How To Cope With Mitral Valve Regurgitation?

Mitral valve regurgitation is a disease that is caused when the mitral valve in your heart cannot function properly and there is a reverse flow of blood in your heart.

How To Cope With Mitral Valve Regurgitation?

How To Cope With Mitral Valve Regurgitation?

Mitral valve regurgitation cannot be treated with medications. However, medicines can help in reducing the symptoms of your condition and preventing any further complications. When medicines do not suffice, there may be a need for surgery. The valve may be repaired or replaced with a new one. Whatever the situation may be, there are ways to cope with your problem of mitral valve regurgitation-

Timely medication-

  • You should take all medicines prescribed by your doctor and in a timely manner to better cope with mitral valve regurgitation
  • Avoid missing pills and do not undermine the necessity of medication when it comes to your health

Family support-

  • Family support is very important for coping with mitral valve regurgitation. Getting support of your loved ones, your friends and those who care for you, is of utmost importance
  • You can share and discuss your concerns with those who are close to you
  • You may also seek support from various support groups, that have other people suffering from the same condition as members
  • Talking about similar concerns may ease your mind and give you answers to your questions

Actively participate in everything-

  • Having mitral valve regurgitation does not mean that you should restrict your physical activity
  • If your condition is not severe, you can certainly include some mild to moderate physical exercises in your daily routine
  • It is also a good idea to pursue your hobbies and interests
  • Pursuing a hobby or an activity of your choice will certainly give you a mental boosting and it will make you mentally and emotionally strong
  • You may meet new people and it will help you in coping up with stress
  • Include yoga and meditation under proper guidance in your daily physical activity routine
  • It will help you focus better and will give you a holistic approach for healing mitral valve regurgitation

Visit your doctor-

  • Make regular visits with your doctor for better coping with mitral valve regurgitation
  • Though you may not be suffering from severe symptoms, you must always keep in mind that symptoms can start suddenly, and they can worsen suddenly as well
  • Hence, it is in your best interests to get yourself checked and monitored regularly
  • Your doctor can tell you how frequently you need to visit him, depending upon your condition
  • You can try to make certain lifestyle changes to your daily routine. These changes may help you in healing faster and may also help in improving the prognosis of your condition.
  • Eat a diet that is heart healthy
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and greens too
  • Include good protein like lean meat, fish, nuts and seeds
  • Limit your intake of sugar, salt and refined foods and grains
  • Cut down on trans fats and saturated fats
  • Stop the consumption of tobacco in any form
  • Quit smoking and substance abuse
  • Quit alcohol or at least cut down on daily intake. Too much alcohol can make your heart weak and lead to a condition known as cardiomyopathy. It can also cause dangerous arrhythmias in your heart
  • Take your prescribed medicines regularly
  • Visit your doctor and get yourself evaluated on a regular basis. Even if you do not experience any symptoms, it is recommended to do a regular follow up, so that any complications can be detected early and the doctor can track the progress of your condition.

Suffering from a heart disease and especially, mitral valve regurgitation can be quite overwhelming to take in and it is quite natural for you to feel apprehension and uncertainty. However, it does not mean that you need to compromise on your daily routine or your physical activities. You can actively participate in everything that you want to do, with proper guidance of your doctor. Getting all the support that you can will help you in coping better with mitral valve regurgitation.

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