Is Alcohol Bad For Mitral Valve Prolapse?

Mitral valve prolapse is a medical condition which is characterized by the inward bulging of two leaflets of the mitral valve in the left atrium. This causes improper opening and closing of the mitral valve leading backflow of blood from left ventricle to left atrium. It does not represent symptoms in most cases. Its symptoms include chest pain, discomfort, abnormal heartbeats, breathing problems and many more. It can be managed easily with medicines, lifestyle modifications, and other treatment options. Alcohol is recognized as bad in mitral valve prolapse.

Is Alcohol Bad For Mitral Valve Prolapse?

Is Alcohol Bad For Mitral Valve Prolapse?

What is the impact of alcohol on mitral valve prolapse? Research studies state that alcohol consumption has negative impact on the heart. Alcohol is really bad for mitral valve prolapse. The normal function of the heart depends on pacemakers that regulate the pumping of blood at a constant speed. Alcohol disturbs this process and influences the heartbeat making them abnormal, rapid and irregular. It causes arrhythmias.

High alcohol consumption and alcohol based drinks affect the health of heart. It leads to alcoholic cardiomyopathy. In this condition, alcohol causes dilatation of the heart and damage of the heart muscle that affects the heart function. This results in dilation of the heart thereby developing a leaky heart valve. This may lead to mitral valve regurgitation. It can impose serious and life-threatening health complication. Thus, alcohol is considered main food that must be avoided in mitral valve prolapse.

Mitral valve is situated in between left atrium and left ventricle. It opens to allow the flow of blood from left atrium to left ventricle and then close to regulate backflow of blood. Mitral valve prolapse is a condition in which mitral valve is too loose and too flabby. It is also called click-murmur syndrome or floppy valve syndrome or Barlow’s syndrome. In this condition, the mitral valve doesn’t close firmly. It may close with slight leakage of some blood with a faint sound which is known as a heart murmur.

Mitral valve prolapse affects 2 to 4% population. It affects females more than males. It is inherited in families generation to generation in most cases. It is more commonly seen in patients with connective tissue disorders such as Marfan syndrome. It is not dangerous in most cases. Many patients of mitral valve prolapse do not know that they have the condition as it does not cause relevant symptoms in many cases.

Symptoms Of Mitral Valve Prolapse

Most cases of mitral valve prolapse do not show any symptom. Most people do not know that they have mitral valve prolapse. The condition is diagnosed accidentally in them when tests are done for some other reasons. The symptoms in mitral valve prolapse are fainting, breathing problems, fatigue, lack of stamina, chest pain and palpitations in the heart.

Mitral valve prolapse may complicate over the time due to the weakness of leaflets of the mitral valve. The blood may flow back into the left atrium from the left ventricle. This condition is called mitral regurgitation. However, this condition is rare.

Mitral valve prolapse can sometimes cause infection in the heart. This condition is called endocarditis. The risk of infection increases when any procedure like tooth extraction is performed. Physicians prefer to prescribe antibiotics before such procedures in patients of mitral valve procedure.

Causes Of Mitral Valve Prolapse

In most cases, the mitral valve prolapse is present since birth. In such cases, congenital defects are present in the mitral valve or in their leaflets. Such patients usually have family history of mitral valve prolapse. This condition is more common in patients with Marfan syndrome. Damage to the heart vessels may also lead to the prolapse of the mitral valve


Mitral valve prolapse happens when the mitral valve is too loose to open or close during every heartbeat. Many studies reveal that consumption of alcohol may interfere with the heart functions in patients of mitral valve prolapse. Alcohol is bad for the patients of mitral valve prolapse.

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