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How Long Does Brain Aneurysm Surgery Take?

The duration of brain aneurysm surgery depends on the type of surgery to be done along with the extent to which the blood vessel in the brain is damaged. On an average a typical brain aneurysm surgery may take around one to two hours. The patient may have to stay in the hospital for few days after the surgery.

What Does The Procedure Of Brain Aneurysm Surgery Involve?

The process of brain aneurysm surgery can be done in a number of ways. The surgery aims to rectify the faulty blood vessel in the brain. The type of brain aneurysm surgery usually depends on how small or big the aneurysm is. It also depends on the shape as well as the location of the aneurysm so formed. The two main forms of the surgery involve-

Clipping Surgery- One of the common procedures of brain aneurysm surgery is clipping. In this the surgeon makes a small cut on the patient’s scalp in order to make a hole in the skull. Following this a metal clip is placed at the root of the aneurysm so formed. This method of clipping thus prevents the blood vessel from rupturing. Finally, all the incision points are stitched.

Endovascular Repair: Another prominent method of brain aneurysm surgery is the endovascular repair. In this particular procedure a wire is inserted in the artery of the patient’s groin. This wire is guided to the area of aneurysm through the artery straight to the brain. This wire is followed by a thin tube called catheter. Thin metal wires travel through this catheter to the aneurysm where they coil and become even smaller to start the process of blood clotting. In this way the coil stops the rupturing of the aneurysm in the brain.

How Long Does Brain Aneurysm Surgery Take?

What to Remember Before Undergoing A Brain Aneurysm Surgery?

It is important to know that for most of the time, a brain aneurysm surgery is done when there is a medical emergency and thus the patient may not get enough time to prepare for a surgery. In case the doctor asks the patient to go for the surgery by suspecting it to be a potential case of emergency, the following important things should be remembered by the patient and his caregiver-

  • The doctor should be informed about the existing medicines you are taking.
  • The patient should not drink or eat anything for at least eight hours prior the surgery.
  • The patient should quit smoking immediately as soon as possible after the diagnosis and prior the surgery.
  • The patient should take the prescribed medication timely. In case the doctor asks the patient to stop taking any prior medications, he should do so.

What are the Risks of Undergoing a Brain Aneurysm Surgery?

A brain aneurysm surgery is a form of brain surgery and carries a considerable amount of risk. They may include-

  • Internal swelling of brain.
  • There is a risk of infection to occur in the brain.
  • The patient may be susceptible to seizures or even stroke.
  • There can be speech or vision problems
  • The patient may experience confusion which may affect his behavior because of neurological injury.
  • The surgery may affect the memory and other cognitive functions of the surgery.

It is important to talk to the doctor about the preparations to be taken before the brain aneurysm surgery. Once the patient is discharged, he may be asked to come for follow ups to ensure that there are no further concerns to worry about.


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