Pimple on Nipple: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Home Remedies

About Pimple on Nipple

The occurrence of pimples is common. Usually, pimples are common on face but they can occur in any part of the body even nipple. Pimples are normally not a major threat but with the increasing number of cases of breast cancer, pimple on nipple can be worrying. However, there is no direct connection between the occurrence of pimple on nipple and breast cancer.

In most cases of pimple on nipple, women are not very comfortable talking about it with their friends or even doctor. They wait for the pimple to disappear by itself. Usually, it does not require any special treatment but sometimes it can catch infection. Some people also struggle to differentiate between pimple on nipple and glands of Montgomery. These glands are present in nearly the same location around nipple called areola and thus it can be sometimes confusing.

Pimple on Nipple

Causes of Pimple on Nipple

Clogging of Montgomery Glands

This is one of the most common reasons for the occurrence of pimple on nipple. The lubricating substance is first transported and stored into globules and ducts under the nipples. Sometimes, the glands can become clogged, preventing the normal transportation of lubricating substance resulting into pimple on nipple.

Blockage of Hair Follicles

Blockage of hair follicles can cause pimple on nipple. Each hair that is present on our body is associated with hair follicle. Sometimes, the hair follicles present on the nipple can get blocked due to oil or dirt. It can also occur due to dead cells around the hair follicles. Blockage of hair follicles is also responsible for pimple on nipple.

Fungal Infection also Causes Pimple on Nipple

Moisture around the nipple increases the chances of fungal infections and can cause pimples. The moisture occurs due to the regular secretion of the lubricating fluids by the underlying glands. Also, the nipples are always covered by the cloth and thus sweat deposition is common. Yeast infection is the most common types of fungal infection that affects nipple.


Unhygienic living conditions can increase the risk of developing pimple on nipple. Lack of proper cleaning of the area around pimples promotes the germ attack and increases the chances of nipples.

Inappropriate Clothing

Poor quality clothing may also cause pimple on nipple. Proper choice of clothing material is important to avoid pimple on nipple. Cotton prevents deposition of sweat by absorbing it and allowing it to evaporate. On the other hand, synthetic or nylon clothes allow deposition of sweat and promote the growth of pimples.

Improper Undergarment Size

Another cause can be improper size of undergarments. Tight undergarments are also increases the risk of pimple on nipple by disrupting the normal flow of blood. They can also lead to clogging of Montgomery glands by preventing the normal flow of sections to the nipple.

Symptoms of Pimple on Nipple

The obvious symptom is that pimples are present on the nipple region. The nipples are actually present on top of the areole and thus they help in holding them in place. Montgomery glands are present under the nipples. They are responsible for secreting the lubricating substance from the nipples that keeps them moist especially during breast feeding. The number of Montgomery glands varies from 5 to 20. In case of small girls, the number is close to minimum but is increases as they reach puberty. These glands are most active during the breast feeding stage to keep the nipples moist and well lubricated. Thus, the chance of pimple on nipple is higher in case of mature girls who have attained puberty and also in case of breast feeding mothers.

Diagnosis of Pimple on Nipple

Physical examination may be conducted by the doctor to find out the cause of the pimples. Once the root cause is found then it will be easy for the doctor to go for appropriate treatment method.

Treatment of Pimple on Nipple

There can be various reasons for the occurrence of pimple on nipple. Thus, it is important to identify the cause of the pimple before selecting the best treatment option. Pimples can be prevented by adopting the following measures:

  • Cleaning the area around the nipples properly and regularly. It is best to use some mild cleansing agent along with water to get rid of germs and dirt.
  • If the montgomery glands get clogged due to deposition of milk or other secretion, you can use a clean the nipples with help of a wet cloth. Before rubbing the area, soak it in warm water to make it soft.
  • You can also buy a good acne removing cream and use it over the nipples to treat any occurrence of acne. The cream must be either calendula-based or chamomile-based.
  • Breast feeding mothers are recommended to apply purified hypoallergenic lanolin on nipples after feeding the child. It is very helpful in preventing the occurrence of pimple on nipple.
  • If the pimple on nipple does not get better or become severe, consult your doctor immediately for proper treatment as they can prescribe ointments and medicines.

Home Remedies for Pimple on Nipple

The following are some of the home remedies for pimple on nipple:

  • Cleaning the nipples regularly with warm water is an effective home remedy to get rid of pimple on nipple.
  • Consuming more probiotic foods can help in treating pimple on nipple.
  • Apply cucumber on the nipples 3 times a day can also be a useful home remedy for pimple on nipple.
  • Also you can use pure lemon water to apply on nipples.
  • Alternatively, ginger paste can also be used to treat pimple on nipple.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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