How Android Apps For Diabetes Can Help Diabetics?

“Man today has become smart enough to develop smartphones and smartphones have made human life look smarter!” Coming to the current day’s mobile world; now mobile phone is not just a calling device. Today with the growth and popularity of smartphone, now life has become so much easier and convenient that one can easily find out necessary location, check the traffic situation, know about the weather, get connected globally, and most importantly can manage his health and life to his best with the help of this mobile device. Amongst all the smart mobile devices, android comes to be a much popular device used by many mobile users. With the growth of android devices, there has been subsequent growth of the android applications or the software application which can be run in android devices in a user-friendly manner. These android apps has been creating an amazing impact on the healthcare sector and has been assisting we common people in a great way to track and manage our health in a greater way in a convenient manner.

How Android Apps For Diabetes Can Help Diabetics?

This current article we are going to discuss about is something related too android apps for diabetes. Let us get to know about some of the most crucial and popular android apps for diabetes in the current day and study about their features and how they are beneficial to the patients suffering from diabetes.

A Brief Note On Diabetes: Causes and Symptoms

Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases which leads to an excessive blood sugar level in the patient’s body and is caused mainly due to lack of enough production of insulin in body. There are mainly three known types of diabetes called the Type-1 or Juvenile type, Type-2 or the Adult type and the Gestational type diabetes. Of all the three types of diabetes, there are some common symptoms which include the following

  • Frequent urination and excessive hunger
  • Fatigue
  • Some of the most dangerous symptoms lead to heart failure, kidney failure and may be thus life threatening.

With around 16, million of Americans suffering from diabetes in the current times and where about 200, 000 of people die due to diabetes in the United States of America; it is known to be one of the major causes of death in America.

How Android Apps For Diabetes Help Diabetics Track Their Condition?

A patient suffering from diabetes understands the fact and importance of measuring or monitoring the blood sugar level on regular intervals and managing the condition accordingly. Monitoring this level and self management of the diabetic condition is now very much an easier task which requires nothing except your fingertip and your android device. Yes! You read that right. Android technology has offered the world with some real crucial and amazing android applications specially designed for the smart phones that runs of android operating system and assist you track your diabetic condition and work accordingly on the same for better health in your diabetes state.

Look below for what all you need to do for using the android app for diabetes and how to track the blood sugar level at an ease via the application right with few taps of your fingertip over the android phone.

  • Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose level (SMBG) is highly essential in diabetes so as to get an effective management in the diabetes 2 condition. This SMBG has some proven records of being a crucial tool for enhancing the glycemic control in the type 2 diabetes.
  • It is found that installation of android apps for diabetes in the android devices has assisted many patient track their SMBG level in a much convenient and quick manner and thus has helped them in improving the glycemic control.
  • Such specially designed android help you track your glucose level, carbohydrate intake, track and keep records on the insulin doses added, addition of medications etc and also records the activity level from time to time and accordingly guides you for reaching a better condition.
  • After tracking, patient gets assistance for managing the condition in an easier way. The Self monitoring blood glucose level data which is logged on in the android device can be reviewed with the HCPs to get fine recommendations about the necessary exercises, diets , prescribed medicines and precautions to follow for managing the diabetic condition.

Most Popular Android Apps For Diabetes

Are you one of those aspiring patient of diabetes who want to help self by tracking and managing the blood glucose level right through your fingertip? Do you want to have some idea on some of the most popular android apps for diabetes? Well go through the current section and find out which app would fit as your right choice for downloading and installing in your smartphone.

  1. eDiabetes Pro

    • Price: approx. $4.39
    • Ratings: 4.1 star on average


    • Helps you track blood glucose level at an ease.
    • Guides you with the proper diet, insulin doses, exercise and medicines.
    • Helps you in proper and easy management of diabetic condition.
  2. Track3 Diabetes Planner:

    • Price: $6.99
    • Ratings: 4.2 stars on average


    • Tracking glucose level in blood via glucose charts.
    • This also assists in tracking insulin, carbohydrate intake, diet, medicine intake and exercise routine.
    • Provides customization list for your preferred exercise, diet and medication.
    • Presents the calories and carbohydrate values for about more than 80000 foods.
  3. Diabetes Log:

    • Price: $4.99
    • Ratings: 3.6 on average


    • Simple to use and best for the patient who are new to the android phone technology.
    • It carries three prime features to track, i.e. Glucose, diet and medicine.
    • Data record can be easily obtained from the device via the app for consulting with the physician further.
  4. On Track Diabetes:

    • Price: Free
    • Ratings: 4.5 star


    • Easy to use interface makes this high rated free android app one of the most popular apps for diabetes.
    • Helps in tracking many items including blood glucose, blood pressure, pulse rate, medication, diet, exercise, etc.
    • The app generates charts, graphs and reports for maximum healthcare coordination.
    • Data backup and restore facility available.
    • Special features of exporting data in variety of formats including HTML, XML etc.
  5. Diabetes Control:

    • Price: $4.99
    • Rating: 4.5 on average


    • You can track your blood glucose level, BP, insulin, carbohydrate, weight, diet, exercise etc at an ease.
    • It helps you control your diabetes by viewing graphs, articles & journals and with the add data feature.
  6. Diabetes Nutrition Lifestyle:

    • Price: $4.99
    • Ratings: Not Provided


    • Provides all the data regarding how to manage your diet in case you are a patient of diabetes, or a weight watcher.
    • It helps you keep a track on your each individual diet and also show your food detail.
    • Apart from the diet, the android app also help you track many of your health records necessary for a diabetic, including the glucose level, insulin taken, medicine taken etc.
    • Your data can be easily tracked in a simple manner.
    • You can also send your shown reports to your consult physician directly via email with the use of this android app.
  7. Conquer Diabetes:

    • Price: $0.99
    • Ratings: 3.5 star on average


    • It is an android app that helps you grow your lifestyle in a better way so as to help you conquer over the symptoms and condition of diabetes.
    • You find effective links and hints to various professional articles and blogs on diabetic diet, exercise, how to track your blood glucose level, how to keep a healthy lifestyle and overall how to win over diabetes.

    ” Now all those patients with diabetes, when you are known to some of the brilliant Android applications for diabetes why not prepare yourself for a better condition in your diabetic phase, get the blood glucose level on check and make your life turn safe and sweeter?”

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