edibles like Chocolate and Ice Cream that Are Rich in Caffeine

To avoid caffeine containing items before going to bed is a good habit, but one may get surprised to know that various food items we consume contains this stimulant more than we think.

Some products like energy drinks, chocolate, ice cream and some pain killers contain caffeine which keeps you awake. So, whenever you take any item before bed, please be assured that you check the labels on it so it doesn’t hinder your sleep.

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