Can a Diabetic Eat Sweet Potato?

Diabetic needs to keep a check on their diet always. Their diet mainly comprises of food low on carbohydrates to manage the blood glucose and insulin levels. An unmanaged blood sugar levels lead to other health problems such as heart diseases, kidney problems, blindness, stroke, and amputations.

Sweet potatoes are a good food choice for the diabetic. They have a low glycemic index and high fiber content. Their moderate consumption will keep the sugar levels in a healthy range. How you prepare a meal with sweet potato is also a matter of concern as the certain cooking methods tend to raise the glycemic index, thus making this food an objection in a diabetic diet.

Can a Diabetic Eat Sweet Potato?

Can A Diabetic Eat Sweet Potato?

Of course, a diabetic can eat sweet potatoes. As compared to white potatoes they are low on the glycemic index which maintains the blood sugar levels.

Vitamin A in sweet potatoes makes it good for eye health, fiber helps in maintaining weight and potassium controls blood pressure.

Sweet potatoes are the best carbohydrates that can be added to the diabetic diet as is it packed with various nutrients to balance their impact on the blood glucose.

How A Sweet Potato Proves To Be A Healthy Food Option For Diabetics?

How A Sweet Potato Proves To Be A Healthy Food Option For Diabetics?

Sweet potatoes if consumed in moderation prove to be a healthy option for people with high blood sugar level.

Insulin Regulation

Sweet potatoes contain natural sugar and therefore are amongst the best foods for diabetics. Natural sugar maintains the blood sugar levels. Sweet potatoes contain adiponectin, a hormone that is released from fat cells. This hormone tends to improve metabolism and regulate insulin production.

Heart Health

Potassium present in sweet potato helps in balancing electrolyte and maintaining the blood pressure level. This ensures lowering the risk of heart disease in a person suffering from diabetes.

Skin Benefits

Diabetics are prone to delayed healing of wound and injuries. Sweet potato is enriched with anthocyanin, which helps in soothing any inflammation of the skin and also favors a lot of other skin benefits.

Boosts Immune System

High vitamin D content of sweet potatoes helps them in strengthening the immune system and thus improving bones, teeth, heart health, skin, and thyroid gland.

Digestive Issues

Being rich in dietary fiber, sweet potatoes maintain the digestive function and helps in preventing constipation. The amount of fiber in food slows down the rate of digestion of starches, which in turn lowers the glycemic index of sweet potatoes, which manages the blood sugar levels in diabetics.

How To Cook Sweet Potato To Extract Maximum Benefit From Them?

The cooking method of sweet potato is very important for diabetics, as it affects the glycemic index. Boiled or mashed sweet potatoes are not recommended for diabetics as this method makes them easily digestible, thus increasing the glycemic index, which can raise the blood sugar level.

Maintaining the fiber count of sweet potatoes is also very important. Sautéing the sweet potato in oil without peeling the skin help in maintaining the low levels of the glycemic index and the fiber content. This makes the sweet potato a healthy option for diabetics.

Being nutrient packed, it is a super food which can benefit diabetic, if included in diet.

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