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Side Effects of Drinking Hot Water

Water is critical for survival of every living thing. It is the source of life not only for human beings but even for animals and plants. It is well known that the body of an infant comprises of 75% of water while that of an adult comprises of 55%. Water is extremely crucial for homeostasis and carrying out various functions which are critical for survival. However, there are many questions that have still not been answered about water with and its role within the human body [1].

There is also quite limited knowledge about various factors linked to its intake and its overall role in carrying out different mechanism along with the effects of limited water intake on the overall body with regard to energy and functioning [1].

Water can be consumed in two ways hot or cold. Some studies suggest that drinking hot water is quite an effective way to boost the overall health of the body. However, studies also reflect some of the side effects of drinking excessive hot water. This raises a potent question as to whether hot water is really safe for drinking. This article gives all the details regarding the potential side effects of hot water [2].

 Side Effects of Drinking Hot Water

Side Effects of Drinking Hot Water

It is well known that water is a major catalyst to carry out various functions of the body. Without water, virtually the whole body comes to a standstill. It is a standard practice to recommend drinking sufficient amount of water as needed by the body every day. However, what happens if an individual has a habit of drinking excessive of it, especially hot water. Below mentioned are some of the potential side effects of drinking excessive hot water [3].

Risk of Ingesting Contaminants. Hot water coming directly from the tap runs a high risk of having too many toxins and contaminated material in it. This risk rises exponentially if the tap is old and rusted. Additionally, contaminants can be easily dissolved in hot water than cold water [3].

Thus it is advised to completely abstain from drinking hot water directly from the tap. If really necessary, taking cold water in a kettle and then heating it in the stove is the best way to drink hot water [3].

Risk of Burning: If water gets too hot then the individual drinking it runs the risk of burning his lips and mouth. This can be very painful and make it difficult for the individual to eat or drink for a few days. The best way to do it is to take a small sip rather than a gulp and if the temperature of the water is bearable then drinking it [3].

Risk of Damaging Internal Organs. Just like the lips and mouth, water that is too hot may also burn the internal organs like the esophagus and at times even the digestive tract. This may lead to potentially serious complications. This caution should be maintained when drinking hot water and it should only be consumed if it is lukewarm to slightly hot [3].

Sleep Disturbance. Drinking excess of hot water just before going to bed results in disturbed sleep as the individual would tend to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom [3].

Risk of Kidney Damage. The function of the kidneys is to flush out toxins from the body and eliminate excess water in the form of urine. Drinking excess hot water tends to increase the workload of the kidneys which over time can cause damage to it. Thus hot water intake should not exceed from more than a couple of glasses a day [3].

Blood Volumes Get Affected. Drinking excess of hot water also can increase the blood volume. This tends to increase the pressure on the blood vessels and ultimately the heart which has to pump out more blood than normal [3].

Electrolyte Dilution. This is yet another side effect of drinking hot water. This is because increased water intake causes the electrolytes to become dilute. This results in the electrolytes in the blood to be more dilute than that present in the cells [3].

As a result, more water is drawn into the cells to maintain the balance. When this occurs, the cells swell up and increase the intracranial pressure which ultimately causes headache and other problems [3].

In conclusion, it has been proved beyond doubt that there are various benefits of drinking hot water. However, another fact that has to be considered is the side effects that excess consumption of hot water can have. They may be as little as a burn to the lips to as serious as affecting the intracranial pressure. It may also affect the digestive system inversely and instead of aiding in digestion it can result in injury to the digestive system [3].

Thus it is recommended to consume hot water only in moderation and not exceeding more than a couple of glasses every day and avoid drinking it at night to prevent complications and to reap the benefits that hot water provides to the overall health of the body [3].


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