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7 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Water From A Copper Vessel

Copper was the first element known to man. In ancient days our ancestors used to store water in containers made of copper. Their aim was to safeguard water but there is a lot more to it than just simply storing water. Copper creates a natural purification process. It can kill the microorganisms, moles, algae, bacteria, and fungi present in water, which can prove to be harmful to the body(1). A study conducted shows that contaminated water stored in the copper vessel exhibited no traits of contamination when checked after a few hours(2).

Also, copper is an essential trace mineral which is important to human health. It helps neutralize toxins. The human body, unfortunately, cannot create the trace amounts of copper it requires to function, which is why copper needs to be a part of our food or the water.

When water is stored in the copper vessel or bottle for a period of time i.e. 5-8 hours, copper releases some of its ions in water through Oligodynamic effect. Drinking this water can give us the much-needed copper and also serve the body with the benefits associated.

7 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Water From A Copper Vessel

Benefits of Drinking Water In A Copper Vessel

  1. Improves the Digestive Health. The main property of copper is that it kills the harmful bacteria and reduces inflammation, which makes it a great remedy for ulcers, indigestion, and infections(1, 2).
  2. It helps clean and detox the stomach and regulates the working of liver and kidney. It also ensures the absorption of nutrients from the food.
  3. Weight Loss. Copper plays a key role in dissolving excess fat and helping reduce weight(3). It helps in burning fat even when an individual is in a resting state.
  4. Along with improving the digestion, it eliminates fat efficiently.
  5. Slows Down Aging. Copper has strong antioxidant and cell forming properties. It fights off free radicals which cause fine lines(4).
  6. Copper helps in the production of new and healthy skin cells and replaces the old ones.
  7. Maintains Cardiovascular Health. Studies reveal the deficiency of copper in people suffering from ischemic heart disease(5,6).
  8. Heart ailment is the most common condition copper helps minimize. It prevents plaque accumulation and dilating the blood vessels for better blood flow to the heart.
    Copper-infused water is good for heart health.
  9. Hastens Wound Healing. Known for its antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties copper intake helps in quick healing of the wound(4). It strengthens the immune system and aids the production of new cells. Not only the external wound, but copper is also well known to help heal wounds within the body(7).
  10. It expedites the healing of wounds with the regeneration of normal tissue, without excessive scarring. It also gives symptomatic relief in pain and swelling(8).
  11. Improves Arthritis And Inflamed Joints. The anti-inflammatory properties of copper proves to be a big asset in relieving pains and aches caused due to inflamed joints, such as in the case of arthritis.
  12. Copper deficient diets are known to have reduced bone mineral content and bone strength.
  13. Copper has an immune system and bone strengthening properties making it a perfect remedy for arthritis. It is an essential trace mineral which is found to play a role in bone maintenance(9).
  14. Drinking copper infused water proves to be of big relief in aches and pains from bone diseases.
  15. Beats Anemia. Drinking water in copper vessels helps fight anemia, as right from cell formation to absorption of iron, copper is an essential mineral for functioning of the body. Copper deficiency is now more frequently recognized as it can present as anemia(10).
  16. Copper helps to keep the level of iron up in the body and regulates its flow in the blood vessels.

Copper with its numerous benefits has proved to be a mineral which solves most of the health issues. Drinking copper infused water daily keep you healthy and helps fight many diseases in the body.

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Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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