Pimples Vs Zits: Differences Worth Knowing

There are various forms of acne. Pimples and Zits are two different forms of acne. In this current article we will take a note on some of the basic differences between pimples and Zits; where we will talk about the causes, symptoms and treatments for the two different forms of acne.

Pimples Vs Zits

Pimples Vs Zits: Differences in their Appearances!

Pimples appear like raised pustules. They may appear red in color at times.

However, zits appear raised and also pus filled.

Pimples Vs Zits: Differences in their Causes!

Pimples are commonly caused by the blocked skin pores which are caused by hormonal changes undergone by teenagers, leading to excessive secretion of the melanin pigment.

However, Zits are caused by clogged oil and melanin glands present in the skin. Stress and build-up of toxins in the body generally cause zits. Apart from this, fatty foods, fried foods etc may also cause zits. Poor quality cosmetic products, hormonal imbalances and hereditary disorders during pre-menstrual phase and puberty may be some other reasons of the occurrence of zits.

Pimples Vs Zits: Differences Based on Their Treatments!

There are minor differences in the treatments for pimples and zits.

Pimples usually go away in few days and may not require treatments. However, treating them with Bezoyl peroxide cream available in the chemist store can be a better option.

Zits also fade away naturally in few days. However you can require cortisol or salicylic acid for treating severe zits.

Pimples Vs Zits: Differences in the Means of Prevention!

It must be noted that pimples and zits or any other forms of acne cannot be prevented completely. However, you can reduce their occurrence by using soap-free cleanser or astringent, oil-free moisturizer and yogurt face mask.

As diet can also impact the appearance of pimples and zits, take foods which are rich in antioxidants, like, berries.

Pimples Vs Zits: Other Differences Worth Knowing!

  • Pimple occurs particularly in teenagers. However, Zits can occur in people of all age groups
  • Pimple mostly appears on the facial skin. However, Zits do not necessarily appear on the facial skin alone.
  • Pimples are not necessarily infectious all the time. But, Zits are infectious and can worsen if popped.
  • Pimples may not be painful. However, Zits are possibly painful.


So, above we talked about the differences between the two forms of acne, namely pimples and zits. It is essential for you to look for natural ways to treat these pimples and zits, and allow them to fade on their own. However consult with a skin specialist and know the best treatments for acne and keep your skin healthy, free of pimples or zits and glowing.

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