Can You Have Symptoms of a Heart Attack for Days?

Not all individuals who have heart attacks have similar manifestations or have a similar seriousness of side effects. A few people may have mellow torment; others have more extreme pain. A few people have no signs at all, while for others, the main sign might lead to cardiac arrest. In any case, the more signs and indications you have, the more probability you have of suffering a heart attack.

Many nerves all through the heart and the gastrointestinal track send a similar signal to the mind, chest pain. In the case of the heart and stomach, you cannot tell promptly where the issue is. Wounds to the heart, pancreas, lungs, throat, or stomach may all lead to comparable pain that appears to start from the chest.

So, presently the question is if you are showing symptoms of heart attack, to what extent does the chest pain last? Would it be able to go on throughout the month or a day or for few minutes?

Can You Have Symptoms of a Heart Attack for Days?

Can You Have Symptoms of a Heart Attack for Days?

It is possible to notice unobtrusive heart attack symptoms months before an actual attack. But for an obtrusive heart attack the symptoms appear very quickly. The duration of heart attack also varies. One minute they are alive and standing. The following minute they grip their chest with a sickening dread, and in around 10 seconds that they may drop dead, never to rise up again.

A heart attack ordinarily causes serious pain which might be so awful that a person suddenly falls. Additionally, passing is regularly caused by ventricular fibrillation where the heart quits pumping totally. Within 20–30 seconds that would cause the collapse. In 3–5 minutes death can be irreversible. On the contrary, the signs of minor heart attack can remain for the little duration. A major heart attack where the heart ‘stops’ is very improbable to survive. Only the few will be fortunate to have received quick successful CPR with somebody who can utilize it. As well as quick transport to the hospital.

As indicated by specialists, heart attack manifestations do not look always as shown on the TV. They can be a more unobtrusive and in some cases start with caution pains in the chest or different other signs for days or even weeks before the actual attack. Actually, individuals can see unobtrusive heart attack symptoms months before a heart attack really occurs. You should consult a specialist in case you have already identified the symptoms of chest pain, or go to the ER if vital.

So, in case you are showing at least a bit of sign of heart attack, the extreme pain goes on for around 15-20 minutes and afterward can wait for quite a while. For a few people, indications can happen months or much longer.

For females, early symptoms of a heart attack mostly surface a month ahead of time. Comprehending what to search for can keep cardiac arrest at bay. Doctors too sometimes miss the signs and manifestations of coronary illness in women since they vary in relation to men’s signs. Thus, you have to arm yourself with the right data to ensure you can perceive and depict the symptoms of a heart attack you feel.

Thinking back, individuals who have suffered the heart attack acknowledge that they started to encounter certain symptoms in the months prior to the attack.

The early signs of heart attack include:

  • Quick heart beats or unpredictable pulse
  • Pain in the shoulder, arm, jaw or neck
  • Stomachache, nausea, and indigestion
  • Dizziness, weakness or a feeling of being not able to take a deep breath
  • Irregular and increased sweating
  • Sleeping disorder and anxiety.

In case that you have any of the potential symptoms of a heart attack, do not disregard them. If they continue and appear to be strange, call your specialist to talk through your worries.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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