Can Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Be Reversed?

Can Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Be Reversed?

One of the highly curable cancers is lymphoma and over the years, the number of people surviving of cancer has been significantly improving. The first course of treatment is chemotherapy which involves anti-cancerous drugs, which kills the malignancies present in the body. Chemotherapy can be paired with radiography, for effective results. Hodgkin’s lymphoma can also be reversed using stem cell transplant or clinical trials, which are introduced to cure the cancer. However, these treatments have a number of significant side effects. As a protective measure, one may require extensive care during and after treatment for protection against other infections.

Treatments Aimed At Curing Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Treatment administered to Hodgkin’s lymphoma patients is rather personalized as it is determined by the spread of the cancer. That is, depending on the stage of cancer, affected organs and the location of the malignancies. In the early stages of HL, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are not as intensive as in the treatment of the advanced stages of HL. The treatment can be given in 4-5 cycles during the early stages while during the advanced stages, the treatment can last between 6-8 cycles.

Radiation therapy is more of a target kind of treatment whereby the strong x-rays used in killing the cancerous cells is aimed at the malignancies. For total reversal of Hodgkin’s lymphoma, viable treatment options can be combined to achieve better results. For example, clinical trials can be combined with both radiation therapy and chemotherapy to cure the cancer within a short period. In most of this clinical trials, the aim is to control the adverse effects which are imminent with both chemotherapy and radiography. So, in the long run, a HL patient is cured of the cancer and they experience fewer complications from the treatment.

Possible Effects of Hodgkin’s Treatment

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy have several side effects which include; tiredness, vomiting, nausea, hair thinning or hair loss, and low blood cell counts. Hodgkin lymphoma survivors are also subject to more serious complications such as increased risk of infections, developing secondary malignancies, pulmonary conditions, infertility, chronic fatigue, and cardiovascular diseases. So, after treatment of Hodgkin’s lymphoma is complete, a patient would still need regular checkups to ensure they remain healthy and get treatment for any complications they may be experiencing. Needless say, the oncologist needs to evaluate that their lymphomas are completely gone and the cancer isn’t relapsing.

How Else Can Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Be Reversed?

While some patients go for clinical interventions to reverse Hodgkin’s lymphoma, others choose a different path of changing their lifestyle. A change of diet and lifestyle and good nutrition can go a long way in reversing HL. Well, since chemotherapy and radiation therapy have a toll on your body in general and affects your immune capability, your body needs nourishment and strength to withstand treatment. So, you can either adopt a nutritious path to help you through medical treatment or stay clear of the treatments and fully focus on what you feed your body. One of the effective diets to turn to if you have Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a plant-based diet and take organic juices as well to improve your well-being and cancer as well. Good nutrition helps clean your body and not to mention, a healthier and happier way of taking care of your body health.


Hodgkin’s lymphoma can be reversed significantly through chemotherapy, radiation and targeted clinical trials. However, radiation and chemotherapy have a number of adverse effects on the body which can impair your health even after the cancer has been cured. So, as a way of curbing these side effects, clinical trials have been developed for different patients to ease the effects of chemotherapy and radiation while still killing the cancerous cells nonetheless. Hodgkin’s lymphoma can also be managed through a change of diet and lifestyle. It requires knowing what foods to avoid and what foods to include in your diet. A plant-based diet combined with juicing therapy has been an effective way of curing Hodgkin’s lymphoma. However, for efficiency, you should visit a holistic nutritionist to give you a way forward and what you should or shouldn’t avoid.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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