How Do Anticoagulants & Compression Stockings Help Get Rid of Blood Clot?

How Do You Get Rid of a Blood Clot?

The treatments of blood clots are varied. They range from anticoagulant medications to surgical removal of the clots. The best method suitable for a patient depends on the amount of blood clots present and the intensity of damage so caused.

How Do Anticoagulants Help Get Rid of Blood Clots?

How Do Anticoagulants Help Get Rid of Blood Clots?

Anticoagulants are basically blood thinners which prevent blood clotting and also help in breaking the existing blood clots so present. It is the most common form of treatment for blood clots. Some of the most widely used blood thinners include Heparin, Warfarin, Apixaban and so on.

Heparin: One of the common anticoagulant or blood thinner includes heparin. The doctor in the hospital may inject heparin into the vein of the patient directly at first. The patient then may have to take shots of the drug at home once or twice daily as directed by the doctor. Before the heparin in injected through IV, the patient will have to undergo blood tests. The patient then does not need further blood tests if he is taking shots of low molecular weight heparin under the skin.

Warfarin: Another common blood thinner the doctors are seen to prescribe is Warfarin. It comes in form of a pill which needs to be taken once a day. Warfarin can be taken even when the patient is still on heparin. The dose may extend for three to six months according to what the doctor may feel right. While the patient is on Warfarin, he needs to undergo regular blood tests as advised by the doctor to make sure that the right amount of the anticoagulant enters in his system. This is because too little of Warfarin will not help in preventing clots while too much of the medicine leads to increased bleeding.

How Do Compression Stockings Help in Getting Rid of Blood Clots?

Compression stockings are basically specialized stockings which are elastic in nature. Such are recommended for people who have experienced blood clots previously or who are at high risk of the same. Such stockings extend to the calf muscles or groin. They help in proper blood circulation and increase blood flow out of the lower extremities and back to the heart. Such stockings help reduce pain and swelling of the legs and arms and also reduce the swelling and feeling of heaviness and cramps in legs and arms. The doctor should be recommended before the purchase of compression stockings because is important to have professional measurement to ensure proper fit in the leg.

How Can Massive Blood Clots Be Gotten Rid Of?

In case of massive blood clots the doctor may recommend the patient to surgically remove such clots. Surgery may also be recommended if clots do not go even after taking blood thinners. Blood clots should be removed as quickly as possible because they can bring serious problems in the blood circulation of the body.

Thrombolytic Drug Therapy- This involves the use of fibrinolytic agents that break up the blood clots. Such medications are injected in the clot through intravenous catheters.

Vena Cava Filters- These are cone shaped filters that are surgically implanted in the inferior vena cava which is a large vein in the abdomen that bring blood from the lower back to the heart. This is done to reduce the risk of blood clots in arms and legs moving to the lungs.

Pulmonary Thromboembolectomy- In these cases a surgery is done to physically remove the clot from the vein so formed. This is done mostly when the patient gets pulmonary embolism.

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